Hastings Pool Liner Replacement

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Reviews in Hastings to Replace Swimming Pool Liner

This job was a night mare and still is. They installed in a rush. They did NOT fix the rusted wall panel. They did NOT use the proper liner lock to hold in the liner. The result was a ruined liner that caved in, leaked all water in the spring and ruined my concrete decking. There is also a hole in the liner from sharp debris that was not fixed after the install. They did not respond to desperate calls to save my pool and a new contractor came and fixed it. They hired a lawyer to go after the money for install. They collected half at the start and wanted the rest. The owner never came out at the time of the install to look at the problems. My pool is ruined.
- Suzanne W....
AValley Pools & Spa
The old liner had eroded. I purchased the new one in June, but they still have yet to install it. The sub contractor has yet to install it.
- Doug W....
It went great. They replaced my above ground pool liner as it was an insurance claim. They originally installed our pool in 2003. They have been great for customer service and any repair work. I buy most of my pool chemicals there and the staff is great. If you have a doughboy pool, I would strongly recommend The Pool Store. Keep up the great work.
- Jon K....
I called for an estimate for a pool liner replacement. I was told that since I didn't buy the pool from them, they were not willing to perform this for me.
- John R....
CPerformance Pool & Spa
The weather was perfect and Performance pool came out as scheduled to remove the old pool liner and replace with a new seamless liner.  They encountered some ground water but continued with the uninstall and installation.  Began filling the pool and everything was looking great.  After filling the pool to the spot they had indicated, we noticed a air/water bubble on the bottom of the pool.  I called and they said they would take a look.  We had gone out of town for the weekend and when we got back on Sunday, they had removed their equipment but there was now a huge air/water bubble on the bottom of the pool.  I called and they told me to push it to the side.  I did that and the bubble went away, but now we had wrinkles on the bottom.  I called again, and they said they would come out and take a look.  A couple of days later they came out and put sand bags on the bottom and refill to the a specific line.  They charged me $200 in addition to the original $3600.  They came out again, and removed the sand bags and began to fill the pool again.  The wrinkles are still present on the bottom of the pool   I filled pool to the top and discussed with them what their plans are for removing the wrinkles in the spring.   A week went by and I noticed that the pool water level was going down.  I emailed and called to let them know.  They said for me to mark the level and get back to them in a day.  I did that it had dropped 1.5 inches over a 36 hour period.  They have not gotten back to me yet.  It's been 6 weeks.  The pool water level continues to drop and now is frozen.  My guess is myautomatic pool cover will be destroyed by spring due to the pool leaking water.  I'm not sure why they have not got back to me, I have not attempted to contact them either.  I hope I can have a better rating in the spring after the fix our problems!
- Paul S....
The provider installed a pool liner in 2013. One month after install, the pattern on the liner rubbed off on my skin. After several visits from Dolphin staff, we reached an agreement that Dolphin would replace the liner in the spring of 2014. I have this in writing. However, between then and May 2014, the company changed hands. Despite numerous phone calls on which the new owner stated he would make it right, with each subsequent call he said he dropped the ball and forgot. In fact, he asked me who I was on more than one occasion. He had a completely different answer every time I talked to him, he forgot, he was waiting on the liner manufacturer, he was going to send me something, he was going to call - never did he follow through. After more than three months of calls and frustration, I finally asked if I needed to find a lawyer to resolve the situation. He asked for one more shot to "make it right".  Instead, what he did was call me and tell me that my pool cover caused the damage and they couldn't do anything. The offending pool cover was purchased nine months AFTER I reported the damage so there is NO possible way his statement is true. Take your business elsewhere! The new owner is dishonest and unethical and apparently has issues with memory loss.
- Kari M....
I will use Kalifornia Pool and Spa in the future based on a visit and estimate from the owner.  I was impressed by the fact that he assessed our situation and recommended we hold off on spending any money right now because the condition of our pool was not as critical as we thought.  He was obviously respectful of our needs ahead of making a sale for himself.
- Jack H....
CBlue Fin Pool & Spa
Terrible.  I asked 2x for someone to come out and give me a quote on replacing my pool liner.  Both times they made it seem like I was bothering them to come over and look at what needed to be done.  Finally, the owner himself came out  after my second request.  Said it all looked good.   The liner is 13 years old!  Liners have on average a 8-10 year life span.  This one was showing signs of its age, and the floor was also in rough shape and needed to be re-done.  There was also some question as to whether one side had settled enough to be fixed.  It was time, and I wanted it replaced. The rest of the pool and equipment is still in really good shape and it was time for the new liner and floor.  I was willing to pay for professionals to come out and do the job correctly. I went into the store for a 3rd time and talked to the head service person and expressed again that I wanted it replaced.  He took down a few notes and told me " he was going to talk to the owner on Monday and they'll get right back to me." Six days went by and I had to stop in for more chemicals.  The service person walked out of the back room, looked right at me, turned and went back into the backroom.  Never acknowledged me or explain the delay in getting back to me.  Another week went by and I get a phone message from the owner seeing if this note requesting a liner replacement  was the original one or if this a new request. This makes me wonder what the communication is between the owner and his head service person.   Their message was sent loud and clear, they were not interested in the job or my future business.  I just wish they would have said it right off the bat so I could have moved on and got the job done a few weeks earlier.  I found someone else and hired the job out.  I have been a customer of Blue Fin for over 10 years, purchasing all my pool chemicals, misc pool supplies and even a pump from them this past spring.   The past 2 seasons I've seen a major change in this business and not in a good way.  Changed up their product line and loosing some great staff.  This service issue was the last straw and lost Blue Fin my business.
- Gayle M....
ACustom Pools Inc
I had got bids from several other firms, but selected Custom based on factors including responsiveness and price.  Ginny is one of a kind. She knows the business inside and out.   Incredibly responsive and she's going to do what she says.  I'd recommend giving strong consideration to Custom on major pool projects.  The pool project was taking place at the same time as other projects and it was well coordinated.  Custom came out early this year (the project was done a year ago)  to resolve a small issue - essentially standing behind what they had done.
- Robert H....
AMallery Pool Construction
He was here when he said he was going to be and he did a wonderful job. The liner looks great, there are no wrinkles and the stairs on the pool look better than they ever have. I was going to have a party and needed the pool and he made sure it was done quickly.
- Cindy O....

