Dexter Exterior Trim Repair

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Business Description: Small construction and remodeling.

Reviews in Dexter to Repair Exterior Trim

FNygard Construction Llc
Hired this outfit in 2018. 14K worth of work.Started out ok but as soon as we left the state for 6 months they figured since we weren't there to keep an eye on everything they would do it as quick and crappy as possible. Where to start? When they put the kitchen cabinets in they put a screw from the kitchen through the wall into the bedroom and left it sticking out,but at least when they painted the bedroom the painted over it, Removed the baseboard trim to install the cabinets,didnt replace the trim but instead smeared grout where the trim was,REALLY nice work,When I called owner to do it right he said he would go back and take care of it....DIDN'T of course because we were 2,000 mi away. Called them again and not surprisingly never heard from them again.Removed and didn't replace trim over the cabinets leaving a gap between ceiling and cabinet tops. Took down blinds and trim throughout the three bedrooms and bathroom to be painted and either didn't replace or broke the trim and left the broken pieces in the closet.SMART…. I wouldn't find that. Removed and broke blinds,blind hangars and living room curtain holders,painted over other brackets throughout house.Cut the cable line coming out of the wall AT the spot coming out of the wall and hid it in the nearest closet because moving it would have been too hard I guess.All the shelves in the pantry are missing, but the brackets that were supposed to hold them are there,Screw holes left throughout the kitchen where they apparently put the cabinets up then had to move them,NOTHING on all the walls was sanded or filled with spackle before painting, If there was a spiderweb in a corner or on the face of the wall it was NICELY painted over. They left at LEAST 4 towel and/or handicapped handles (with the screws) laying in the garage for me to re-install apparently that's my job. Left sawdust in cabinets, didn't put the under-counter dishwasher back in correctly,damaged the dryer exhaust in the laundry room when they moved it to paint behind it. I wouldn't recommend this place to my worst enemy but I WOULD recommend them if you want a TERRIBLE job done for a lot of money. If you would like to see photos of ANY of the things I've mentioned here I will leave my email and I can show you the pics.
- Gordon E....