Rothbury Cracked Heat Exchanger Repair

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Reviews in Rothbury to Repair Cracked Heat Exchangers

AGibson Plumbing Services
Took approx. 1 week. All went well, kept the place clean and picked up each day. Running the ductwork was more challenging then expected, they were not able to place it exactly where we wanted, but they did the best possible. Furnace is great, heat exchanger great, hot water great. There were several issues with balancing the heat throughout the house, but they came out several times until the issue was resolved. Prompt service! Great team.
- Nancy E....
Spill coffee in house on arrival. Left screws and cover off the furnace. Cover was left in a puddle of water. This was about the four time they had worked on system. Burners not in line with heat exchanger. 4 of the 6 screws left off of the blower motor. Wrong gas jets in furnace. Water leaking from furnace. Furnace not level so water could drain out. Told me not to call them if I had any more trouble.
- Douglas M....
FAir Works Heating & Cooling
Air Works installed my Carrier furnace in 2006. In 2011 they came and replaced failed primary and secondary heat exchangers. Exchangers were covered under warranty. They charged me $200 in labor. Throughout the service call, I listened to the technician saying the F word so loud it echoed through my house, repeatedly. He was upstairs, my children and I were downstairs. Furthermore, I could hear him kicking at the furnace while swearing. When the technician completed his work, he asked who installed the furnace horizontal. I replied that his company did the installation. 1-8-14 I called a different local heating and cooling company because my furnace was leaking 1/2 a cup of water every time it turned on. They water had a propane odor. They offered to have a tech come out in an hour, but recommended I contact the installer in case work was covered under warranty. Due to my past experience, I was hesitant to call. When I contacted Air Works, they told me it would take a couple of days for someone to come out. Since the entire condensation pan was filling in a 6 hours, I decided the problem could not wait and called the other local heating and cooling company. They came out within two hours. They diagnosed my furnace with failed primary and secondary heat exchangers, soot in burners 2, 3, 4 along with water leaking from unit into condensation tray. He said the problem should not exist. The heat exchangers last 25 years. He recommended I contact the local Carrier representative and have Air Works come out and repair the furnace under warranty. I contacted Air Works to report what the technician found and request service. I was told it would cost me at minimum $130 to have their tech come out and look at the furnace. They did not accept the diagnosis of another company. Since I already paid $160, I did not want to pay another $130 for a problem that should not exist. I contacted Carrier and spoke with their local representative. I was informed there was a class action settlement for my furnace in 2006 because of failed heat exchangers. Conditions of the settlement provided replacement of the heat exchangers and labor. Over the next hour, he asked me several questions. In his opinion, failure of the heat exchangers again in 3 years could be due to poor installation. He expressed frustration that Air Works charged me for labor when they were paid for labor under the class action settlement. He recommended I contact another repair company. Another company came out for 8 hours and serviced my furnace with a long list of problems. They replaced the primary and secondary heat exchangers and burners, installed MISSING air baffle, installed MISSING restrictor plate, secured heat exchangers to back latch tabs by blower motor because it was UNLATCHED and adjusted WRONG gas pressure. During installation or previous repair, my pressure was set for natural gas not propane. I live in the country. EVERYONE has propane. Needless to say, in his opinion the failure was due to poor service repair by Air Works. When his work was completed, I was only charged $200. $120 of it was for the burners not covered in warranty. The remaining $80 was for additional labor. They did not charge me a fee to just come out and look at the furnace. As such, I forwarded the information to the Carrier representative to address the problem. I am in the process of writing a letter to AIr Works. From my understanding setting the WRONG gas pressure is failure of basic 101 heating and cooling education. I do not recommend Air Works for any heating repair or installation.
- Lisa H....
FDependable Heating & Cooling
I used dependable twice the first time being a good experience and the second time being the last time I used this company. First time I called was on a Friday about five pm and I explained that I had my parents living with me, both had health issues. I had a mobile home furnace and the thermocouple would burn out quite often. To replace the thermocouple the entire burner unit had to be removed which I did not feel comfortable with. The owner of the company came out after five and fixed the thermocouple within a couple hours of my telephone call. The second time I called, two years later, the technician, Scott came to the house and stated I had a cracked heat exchanger and that the furnace should be shut down immediately. I still had my Mom living with me and because of her health issues Scott did not shut the furnace down (January in Michigan) nor did he fix the thermocouple. We were left with no heat. I called another HVAC company which did resolve the problem and who stated there was no cracked heat exchanger. Over the next five years the furnace was routinely checked and no faulty heat exchanger was ever discovered including when the furnace was taken out and replaced in 2006. I would not use Dependable again and I would caution anyone considering using this company.
