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Business Description: Ben's Door Solutions is here to help you through your door problems.
Business Description: We have 5 Service Technicians, We accept Check, Cash, or Credit Open M-F 8:00am-4:00pm
Recent Review: My husband and I were dealing with some contractors we were not happy with. We decided to hire GoEco Exteriors and we are overly pleased with their work and business. The people we dealt with treated us like family. They were genuinely concerned and very professional. There is not enough great things I can say about this company! I would refer and use them again in a heart beat. I'm so thankful for the care and work they provided!! Keep up the great work GoEco!!
Business Description: We sell and install everything that burns anything - (fireplaces, fire pits, barbecues, torches, outdoor kitchens) PLUS mirrors, shower doors, closet shelving, stone veneer and all the trimmings. We are also the home of The Fireplace Room - The Lake's Premier, Exclusive Live music venue. We bring in national touring Americana, Folk, Blues, and Bluegrass artists for shows in our exclusive living room setting within our store. Visit for information on our upcoming shows.
Recent Review: The whole process was very painless. The company is very professional and anytime we called or emailed with questions they communicated very promptly. We went to their showroom and picked the door we wanted which wasn't very easy because they have so many beautiful doors to choose from, finally choose the Pietra with kick plate. The salesman/owner told us about a new feature- screens so when the windows on the door are open we still have some privacy. We love them. We also wanted an additional deadbolt besides the regular door handle - no problem. We were told the lead time for the delivery of the door would be 3 months from the day we ordered it - and that's exactly what the timing was, we put in our order on Aug. 9th and the door was installed Nov. 11. That is an A+ in our book. The installers came right on time. They said that the whole installation would take approx. 7 hours. They were installing a double door entry and taking out our existing doors. They arrived at 10:30am and finished at 4:30pm with maybe a 1/2 hour for lunch. They did a wonderful job. We were very happy with our whole experience. We would most certainly recommend Universal Iron to anyone.
Recent Review: Communication was excellent! All labor skills exceeded expectations. Professional, polite and courteous. Very well priced labor and materials.
Business Description: We have been serving Nevada and surrounding areas over 20 years with the best garage door services we can offer. Call us or stop by our showroom today!
Business Description: We Specialize in Overhead Commerical and Residential Garage Doors, We use Raynor Door, Liftmaster, and many others.
Business Description: We are a reseller of new household hardware windows, sliding patio doors, french doors, interior doors, light fixtures, bathtub surround, bathroom and kitchen faucets, toilets.
Business Description: Serving the central Missouri area since 1982, Dulle Overhead Doors has been a prominent supplier and installer of quality overhead doors and operators. Over 25 years, this locally-owned family business has maintained professional workmanship during many different changes in the field of garage doors. Dulle Overhead Doors has worked with many different brands and models of operators over the years, so they will be able to handle any situation that might arise. Whether the job is located at your residence or your business, Dulle Overhead Door has the skills and knowledge to take care of your new home or to service your existing door.

Reviews in Linn Creek to Install Peephole

I had three garage doors damaged by a wind storm severely enough that I would have thought the doors would need to be completely replaced. Each door is 14 feet wide and comprised of five horizontal panels. Mr. Preis of Garage Door Service Company came to see the damage and came up with what I believe was an inventive solution which involved purchasing only six new panels. When combined with moving existing panels from door to door and adding in the new panels I ended up with three new looking doors and at a significant cost savings over complete replacement of all 15 panels. Mr. Preis installed the garage doors originally approximately 13 years ago, and has been out for maintenance/adjustment of the doors once between then and the time of the repair work. On all occasions I have found him to be a friendly, knowledgeable, and professional person to work with.
- Colin H....
ASchaefer Door Co. Inc.
Schaefer Door did an awesome job. they were able to get the two broken panels off, put on temporary panels until our matching panels came in. they made our door operational again while parts were ordered. They did not try to sell us anything we did not need or new doors. It was their suggestion to repair what we had which made it as good as new! Dan & Scott were the service guys, very professional, great at their job and fast. on their return visit with our new panels, and at our request they replaced the wall button that was not working, they replaced the vinyl trim that was also broken with the door, replaced our keyless entry which was also not working and got our other door to latch correctly. All this which was so easy for them kept us from having to replace the whole door and the openers. they gave us their honest opinion to replace just the broken panels instead of replacing the whole door. They will be our first contact if we ever have garage door issues again. When I first called them I did not realize they could fix all our problems with the garage doors and openers Their prices were good, their response time was great, they came on time when they said they would be here. They are truly professionals and do great work. Darrell & Jeanette
- Jeanette A....
AThe Handy Hubby Inc
A friend had made a mess out of installing my new storm door. The Handy Hubby took it in stride, fixed the mistakes and quickly installed the door correctly. He was also game to run the cable for me, as he finished the door early and wanted me to get my money's worth out of the time he charged. Nice man, quiet, professional. I'm looking forward to hiring him again!
