Kirksville Deck Waterproofing

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Recent Review: Excellent communications from initial contact to project completion. Crew did an outstanding job. Very neat with professional result. Very happy I chose Gold Seal.
Award 2018Super Service Award
Recent Review: Overall it was pretty good. They were a little bit expensive and they missed a couple spots and left some things in the yard. They came back to fix everything and we were happy with the final product.
Recent Review: It was very good. It was good working with them.
Recent Review: 2 day service - 1st day power wash next day sealer put down - on time both days. Gave thank-you note & bottled barbecue sauce on completion of job to customer.
Business Description: Commercial and Redisidential Painting. Interior and exterior. Decks and patios.
Recent Review: The job went great and although the project ended up requiring much more work to complete because of hidden rotted wood the installers worked hard to complete the job. We have hired Goecoexteriors to install our siding on our home as well.
Business Description: Amazing EZ-Screen Porch Windows are uniquely designed and custom-sized screen porch windows made to fit existing openings without expensive re-framing. They are also ideal for new construction. It’s easy to enclose your outdoor spaces. Versatile, rugged and attractive, they’re also a snap to operate. Open, they let the breeze in, closed they provide protection for rain, snow, wind, dust and the summer sun. Light weight, but heavy duty. Amazing EZ-Screen Porch Windows are constructed of durable extruded aluminum frames with a tough powder coat. The frames hold mesh screens and lightweight, vinyl-glazed panels in place. The strong 10-mil vinyl glaze we use provides panoramic views, while keeping the elements out. If the vinyl is accidentally distorted, it will return to its original shape within minutes. If cut or damaged, the vinyl can be easily replaced inexpensively. Clean with mild dishwashing detergent and a clear water rise. For best results, we recommend a final cleaning with EZ-Screen Vinyl Cleaner and Preservative, available through Amazing EZ-Screen Porch Windows. The Amazing EZ-Screen Porch Windows can ship your new windows directly to your home within 3 – 4 weeks. Our windows are delivered ready to be installed. We always say, “if you can operate a caulking gun and screw gun, then you can install your own windows”. We accept Visa, Master Card, and Discover.
Recent Review: The company’s representative came out examined our roof and showed us the damage on the roof, gave a good understanding of the damage and gave us three options of how we can repair our roof. He was very knowledgeable and not pushy. The company e-mailed the estimate cost of each of the repair options within 72 hours. We took the option of replacing the whole roof. The company told us it would be able to start the work in about two weeks but was able to start in only a little over a week. The company provided a crew of four to do the job. The crew was very courteous and were very diligent in the work they did. They completed the job in one day! However, they made one error in that they failed to put a crest vent on the roof of the garage. The company representative was very apologetic and corrected the error the next day. The company’s representative did explain that if any of the decking would need to be replaced that it would be an extra cost (which he quoted the cost before the work began). I believe the cost was minimal and one sheet of plywood was replace due to water damage. The cost of the job was right on the estimate. The company guaranteed the roof for five years and the shingles’ manufacturer had a separate limited lifetime warranty. No hidden costs. The company did more than the minimum needed. The roof now looks great and I am certain we made the right decision in using Glennstone to do the job.
Business Description: We don't cut corners we clean them!!!! We offer referral discounts. Once you go with us we will NEVER raise the price wether you need us in 2yrs or 30!!!
Recent Review: The owner came out. Gave me a very reasonable bid. Then the owner came with another young man. They did a wonderful job. The job was done in a reasonable amount of time. And I will hire them from now on for all my painting and remodeling