- Mark T....
DStop's Plumbing, Heating & Cooling LLC
Needless to say, we were miserable without heat for 2 weeks unnecessarily simply because Stops was intent on selling a new furnace to us. The old furnace ran just fine for years and was not even a consideration when we sold our home in 2006.
- Gregg G....
ARC Mechanical
The gentleman who was on night duty returned my voice message within 30 minutes and was at my door within 30 minutes of that (early evening hours, not the middle of the night). He confirmed the diagnosis of a faulty gas valve, replaced the part, educated me about components of my older furnace, checked other portions of the furnace (the heat exchangers) prior to valve replacement so that I wasn't wasting my money, then completed the job. He patiently and politely answered the questions that I had during the job. I wasn't "supervising" him, I was curious about various aspects of the job and he endured my questions and gave very patient and thorough answers during the process.
- Scott B....
CService Experts Heating & Air Conditioning
.When the service man arrived he was 2 hours late. Then he didn't know how to get into the unit. Then he went on about the placement of the unit. Once he got it opened he immediatly started on about a potential problem, that was going to cost alot of money to fix. Then he had to call his supervisor to ask what to do. He finally got around to working on the unit, but said it wasn't going to do any good to clean and service the unit because the heat exchanger and burner unit was bad. Then after 2 hours of telling us how bad it was he charged us extra for the service. I will not use them again.
- Daniel B....
AFirst Class Heating & Cooling
I called Ray on Monday, Dec. 10, and he promised to be at the location the following day at 9:00.  He arrived at the appointed time, diagnosed the problems described above, but since he did not have the parts available, had to go to Port Huron, about 20 miles distant, to purchase them.  The entire job took about four hours, and the charge was about $ 400, including parts.  Considering that the charge for labor is $45 for the first half hour, and $75 for every hour thereafter, and the parts included, the cost was quite reasonable.  It is worth mentioning that we had been dealing with another heating and cooling company on this same problems since shortly after Thanksgiving, laid out $ 130 with no results.  Also, that company is located less than ten miles from the home, where First Class is over twenty miles away.  I am well satisfied with First Class Heating & Cooling, and with Ray's work, and would not hesitate to use the company again.
- Manfred K....
AHis Servant Heating & Cooling Inc
This company is totally honest, reputable and hard-working. Mr. Lee stood out in a thunderstorm to finish charging my new air conditioner. I was completely happy with his work and his work ethics. I don't ever give reviews but this company warrants one. If you want someone who will give you honest estimates and do the work with integrity this company is the one to go with. I will never use anyone else. I am writing this review to help others who are concerned about hiring someone they have no information about. I have nothing but good things to say about this trustworthy company.
- Kathy V....
APlatinum Choice Heating & Cooling
Very well. I had run into Mark at a different location and we had a conversation about a furnace replacement that I needed to do. My 33 year old Heil furnace had a clogged heat exchanger and could not longer be safely used. He pointed out that he was running a special through Angie's list. His special offer a choice of either a Goodman or a Heil unit.   I did the research. I'd had good service with the old Heil unit and was leery of the Goodman. Reviews of the Goodman were somewhat mixed but most opinions boiled down to the quality of the installation. A well installed Goodman seemed as good as the higher priced units.  I went to Angie's list and clicked the "buy" button. Mark returned the e-mail the next day , called later in that day to set up an appointment to size the furnace and decide which brand to get.  The appointment was set for 6pm the next week.  Mark was at the houise before I arrived home from work. He reviewed size of the house and recommended a size suitable for my (small) house. My research showed that oversizing the unit can head to as many problems as undersizing it. I  made the choice of the Goodman based on the better ( longer) warranty offered on the heat exchanger. I will point out that length of the Goodman warranty depends on when the owner registers the unit- if one misses the cut-off the warranty is not as long. Mark made sure I was aware of  the registration requirement.     We set the installation appointment for about 2 weeks later. On the appointed day, he called to confirm the time and arrived on time with two helpers. They set to work about 9am removing the old furnace. I left for work. He called shortly after 1PM to left me know that he had finished 95% of the installation and was cleaning up. He didn't have one small part  and would return later in the week to add the part. The missing piece would not affect the function of the new unit.  out  When I got home, I checked the install visually. Nice and neat but a couple of small issues were tape joining the new furnace to the the old ductwork and not set properly. To my surprise, Mark has also replaced the copper gas line to the ware heater with black pipe- something not really part of the furnace install but an extra service as he preferred black to copper tubing for water heaters. The old furnace was gone new one in. He called to check my satisfaction. I told him about the tape issue. He told me He'd take care of it when he return to install the missing piece. He called a couple of days later to let me know that the missing part had arrived and we set a date for the return. He called the day of the return appointment to confirm the time . He arrived on time, installed the missing piece and repaired the tape issues. .Overall, I'm very pleased with the work. It's a much neater ( and  better) install than done on a similar furnace at my father's house by a different company.  That install has had a couple of  problems due to missing brackets on the exhaust pipe. Mine is firmly installed and can't shift. We've setting up an appointment to have Mark check that installation and correct the issues that  exist there.