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Business Description: Liners Liners Liners proudly servicing all of Minneapolis/St. Paul and surrounding area. With over 25 years experience we can solve all of you pool liner needs. Services offered: -Pool Draining -Removal of old liner -Repair of walls, repair/smooth sand & vermiculite floors -Install new gaskets -Professionally install new liner with new main drain ring and cover -Install new return line face plates & skimmer face plates -Haul away old materials -Winter mesh cover installations We are a proud installers of McEwen Vinyl Liners and other top quality products. Give us a call today for an estimate!
Business Description: 1st Choice Pool Service provides expert swimming pool care services. We take pride in providing our customers with affordable swimming pool maintenance, service, knowledge & professionalism.
Business Description: Swimming pool service repasir, cutom installation. Ponds and water features
Recent Review: They had closed my pool in the fall. They are so nice and so caring. I probably spend about $150 for this season. They are very friendly and very available. I can call them in the morning if I have a problem and they come out the same day. My neighbour uses them and she recommended them. They do the best they can and they are reasonable.
Recent Review: The latest story with Peterson concerns our automatic pool cover which was installed a few years ago.  For some reason due to weather or the ground moving in some way our cover box shifted and in the process our cover was ripped.  After calling them and after a a couple of trips out to look at things they fixed the box, repaired the cover and got us back to normal in a very short time. While things like this should probably not happen ....they did.  What is most important to note is that Peterson stood behind their work, fixed the problem and all the time treated us with the utmost respect. Our other dealings with them with repairs and maintaining our swimming pool through the years have gone the same way. We will be putting in a new liner next spring and there is only one place I will look at having it done.
Business Description: Pool and spa service, authorized Softub Service Center. Pool and spa parts and chemicals. ASAP Member
Business Description: Guys with tools LLc. The General Contractor with the right tools for any job. We can work by the hour or bid your job Guys with Tools are ready to come and help you with all of your household needs. We are not your "weekend warriors" We've been in business for over ten years and we can provide references as well as before/after pictures of previous jobs We are a fully insured and a licensed business. Contractors If you are trying the hourly thing but you are not seeing the progress, Give my guys a try... You will see progress,. lots of it. We are people you can trust. NO NEED for baby sitting to make sure your help is working to his potential. My guys WORK. Call today, Ron 651-494-4663
Business Description: See website for additional services.
Recent Review: Fast and efficient good communication about work being done
Recent Review: They were timely and were willing to negotiate on the price a little. Initially the customer rep was helpful. The quality was adequate. I did have a concern after the fact about where they put the pool liner in the ground. I don't know that I was satisfied with their response, to be honest. I can't say it was my fault or their fault completely, but I wished for a slightly different outcome than I got. But, that's the way it is. They made an effort.