Hibbing Glass Stove Top Replacement

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Reviews in Hibbing to Glass Stove Top Replacement

Tye is professional and his rates are very reasonable. He has excellent communications skills and is punctual. There wasn't anything I needed done that he could not do. I did notice that the phone number listed is his old phone number. His new phone number is 341-6824 in Duluth.
- M R....
ANorthland Appliance Service
I am so happy to have found Paul, the repair person from Northland Appliance. I contacted Angie's List and called this company and left a message. Within 15 minutes he returned my call and he was on his way to another home in my neighborhood. He said I am one block away, but if you are home, I'll stop over to check your freezer as soon as I am finished. Within a half hour he was in our home and I explained the problem and he said I needed a new electrical control switch. He said he would order the part which takes about a week to get. I asked him about my gas switches on the gas stove. He quickly assessed the problem and told me he would have to order the switches and would call me when the parts came in. While waiting for the gas switches, the freezer part came in so he called me and told me the part was in and if he could stop over to fix it. It took just minutes. About a week later my stove parts came in and he called to inform me the parts had arrived and asked if he could stop over. He came over in about a half hour. This was a much more difficult problem to fix. He had to disconnect electrical sources and shut off the gas source to start. He had to lift the countertop range and unscrew many fasteners. The switches popped in place. I asked Paul if he would mind letting me clean under the range top opening first before he put it back in place. He was so kind. He gave me the time to clean because no woman could clean under a range without removing it. I was so thankful. This whole experience was wonderful. Paul is very skilled and knowledgable. I am so happy to have contacted AngiesList for this referral. I did not know anyone in our area other than the hired out help from the appliance stores.
- Mary A....
They are supposed to be a large wonderful establishment for appliances. I would never go to them again. They are 70 miles away and I bought all new appliances from them when I was a new widow. It was nothing but a nightmare. They gave me an estimate for a refrigerator that was over $3,000 and they ended up sending me a dented one. They said that I bought the floor model, which I didn't. I bought 5 appliances. They didn't do anything about it. They had sent somebody out to measure my kitchen and they said that all of them would fit and they didn't, so he had to cut my cupboards. He did a terrible, terrible job. He used my garage and left sawdust all over with my saw. There was something wrong with every appliance they put in. They cut too much from the bottom for the dishwasher so cement was showing and wasn't covered with ceramic tile. They chipped my ceramic top when they took off the old dishwasher. I tried to work with them and it was nothing but a nightmare. They sent somebody that wasn't a certified electrician to put in the cooktop and wall oven. I called my electrician because they had to be certified. My electrician even had to call them to set up an appointment to meet them here. He hooked up the wires and put it in. I finally had to hire an outside person to come and redo their work because I didn't want them in my house again. I bought the most expensive refrigerator and I didn't buy a dented one so I think they scammed me. They carry quality appliances but their workmanship is not quality. I had gone to them because I couldn't get top quality appliances around here. I bought a 5-year extended warranty from them and the icemaker went out. They hired somebody from Wisconsin to do the repair and he couldn't get here. There was ice all over the floor so I ended up calling another company and they called Johnson Mertz. There was supposed to be a local serviceman in Hibbig. Finally the other company sent the parts to my house and I found somebody else to do the work. It was a long, long nightmare and I would never use them in the future.
- Sandra N....