- Bruce B....

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Business Description: Additional contact name - Edward Verhaeghe. Additionsl DBA - Hutchison Mechanical Inc, Hutchison Mechanical Co. Family owned & operated.
Business Description: We peovide residential and light commercial heating, cooling and plumbing installation and service. We also have 24 hour emergency service. Our Chimney Specialist division sells and services fireplaces and stoves as well as hot tubs. Additional address - PO Box 459. Additional DBA - JP Heating Of Northern Michigan.
Business Description: Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer; Our technicians are NATE certified and factory trained for installation or service to provide you with comfort. We service both residential and commercial customers; each of our experts is prepared to help you with sales, service and installation of the comfort system that is ideal for your home or business. We accept cash, check, Visa, Mastercard and Discover. Check with one of our specialists for factory rebates and utility rebates.
Business Description: HVAC & Plumbing services
Recent Review: He took apart the the furnace and checked the pilot to make sure it was firing correctly. He stated it was the original pilot meaning it was some 30 years old and he said it worked just fine. Never suggested that I replace it. He removed the burners from the cabinet and hand washed them in the utility sink. He inspected the heat exchanger with a mirror and said for the age of the furnace it was in fairly good shape. Never tried to sell me anything new..but he did say that when the time comes to replace the furnace that it will be a bit costly due to changes in the codes requiring pvc pipes for venting and efficiency requirements for newer furnaces. He also suggested I relocate the furnace to help free up more space in my basement. He reassembled the furnace and tested it until he was sure any water left in the burners was gone and that it was lighting correctly. Their company (as Air Works and under their previous business name) sold me a new central air conditioner and a humidifier on two other homes I owned. The a/c/ unit was hooked to an old 50ish year old furnace (at the time) and they never once tried to force me to buy a new furnace..they made the a/c unit work with my old furnace just fine.
Business Description: Dependable Heating & Cooling
Business Description: Stop's Plumbing, Heating & Cooling LLC is a WI Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, Air Conditioning, Geothermal Heat Pump, and furnace repair, service, replacement and maintenance company in Vilas County. Stop's Plumbing, Heating & Cooling will send you only the best technician to fix your air conditioner repair and, gas or propane (LP) furnace and heater repair as well as all air conditioner replacement, furnace replacement, boiler replacements and tankless hot water heater installation.
Recent Review: The gentleman who was on night duty returned my voice message within 30 minutes and was at my door within 30 minutes of that (early evening hours, not the middle of the night). He confirmed the diagnosis of a faulty gas valve, replaced the part, educated me about components of my older furnace, checked other portions of the furnace (the heat exchangers) prior to valve replacement so that I wasn't wasting my money, then completed the job. He patiently and politely answered the questions that I had during the job. I wasn't "supervising" him, I was curious about various aspects of the job and he endured my questions and gave very patient and thorough answers during the process.
Business Description: Call Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning Fort Myers for all of your HVAC services. We have been serving our Fort Myers community for over 25 years and our NATE-certified technicians are qualified to service, repair, and install all major brands of heating, air conditioning, and indoor air quality equipment. So whether you need your annual air conditioning tune-up or your furnace is in need of repair, we will take care of you. We can't wait to work with you! Alternate Phone Number: (800) 536-2100