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Recent Review: Very well! Everything was done professionally. The electrician was very pleasant and knowledgeable.
Recent Review: Everything went great. I got the system a few days later and started to install it. All the devices were easy to put up all told it took about 45 minutes to get up and running. During the install I set the alarm off and Getsafe called me right away. I like the way it looks in my home and by that I mean I hardly notice it is there. I like being able to control the system from my phone and being able to check on my house with the camera when I am away.
Recent Review: It was a self-installed security system. The security system is really good, I like it.
Business Description: Electrical Contracting. Generator Sales Service & Installation Lightning Protection Systems Security Cameras Sales & Installation EBMI was established in 1993 and is a Women Owned Business. Kathy Miller-President / Owner was voted Best Electrical Contracting Company in Grove and the surrounding Grand Lake Area. Our Licensed Electricians are also Certified and Factory Trained Generator Technicians. We sell and install Automatic Home Standby Generators as well as Portable and RV. Our Technicians can make repairs on just about any brand of Generators. Only Trained Technicians are allowed to do Warranty Work on Generators. Call EBMI for all of your Electrical and Generator projects. No job too small. We even repair table or floor lamps!!
Recent Review: Without a doubt, this company beats the other security providers by a mile!!
Business Description: We are one of the largest stocking distributors of CCTV products and accessories in the United States. Our inventory includes both our own cost-effective and fully supportable house brand of CCTV products as well as all the industry top-sellers. What that means for you as a potential customer is that you can leverage the economies of scale we’ve created and take advantage of volume pricing on every order. Why choose USA SSC? Customer Leasing Program – Our turnkey Customer Leasing Program provides you the tools you need to sell a higher volume of security systems while providing your customer with the many advantages of leasing. Once your client has been approved, 50% of the project cost is available immediately, with the balance funded upon job completion My Account – As soon as you create your USA-SSC account, you’ll enjoy instant access to pricing, online product search with easy-to-use find and filter options, saved quotes, and one-click-checkout. View and track your orders in your account, save and label serial numbers by order and location, and initiate and manage online warranty/RMA submissions — all directly from our platform Project Pricing Specialist – Not sure what you need or require extra assistance? USA-SSC has a dedicated team to support our dealers and are available 7 days a week to assist you in any way. Industry Leading Product Warranties – Our warranties exceed industry standards on select USA-SSC manufactured products and all your warranty information can be tracked from the “My Account” portal. We want to be your preferred purchasing partner and aim to make your ordering process as simple as possible. My team and I look forward to serving your security needs.
Recent Review: It went perfect. Great price. Great service.
Recent Review: Did not go with them. This company's equipment is 100% self-installed. It would have been nice to know before spending 15 minutes talking to sales rep on the other side of the country. I am not installing cameras on the top floor of my house!
Recent Review: quick, easy, inexpensive.  I just wished they had cameras to go along with the rest of the security system.
Recent Review: The service was okay. The install took a little time. I felt that what was advertised, and what I received wasn’t  exactly what I ordered. I think I should’ve been given the choice if I wanted that product, or if I wanted something different. They workers were professional, and they worked as long as they could to finish the job. I would recommend them to others

Reviews in Kirksville for Security Camera Installation

FStar Security
He sold me a camera and DVR. Told me one price and then charged more after it was installed. It was supposed to work with my phone so I could see it there. When I tried to install the software on my phone, it was a Chinese company and was flagged as not safe. That part never worked properly and he would not get it to work or refund my money. He told me he "was not WalMart" and would not refund any money. After several calls to him, I was so frustrated that I bought a 6 camera Lorex system from Costco and had an electrician install it. Only then did I find out what a poor camera he had sold me. It must have cost him $1. What he sold me was a waste of money. The 6 camera system works perfect and with installation cost me what he charged for 1 camera. Do not use him, he is a shyster.
- Susan S....
I hired this person install a complete in home alarm and outside camera system as I live on a large property and am far away from the city. He started work and had problems with help constantly. He would go for weeks or a month or two in between different workers that included 2 electricians as he was handicapped and could not climb stairs. All told, he went through at least 6 people during the time he worked on this system, that I know of. He was never on time. I paid him around 8k of the 10k job before it was supposed to be finished. He brought over the new cameras which were supposedly stolen from their new boxes from inside my house by his then employee. It took weeks longer after that to get more. I am not sure if the cameras were in the obxes when he brought them into the house and set them down.  After constant promises of someone to finish installing and programming the system he hired  a programmer that I never met. Right after hiring her, she took a vacation for 2 months.  Then she never came to program the system. In the interim, he told me he was having a hard time and I felt sorry for him and paid him $800 more owing him around a grand upon completion which never happened. He would call around every week, then month for a 2 or 3 months or I would call him to find out when he was going to finish and there was always an excuse. This went on for a year or more. I finally gave up around 2 years ago and have since tried to find someone to finish the job. He had too many issues that I will not talk about here that give him an F in professionalism. I should have used something like ADT. Even with the monthly fees, I would have paid a lot less and had a functioning system. I feel that he used my ignorance of how to handle hiring for a big job, to take advantage of me. Stay away from this guy. He also make keys for me that cost twice as much or more than other makers so I would not recommend him for that either. He'll never do another bit of any kind of key or alarm work for me....ever. I still have the original order and canceled checks just in case he comes back and tries to pull another fast one on me. I would have taken him to court, but I couldn't stand the thought of looking at him, I was so disgusted with how he treated me.
- Sheryl H....
It only took about half an hour. They did a good job and I'd recommend them to friends or family. They are locally owned and have good personal service. Overall it was a good experience.
- John H....
AArkansas Security
Arkansas Security did an amazing job. The were very professional. I Would strongly recommend that you call Arkansas Security to protect you and your family.
- Robert G....
AGuardMe Security
They did a good job. I would recommend them to others and already have. They were professional and the technician did well. We didn’t have to pay for any of the equipment, and it is just a flat $39.95 per month for a 3 year contract. They call us about once a month to make sure it is working. They ran into a few problems when installing, but they stayed late and finished it. Their price is very competitive.  They came in on short notice because we were leaving town to install the system.
- Sue T....
ASimpliSafe Home Security
The system was shipped fast, arrived exactly as advertised and was easy to install. I was able to install it myself in less than two hours. The system performs exactly as advertised. I would recommend this product to friends and family.
- Mike S....
We had used Midwest Alarm for our previous house, so It was a no-brainer to call him again. They do a great job. One of the biggest things that set them apart from ADT and other such companies is that their monthly monitoring is much less and much better. Definitely a great company, does a great job.
- Michael H....