- Abby D....
AThe Handy Hubby Inc
Everything went really well considering we were not planning to replace flooring in the kitchen or installing a new sliding glass door. Our initial intent was to replace/fix the grout in the kitchen that was cracking and coming up. However upon further review it was discovered that the tile had not been appropriately laid initially. When removing the tile from the kitchen we found that our sliding glass door had been leaking and there was damage to our floor and the door needed to be replaced. Very happy with the results overall.
- Robin R....
AContinental Siding Supply
both wife and I love the siding. The installers were great, all work was done in a timely manner and men cleaned up as they went. I already reccomend Continental to all who ask .
- Robert G....
Company did an excellent job on installation.  Punctual, courteous and professional.  Would highly recommend this company!
- Patricia M....
AEXTRA HANDS Handyman Services
This was a very small job and done in under an hour. We had a doorframe which had come loose and needed to be put back in place. I called Jim after 9 pm on a Wednesday night and by 9 am the next morning it was fixed. Jim was highly professional and on time, and the doorframe is definitely in working order. We will be using him again!
- Berry C....
FCrook's Construction
For every hour he billed me for himself,  he billed the same amount for his son.  He ended up charging me $169 for materials, but $900 for labor.    The door was reversible, so could be installed to slide either way.  There was an existing sliding glass door and all he did was replace the door.  I bought the door and my renter picked up the door.  It was already at the location, all he had to do was show up and put it in.  He stated that the door was the wrong size and had to rebuild the door and put on the trim.  I find it hard to believe that the hours are exactly the same for 2 people that put in the door.  I just believe that this bill has been padded.  I was told that it would be either $1000, or $20 an hour, and here I'm billed $40 an hour for 2 people.  During the time he picked up the door and the door was installed, there was no communication with me to tell me the door was the wrong door or the wrong size, he didn't say anything until the job was done and then I got the bill.  I could have taken the door back and got the correct size if I had known. On top of that, the door was installed backwards. He did write off $100 off the labor, but he didn't even mention the materials bill.
- Barbara P....
ANu-View Replacement Windows & Doors
Myself and my husband purchased a home in August 2014 with exterior logs and very old windows that were totally inefficient; the gas had gone in a couple of them and most of the windows had a milky coating, gaps, warping you name it they were over. Winter was approaching and we really did not want to spend the first one here with draughty windows.  I shopped around and educated myself as to what kind of windows we might want and the price range we might be looking at.  We had 3 companies, including NuView, come out to the house.  We liked Dave from the get-go, he is not the typical sales guy and didn't push anything on us that seemed unecesarry, in fact he advised against a couple of options as he did not feel they were needed. That truly was a plus for us.   His quote was middle of the range, but due to his demeanour and professionalism and the reviews I read we felt safe in his hands. When we picked out the frames we noticed that the choice of colours was not as extensive as some of the other providers, but we felt quality and good workmanship outweighed colour choice.  We did find a colour that happily mixed in with our home, including any changes we may make to the exterior. Our order was made around November and we had the windows installed in December just before Christmas, yay! Whenever I read big purchase reviews I always wish people would update their reviews after living with their choices for a while, which is why I purposely waited before I reviewed our experience.   So, 3 months in and after a cold and snowy winter I can report all is well.  Our thermostat stabilised after the windows had been installed and we noticed it heated up much more efficiently than before with the old windows.  It was a welcome relief not to have to keep increasing the temperature in the house just to get it warm.  Everything works well, easy to open and close, easy to clean, no leaks.  No problems whatsoever. When Dave and his crew installed the windows over the 2 days I was very impressed with how little chaos there was.  In fact, it was like they were not here at times.  They were very efficient, clean and conscientious and pleasant to be around. I still can't believe they replaced every window, thirteen in all, which included a sliding patio door and a huge window in our great-room, in just two days. I would highly recommend NuView if you are working with a budget and want the comfort of a good guarantee on the product and the installation.  I read somewhere that if installation is not guaranteed that you should look elsewhere.  I found that very interesting after our first in-home demo from a big nationwide company who promise you all kind of bells and whistles and NASA-like technology, who charge a small fortune, but DO NOT guarantee their installation.  We liked the transparency of NUView (no pun intended) and are very happy with our purchase and experience.
- Larry H....
Technician arrived on time, was very professional, and quickly determined type of repair needed.  He explained very well what had gone wrong and how he would fix it.  It was fixed correctly and has been working great ever since.  He also took the time to look at another adjacent door that will be needing repairs and told me what needed to be done with it.  He even lubricated the rollers of the other door as a courtesy.  I plan to use them for all our doors, as several of them need adjustment, repairs, etc.  I would highly recommend them and was extremely pleased with the transaction from start to finish.  Thank you!
- Diana K....