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Recent Review: The owner came out. Gave me a very reasonable bid. Then the owner came with another young man. They did a wonderful job. The job was done in a reasonable amount of time. And I will hire them from now on for all my painting and remodeling
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Recent Review: Wonderfully. Very happy with the work.
Recent Review: I had a hot tub that was sunken into a portion of my deck (i.e., the deck was built around the hot tub so that the floor of the deck was just a few inches below the top of the hot tub).  I hired Steve's Top Gunn Deck & Fence Revival and Home Improvements, Inc. to remove the hot tub, build a support frame to support new deck boards to cover the hole where the hot tub had been, and repair/replace other deck boards that were showing signs of decay.  Steve and his crew did all the work in two days.  The results were excellent and the price was outstanding.  Steve's crew cleaned up thoroughly after the job was done and all trash was hauled away.  I highly recommend Steve's Top Gunn Deck & Fence Revival and Home Improvements, Inc.
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Recent Review: They do things to make sure you're happy. The job isn't done until you're satisfied. They also give you options on how to cut costs but no affect the integrity of the project. They're also very nice and Jacob is funny.
Recent Review: So, it should be clarified that our deck had to be rebuilt twice by this company.  After the first completion, we were extremely happy about the solidity of the new structure and the workman's initiative shown in making small improvements to the overall structure to provide enhance durability and longevity: bolstering the perimeter beams with an extra header joist and the addition of flashing where the deck came into contact to the side of the house as he noticed it was missing from original construction.  Admittedly though there were a few aesthetic details (a few screws that need to be angled better, the sanding of some splintered wood, and the replacement of a board which had a rather larger knot that had already begun to collect water after a rain) that I brought to the attention of the team who displayed prompt responsiveness in the correction of these items.   However, approximately 2 weeks after final completion, during an on-site evaluation performed by the owner of the company, it was noticed that much of the wood, both the cedar-tone deck boards and the railing supports were splitting, and one of the 2 x 4 bottom boards that supported a row of spindles was warping. He took multiple pictures, and went off to discuss this with his team and to talk to his lumber supplier.  He discovered that other wood sold from the same batch had been receiving similar complaints, so the vendor replaced the wood, at which point Precision made a decision to re-do our entire deck at no cost to us.  The team went above and beyond what one would normally expect from a "return" or "replacement" of product.  The structural rail posts were replaced with pure cedar for extra strength instead of the cedar-toned ones. The team re-evaluated the design of the railing system and decided to put in a cleaner more modern product that they had just started to offer their customers, eliminating the need for top and bottom wooden 2 x 4s (and therefore the need to treat and stain said wood!). Also, the stairwell (approx 20 steps) was tidied up much better, fitted with risers, widening the walking space through the elimination of the inner handrail, but instead closing off the remaining gap normally created there by boarding it up with vertical deck boards.  The many small touches (the beveling and rounding of the wood on corners and edges) has really elevated our deck and are testament to the abilities and attentiveness of the Precision team.  So, despite us having to get our deck rebuilt twice, we are extremely happy with the final product, the continual customer service that this company strives to provide.  While the deck is finished and awaiting the drying time period before we stain and seal it, we have been invited to call the team back to come out and inspect the condition again for further product control. This is the type of commitment that one does not often find these days.
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Recent Review: All in all, excellent work.
Business Description: Gold Seal Painting is based in Central Missouri and is ready to provide any residential or commercial project painting need you may have. We do custom painting or staining for interior or exterior requirements you may require and we can even do faux finish. Because of our 25 years of experience, your trust and confidence in a superior performance is our number one concern and we give a satisfaction guarantee. Ask about our 12 year warranty on wood sided homes. No job is too big or too small.
Business Description: CoMo Exteriors is the Columbia MO trusted Roofing and Siding Company. Call us for Residential and Commercial Roofing, Siding, Window Installation, and More!
Recent Review: We are really happy with our new windows! Modern Exteriors carries a few different brands, but we chose NT Windows. Windows and components made in the USA. The new windows are vinyl (metal-reinforced), dual pane. Very easy to open and close. They made a noticeable difference in our heating/cooling bill. And they block a LOT of sound. The house is much quieter with the new windows.  Working with Modern Exteriors was easy; John answered all our (many, many) questions. They will definitely work with you on the price, so don't be afraid to ask. We signed the contract in March and the windows were manufactured and installed exactly eight weeks later, which is what we expected. Paid half up front and half on completion. Received the appropriate lien wavers when the job was done.  Overall, we were happy with the installation. The crew removed our old windows and hauled them away. The new windows were installed, checked for proper function and sealed around the perimeter of the window. The aluminum trim around the windows on the outside looks great and really updates the look of the whole house. If we were disappointed in anything, it would have to be the trim on the inside of the windows. Some of our windows were double-hung, and the existing interior trim wasn't disturbed. But some windows were casement, and because of the placement of the hardware, the interior trim on those windows needed to be replaced. They did an OK job, but they're not finish carpenters, for sure. We had to pull out some siding nails that they had used for trim, and the caulking was a real mess! Took us some time to clean it up so we could paint the new trim. You might want to just do the trim and caulking yourself; it would have saved us time in the long run. But it's all taken care of now, and looks great. The installation took 3 days--but we have 26 windows, some on an upper floor, so it was a big job. We didn't get a lot of notice when they were ready to start; they called in the afternoon to let us know they'd be starting the next day. If you have to take time off work to be there, for the installation, that's pretty short notice. We handled it, but more notice would have made things easier on our end. We have two outside dogs, and we took them to doggie day camp so we didn't have to worry about the crew leaving the gates open and letting them out. Before we let the dogs into the yard each night we went around the house and picked up wood scraps, nails/screws and aluminum shavings so our dogs wouldn't get into them. The crew took care of most of it, but there were still bits and pieces left behind. No big deal. We would use Modern Exteriors again (and we did; they built a deck for us after this job) and we would definitely buy NT Windows again. It was a lot of money to spend, but we feel like we got our money's worth and added value to our house. UPDATE: One year later, and we still love our new windows! We have had zero problems with the windows and installation. Very happy with this purchase!