Reviews in Kirksville for Deck Waterproofing

APrecision Exterior Cleansing
We had already had 2 bids before Josh came out to do the estimate. He was very nice and professional. He explained their cleaning process and showed us some mold growing under an eave that the other companies either missed or did not bother to point out. He really looked the house over thoroughly and explained that since we had mold they would use a special solution that would kill it. We were shocked -we knew the siding was dirty nut had no idea we had mold -YUCK!  We decided to hire them because he was able to answer all our questions and the bid was in the range of what we were planning to spend- we were able to arrange to do the powerwashing  and the deck refinishing both within a few days which was important since we were going to be leaving for vacation and I wanted everything completed before we left. On the first day of the job  they showed up right on time and got started right away. I have expensive landscaping  and exterior lighting and they were careful not to tear up my flowers and plants which was important to us. They did the pressure washing first and when they finished our house was gleaming and looked GREAT- I hadn't realized how dingy it had gotten until it was clean. What a difference! When they finished the pressure washing they showed me a wasp nest in a tree right in the area where my children play. When they came back they next day they brought some spray to get rid of the wasps and took down the nest. They really went the extra mile!They stripped and refinished the deck and it looks like new! I am very happy with the results. We had some friends for dinner and they asked us if we had gotten new siding!  We own 2 rental properties and I am planning to contact them again next month to get both houses cleaned.
- Michelle M....
AClaycomb's X-Tra Hand (Home Improvements)
We have 3 LARGE decks, two docks and a large home. Gary, Kenny and Bradley were really great! We knew exactly when they would show up each day. They told us what they were going to complete before the end of the day. They cleaned up after themselves and we really appreciated their work! We would definitely recommend them to anyone, and we will hire them again!
- Sandy P....
I called them and left 2 messages to try and get someone to come and give a bid for sealing my deck. I never got any response. I understand that summer is certainly their busy time, but that's no excuse for not bothering to return a phone call.
- Jennifer S....
Excellent and professional work. Builds to O'Fallon & St. Charles County codes. Double rim joists and substructure. Railings and stair railings and to strictest codes. Water intrusion sealing at house is excellent.
- William H....
ADecks & Fences L
Mark had the best price compared to my other estimates, was real easy to work with on the timing.  My deck and fence had not been treated in years, and I could not believe how good it looked when they were finished!  Looked like a new deck and fence.  Highly recommend.
- John J....
AToliver Painting & Refinishing LLC
We had two room painted from top to bottom and the rest of the house with touch ups in all rooms.  We also had a room in the home we are selling stripped of wallpaper and plastered walls patched .  That room now looks like it is drywall.   Such a great job done.  We have also had  the house we are selling painted by Toliver Painting when he first started his business.  Everyone who complimented us on the paint job wanted to know who painted it.  We have been recommending Shawn's business since then.  Shawn is very fair in his pricing and inspects his employees work to make sure that the customer is satisfied.  I do recommend Toliver Painting & Refinishing for you painting and refinishing needs.
- Sandy M....
ADeck Defender Pressure Washing & Staining LLC
Work was done on time, on budget and the quality was excellent. Steve took care of our deck for about 6 or 7 years and I would highly recommend him. We would use him again but we have moved out of state.
- Fred G....
ASullins Painting And Remodel
The owner came out. Gave me a very reasonable bid. Then the owner came with another young man. They did a wonderful job. The job was done in a reasonable amount of time. And I will hire them from now on for all my painting and remodeling
- Cherry R....
FSeal Smart LLC
We learned about Seal Smart at the St Louis Boat show where they had a booth.  It seemed like a good idea, they had an evnironmentally friendly stripper that would remove stain with minimal power washing and their sealant product would provide years of protection with the ability to stain over their sealant. A salesperson arrived at our house and described the process in detail and tried a small amount of their stripper in an inconspicuous area of our deck and indicated there would be no issue in removing the stain.  We agreed to have the work performed and signed a contract providing 1/2 of the payment in advance ($1,034.00). On 04/22/2013 a Seal Smart crew arrived at my house, indicating they would be done in about 4-hours as my deck is relatively small (12' x 12'). They did a nice job of masking everything off and started work.  After about 8 hours of work they were barely 1/2 done and caused significant damage to the cedar decking material due to heavy power washing to remove the existing stain.  They indicated their stripper was not working as planned so they just power washed the stain off, which removed a significant amount of material.  The crew indicated they need to come back the next day to finish removing the stain and repair what damage they had done with the power washer.  The crew washed the debris off the concrete patio, but left lots of debris in the yard and flower beds, and did not remove any of the masking tape and plastic they had put up.  This is understandable, if they were to return the next day. After 3-days I contacted Seal Smart to find out what the issue was. They did not return my calls.  I went ahead and removed the masking tape and plastic from the windows, which proved difficult as it has been there for several days. On 05/08/2013 we had a private construction contractor inspect the damage done by the first seal smart crew.  The contractor indicated the damage done to the rails, spindles, posts, and stairs could not be repaired by sanding as a significant amount of wood had been power washed away. And to get everything to match it would all need to be replaced. After numerous calls to Seal Smart and eventually threatening legal action they eventually returned my call and sent their operations manager to my house along with a crew to inspect the deck and complete the job on 05/09/2013.  The operatons manager tried their stripper on a small un-touched area of my deck and I showed him the product we used.  He indicated their stripper would not remove the acrylic latex stain that had been applied to my deck ~5 years prior.  I discussed with Seal Smart the results of my contractors inspection.  Seal Smart indicated they would refund my inital deposit, but wanted to send thier own contractors to assess the damage as he did not see the need to replace all the posts, rails, spindles, and stairs, but did agree what would be replaced would not match the original material. On 05/22/2013 we forwarded the formal repair bid from our private contractor to Seal Smart to remove all posts, railiings, and stairs on the existing deck and replace with new material for $4,656.00.  Seal Smart responded on 05/24/2013 indicating they would like a couple more estimates from 2 other contractors and they would contact us when these contractors would be arriving. We heard absolutely nothing from Seal Smart by 05/31/2013 when we contacted them again threatening legal action if they do not move forward with thier committments. Seal Smart responed on 06/06/2013 indicating our deposit refund was being mailed and we would receive it by the end of the week, which we did.  Seal Smart also indicated they would be contacting us as they get more information in regards to repairing the damage they had caused. We have yet to hear anything back from Seal Smart regarding repairs and any further correspondence with seal smart will be via attorney as that seems to be the only thing they understand.  In its current condition our deck is unsightly (1/2 stripped) and unusable as it is splintered due to the damage from heavy power washing.  It has been 48 days since Seal Smart damaged our deck and a continuous fight to get any response from them.
- Justin V....
AClaycomb's X-Tra Hand (Home Improvements)
I was very satisfied with Devin's work on our lake house.  He prepared a thorough and accurate bid for the project.  My lake house was in pretty bad shape, and he was very clear about which items on the house he would be able to address and which would require skills outside his expertise.  Some contractors try to promise too much, but Devin worked very hard to be accurate in his description of what he could address. Devin was able to send pictures during the repair and painting, which my wife and I appreciated.  From the pictures we could tell that he had done a good job, but seeing the house in person amazed every member of the family.  The refinished decks looked so good that my oldest daughter asked if we had gotten a new deck!  The thing I appreciated most about Devin was his enthusiasm to complete the work. He seemed to get excited about bringing our old place back to life, and he worked tirelessly until the project was done. 
- William W....