Kirksville Fireplcae Cleaning

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Recent Review: Advanced Chimney Techniques,Inc Jamestown, MO
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Business Description: Your full service chimney specialist since 2009.
Recent Review: Went right to work and did a great job.
Recent Review: Excellent.  Came on time with prior notice (text).  Very conscientious about protecting floors and preventing mess.  Did excellent job on chimney sweep (found much creosote previous sweeper had missed).  Then did a nice job repairing missing bricks and crown at top of chimney.  Applied a coating material over the crown that is supposed to last many years and was much cheaper that replacing the crown.  Am very happy with the work.

Reviews in Kirksville to Clean Fireplaces

AAshes Away
I've just moved into a new (to me) house in Desoto, MO. The house is eight years old and it's the first time I've had a house with a wood burning fireplace. I need to have the fireplace cleaned and inspected, so I turned to Angie's List to find a good company. When I called a few minutes ago I spoke with Eric, the company owner and told him where I lived. He told me this is out of his area but then proceeded to tell me that I could find a reputable company on the Chimney Safety Institute website and he also told me of things to be aware of and what to watch out for. He also told me that if I got an estimate that seemed high that I could call him back and we would go over the estimate line by line to see if it was in order, and also to call him back if I had any questions at all. Now, all of this was from a man who knows he won't be making a penny from me but was really going the extra mile to make sure that whatever company I contracted with could be counted on to do a safe and thorough job! I love this guy! If every company could have a clone of him "customer service" would have a whole different meaning!
- Roberta D....
contacted Eric Newman a couple weeks before service, left message,he promptly returned my call. set up appointment for 10/17 afternoon. He called to tell me he was on his way 1/2 hr before. Eric and assistant Jeff arrived went right to work on chimney. replaced old cap. came inside pulled my 600+ lb. insert cleaned creosote from bottom of fireplace,back of insert. checked and cleaned catalytic combusters. replaced insert into fireplace, cleaned glass door. vacuumed cleaned up well. very professional and effiecient. Eric presented bill and gave me a container of firestarters. good job!
- Nadine R....
FHeritage Chimney Sweeps
Guy came out to clean chimney only cleaned the bottom part of both flues. We have a stove in the basement we use for wood heat and a fireplace up stairs as well. When he was cleaning I asked if it was pretty dirty and he said yes. He never did get on my roof and clean the chimney from the top, which he should have. We started seeing creosote coming out of the chimney mortar about 3 or 4 weeks later so I called him to come out.I got his cell voicemail,so I left a message. He never did return my calls. I ended up finally calling one day and he answered his cell. He said he would bring a camera to see what was going on and if there had been a fire then my insurance company would cover the relining of the flue. When he finally came he didn't have a camera and made excuses as to why. He made an appt for that following Monday at 4 p.m. He didn't show up and when I called him to see if he was coming out  he said he had forgotten the time and was busy doing another job, said he would be out the next morning at 10 a.m.. He never showed up. I called at 10:30, and left a message on his cell asking if he was coming out that day. I never got a call back. We called another company about 2 hours away to do the job.
- Carla D....