Reviews in California for Repairing Decks

AAll Around Handyman
This job was one of many things that he has done for us in the last probably 7 years. He has done several things for us - including hanging cabinets in the laundry room, installing tile splash back in the kitchen, repairing deck railing and more. I am always happy with his work and fees.
- J. P....
ATrueSon Exteriors L.L.C.
We contracted in August, 2013 with TrueSon Exteriors to oversee the replacement of the siding (masonite to vinyl), wood deck, gutters and downspouts, window shutters, and three porch columns on our 25-year-old house. The work began in October, 2013 (the delay was our fault, not owner Barry Roewe’s) and was completed in nine days (including a weekend off), which was one day earlier than projected. It is our opinion that his crew and all the sub-contractors did an extremely good job; we were quite pleased with the speed of the work’s completion and the quality of the finished products (and I am not an easy-to-please customer). Barry Roewe was easy to deal with, and the cost seemed reasonable. Barry quickly took care of the few end-of-job issues we found; he even had his workers install our new exterior lighting fixtures at no additional cost (this attention to detail was much appreciated). We would definitely recommend TrueSon Exteriors for your home renovation needs.
- Steve W....
AContinental Siding Supply
We can say any thing but AWESOME! If we had to do it at again we would choose the same crew. The installer would make suggestions on the different ways they could do the work. The clean up as great too
- Elaine C....
AJspot Painting & Powerwashing
Jeff power washed our siding, steps and deck and resealed our steps and deck last year. We had him come back this year and power wash and reseal the deck and steps this year. He also snowplows our drive during the winter. We wouldn't use anyone else. He does a great job.
- Michelle H....
AHyde Homes & Remodeling
We had a great experience with Lucas Hyde. He was very prompt in setting up an appointment to visit with us about our deck. He created a very unique plan to take advantage of the current deck's original design. We wanted a small pergola to shade the deck and Lucas created one that was triangular and didn't involve any posts on the deck itself. He offered us a number of alternatives for wood and for the railings. He removed the old deck flooring, railings, and stairway. He re-used some of the materials to help save money. Our new deck floor has no seams, no screw heads showing, and is incredibly smooth. It is so nice to walk on in our bare feet. Lucas was very professional in all of the work. There were no surprises or unexpected costs. After the construction was completed, we noticed that a small section of one of the railings was slightly bowed. Lucas immediately replaced the section. He cleaned up all of the construction debris. We would definitely recommend Lucas for home remodeling and construction.
- Monica B....
AC&C Painting
Pat was prompt and completed the work in one day. There was no stain dripped on the house or concrete below deck.
- Janet W....
AADC Contracting LLC
ADC was hired to build this deck, using 2 x 6 (recycled) decking from my home.  Owner and crew were very professional and easy to work with.  Extremely knowledgeable.  They knew what they were doing!  At the time, I thought they were too pricey to build the new deck at my house.  How I regret that decision.  I went with Your Right Hand Man and it has cost me dearly.  It is get what you pay for!   ADC would have constructed a magnificent deck  that would not have collapsed 2 months later under a small snow load!  In addition, ADC pays attention to detail.  They are awesome!!!  I highly recommend them.
- Diana K....
AKingdom Cleaning
Very responsive to my call. Arrived on time for estimate. Had them power wash second floor areas of house and deck. Very thorough job - very pleased. Discussed deck staining and was given good advice on what was needed. I purchased a product he was not familiar with so he researched it very thoroughly. Spent an entire day sanding - test stained - then applied product. Took longer then he originally planned , I'm sure - did not ask for additional money but I did pay him extra and he was very appreciative.His price was very reasonable to begin with. He says he also cleans rungs which I will probably call him to do at a later date. Meanwhile he gave me a bottle of a product (free) to use on pet stains.
- Anne R....
AShepherd's Company
The power washing was fine. I couldn't really tell a difference in the overall appearance of the exterior of the house - however in all fairness, my husband and I had power washed the house ourselves a week or two prior to the beginning of this project. The stain used on the project was a great match to the existing color. The Shepherd's company team members used drop clothes and properly covered all the windows and doors prior to staining. The entire exterior was sprayed and then touch ups were done with a brush. The deck finish was not good during the first go around, but they came back and refinished the deck floor and it looked good. I asked for a small amount of both the exterior stain and the deck stain to be left with us so that we could touch up if need be. They were more than happy to accommodate this request. While the price was a little steep - it wasn't out of line with other bids. Overall we are very happy with the job done by Shepherds - we will use them again.
- Paula M....
AAll Chores No More LLC
Excellent. Very professional, neat, and clean. Job was performed exactly to the quote. Will call All Chores No More from now on for all handyman chores. People very nice and friendly.
- John C....