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Award 2018Super Service Award
Recent Review: Inspector found evidence of bed bugs, showed it, explained treatment program, offered reasonable price, and guaranteed work. Two technicians treated the house promptly and thoroughly. No more signs of bugs for 2 months now. Very satisfied with follow up visits.
Recent Review: We have used Joe's service a many times now and have been very pleased. He shows up on time, but if he's is running late he will at least call to let us know where he is and how long it should take. I really appreciate professional people that have the courtesy enough to call and advise that they will be late. Anyway, he is very thorough. We have very few insects getting in the house and when they do start showing up again it is usually about the time that Joe said he would need to come back(usually six months). We had a problem with ants and he was very diligent in eradicating them. We also had a bed bug scare and he helped us to determine if we had them. Super knowledgeable about pest control, I just hope he doesn't ever decide to retire. It's hard to find a pest control person as good as Brown Recluse Xperts that doesn't charge high prices.
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Business Description: We’re Tough on Pests! Preferred Termite is a locally owned and operated business specializing in bug removal since 1970, serving northwest and central Missouri and northeast Kansas. We take pride in our thorough elimination techniques, expertise in the infestation field, and significant attention to detail. Our team of professionals is dedicated to protecting our customers. It is our goal to make sure that our clients are more than happy with our work.

Reviews in Eugene to Treat Bed Bugs

AAlert #1 Termite & Pest Control
Alert #1 responded very expeditiously in assessing problem & beginning treatment. Process was explained extremely thoroughly from start to finish. They were highly conscientious about quality and effectiveness of their work. They were friendly and assuring about our anxiety regarding the situation. Would highly recommend!
- Judy H....
DZip Zap Termite & Pest Control
On the day of the heat treatment... The upstairs tenant was not home, the downstairs tenant was leaving for the day.  She has a one year old and had a diaper bag with diapers, a change of clothing, and snacks.  I stopped her with the technician standing next to me and expressed my concern about taking that out and then bringing it back in after treatment.  I asked her to please be extra cautious when she returned home and to leave bag outside, empty it,  and then throw it and any dryable contents into the dryer when she returned.  The technician also commented on need to be careful, but didn't say it would void the warranty or anything like that.   I also showed the technician the packed boxes and he expressed some caution that it can be difficult to get the entire box to the temperature needed to kill the bed bugs, but then said that they would "get rid of our bed bug problem".  He assured me that he does heat treatments almost everyday that he works and would take care of the problem because the treatment was very effective.  He then took my payment of $1800 and I left the property. On July 2nd, the upstairs tenant returned home.  I met with her that day and she was anxious to finish her packing and get moved.  I saw no skin irritation that day.  The next day she called after spending the night in the residence working at her computer desk for most of the night before going to bed in that same room. She told me that she thought there were still bed bugs and that she had bites.  She said that she examined her desk and found several bed bugs crawling on the underneath edge.  I went over and saw that she now had welts on her forearm and one ankle.  I examined the desk and saw two bed bugs and we captured a couple and put them in a container and I sent a video of them moving to the owner of ZipZap.  I was told that sometimes there are bugs that do not die immediately and he called them "walking dead".  He said he would send a technician to inspect and possibly spray any remaining "walking dead". The technician met me at the house on July 8th.  He inspected and did not see any bed bugs, but there were blood marks on the sheets at the foot of the upstairs tenants bed.  He treated both the upstairs and downstairs units with a spray treatment and possibly a powder also.  The tenant stayed at her new residence in another city without her belongings.  She only took a small plastic bag of clothes (That she had just laundered and dried in dryer).  She was desperate to not take bed bugs to her new place.  She even purchased a sleeping bag to sleep on at the new place.   The upstairs tenant returned to the unit after moving all but a box of cleaning supplies another  with blankets on July 25th as she thought bed bugs were taken care of.  She spent the night on the floor. She woke in the night with a bed bug on her leg.  The downstairs tenant caught a live bed bug crawling on the wall behind her headboard the afternoon before and trapped it in a plastic container.  I emailed ZipZap on July 27.  I received a reply on July 28 asking if 9:45-10:00 the next morning would work for them to come inspect again.  I said yes.  I received another email saying "Thank you, I will let you know when they are on their way."  There was no mention of the time changing.  I arrived at the duplex at 9:40 and waited.  And waited, then I called the office and asked if they were delayed.  I was told they would be there at around 11:15 and that she'd emailed back with the new time.  That was not the case, though.   When they arrived.  The owner/board certified entomologist was telling me how you can't know that tenants didn't bring bed bugs back into the unit.  He was forceful and I had a hard time injecting my concerns.  I did manage to share how careful both tenants had been since the treatment and that the upstairs tenant had been there only four nights since the original heat treatment.  Mr. Preece spoke over me.  He never acted as if he believed what I was saying or CARED WHAT I WAS SAYING, because he was there to TELL ME  that they would spray for the possibility of remaining bed bugs and THAT WAS ALL THEY WOULD BE DOING.  He spoke to me as if I were trying to get something I hadn't paid for...but, I had paid $1800.  He wanted me to know that they would spray treat because of the warranty.  I DIDN'T WANT A SPRAY  TREATMENT...THAT IS WHY I PAID $1800 FOR AN IMMEDIATE SOLUTION TO OUR TENANTS PROBLEM (THE HEAT TREATMENT METHOD). I only spent the $1800 because my upstairs tenant had not been responsible for the infestation.  AND the downstairs tenant assumed the responsibility and was committed to helping to solve the problem.  I told the owner all of this the night that he convinced me that the heat treatment would quickly take care of our bed bug issue.  IT WAS SIMPLY NOT THE CASE.  I believe that the heat treatment was done.  I believe that they took all the temperature readings that they told me they had and that the readings showed temperatures that should have killed bed bugs IMMEDIATELY.  The owner told me several times how that heat kills the bugs instantly.  Why then... the "walking dead" ??? as they mentioned on my first call to say the treatment had not killed ALL the bed bugs.  I think that an area of the upstairs unit did not get "hot enough".    I think they did the treatment, it didn't get hot enough in an area where some of the bed bugs were, and they remained alive after treatment. I KNOW THAT ZIP ZAP DID NOT STAND BY THEIR 30 DAY WARRANTY, because we were NEVER bed bug free after the treatment.
- Laura S....