Redford Dehumidifier Installation

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Business Description: Koz Heating and Cooling is a certified comfort specialist with Coleman Heating and Air Conditioning. We are committed to providing professional, quality solutions to furnish, enhance or improve our customers comfort and mechanical systems. We offer safe, cost-effective, reliable and environmentally friendly solutions for all your business or indoor or comfort needs. Our focus is for every client to have a great experience. We foster collaborative, long-term relationships with homeowners, business owners, contractors and suppliers and continually look for ways to improve our services to our community. We cultivate a team dedicated to excellence, precision and professionalism in all aspects of design and installation, thereby earning the trust of our clients. We provide the highest level of expertise in business fundamentals, technical service and installation methods. We specialize in custom ductwork, humidifiers and dehumidifier, in-floor radiant heat, zoning, thermostats, hybrid heat pumps, tankless hot water heater, thermostats (including wifi), boilers, ultra-violet germicidal light system, chimney liners, dryer vents and hot water vents. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. We offer 24-hour emergency service. NATE certified.
Recent Review: Everything went well.  The installers were on time, did an outstanding job.  They explained how each product worked.  They cleaned up and were professional throughout the complete installation.
Recent Review: Zoning estimate came in as expected - about the same as it was when originally during the building process. The estimate for the bonus room addition came in quite a bit higher than we expected but they did divide this out for us as we requested knowing we wanted to possibly do this on our own. The owner, Rob, joined Matt, to go through the system with me (again) because I couldn't remember everything I was supposed to do throughout the year and to ensure the filter was cleaned appropriately. Rob showed me step by step how to clean something on the furnace which I thought was very nice of him. They also adjusted the two hot water heaters to ensure they were at the correct settings. Both of them checked the humidifier to ensure it was running correctly, and the same goes for every thing that we had installed with the geo system. They were very friendly, nice, and didn't mind going through everything, yet again, with me. I have always been impressed with how efficient they have been on checking everything, answering questions and ensuring our needs have been met. I will always recommend them to others and will return to them over and over again.
Recent Review: Thursday morning the crew arrived at the time indicated and after a brief time of discovery of the old equipment immediately began removal. By mid-day the old equipment had been disconnected and much moved into enclosed vans. We were impressed with their efficiency and cleanliness. By the end of the first day most of the inside installation work was well on the way. Promptly Friday morning the crew was back and by mid-morning a new chimney liner was in place and connected to the hot water heater. Dwayne had informed me of the city code changes and codes not withstanding the reasons for the liner. By mid-afternoon the cool air was beginning to cool the house against the 88-degree temperatures. As promised we had air for the weekend. The furnace was still in need of a few finishing touches that would be completed Monday morning. After a nice weekend with great A/C they were back promptly on Monday morning and completed things by noon. After going over things with me one last time they were gone with all the holes plugged, the gaps filled and things as they should be. About a week went by before the city inspector came by for a sign off on the work. He provided a very thorough inspection of everything they touched, inside and out. The inspector was a retired HVAC guy with lots of experience. He commented on how good a job I had received and placed the city sticker. Finally, about two weeks after the installation I noticed that the temp in the house had crept up a degree or two and found the outside system not running. I immediately called Circle and they were there in 45 minutes. A thorough inspection found a bad expansion valve. A call to the shop brought my salesman, the owner and the required part. Within two hours after the call, the issue was resolved. Bad parts occasionally slip through and the proof is in how an issue is handled. I have enthusiastically recommended Circle to my friends and will continue to do so.
Recent Review: Great!  As in the past, they are prompt, knowledgeable and trustworthy.
Business Description: Mechanical contractor specializing in residential homes. Small family operated company. Comfort is what we do! Call us today to set up service or maintenance. All major credit cards accepted.
Recent Review: seamless! Will use again for plumbing needs. Thank's 911
Recent Review: I have used them about 3 times in the past for emergency furnace repairs in a new condo ( for me). Each time they have been prompt, quickly solved the problem and fairly charged for the visit. This visit was scheduled for me and my two neighbors to install a cleanout trap that should have been installed when the condos were built 12 years ago. A recurrent problem is that the drain tubing becomes clogged and overflows causing water damage into the units below. He showed up with the parts and finished the job in about half the time estimated and at half the cost at what seemed a very fair price.
Recent Review: The service man arrived on time.  He explained all that he was going to do. He dworked about 45 minutes and took all the garbage with him. I was VERY pleased.
Business Description: If you need service at your home or business, we work with you to schedule a service call that’s as quick and convenient as possible. Once your service call is scheduled, we’ll be at your front door on time and ready to work. Humidifiers Service, Humidifiers Repair, HVAC Company, Air Conditioning Repair, Heating Service, HVAC Repair, AC Repair Contractor, HVAC Repair Company, HVAC Installation Contractor, HVAC Replacement Service, AC Technician, HeatingTechnician Waldenburg, MI; HVAC Contractor, AC Repair, Heating Repair Company, HVAC Installation, Air Conditioning Service

Reviews in Redford for Dehumidifier Installation

AMatheson Heating & Air Conditioning Inc
Trevor came to house a few days before the above work was performed to check the lack of cold a/c. After diagnostics he found the compressor to be faulty & suggested I have ducts cleaned because he thought they may be clogged as I complained of backdrafts from some of the pipes. Couple of days later Jerrod cleaned the ducts and Dennis took care of the compressor. After further investigation by the above and 'Buck', it was learned that the ducts had not been connected during house construction. The company will take care of this problem at a later date. Everyone I spoke with is very nice, considerate & they know their jobs. When I have called the office Mike has been very responsive to my concerns. When he says he'll keep you updated he does. The company was recommended by a coworker as well as me finding them on Angie's List. They will be my permanent source for furnace a/c repairs. It's good to know they're a company that can be trusted.
- Linda N....
FSchutz Heating & Cooling
Very poor experience. WARNING - DO NOT DO BUSINESS! Initially contact was made to have this company repair a humidifier that was not working. Upon the technician's arrival, I showed him the dehumidifier and that I did have a humidistat that I wished to have installed if it was applicable. He agreed to do so and it was quite apparent that he didn't know what he was doing - it appeared that they sent the wrong technician to do the work. After fetching my own towels, mopping up the floor which was soaked as a result of the humidifier being open and running by the technician, coaching the technician on basic wiring and diagram reading, he left with the work unfinished and said "they'd need to do research" (when in reality he wired it incorrectly). So in the end I got a $460 bill for work unperformed and charged hourly for someone terribly inexperienced for the job he was sent for. Sounds like I need to start billing by the hour myself - anyone need a doctor? Never done it before but I'll give it a shot.
- Kyle J....
AFamily Heating Cooling & Electrical Inc
There was only cool air blowing from my furnace. Called, they came out, conducted many test on system and educated me on the working of heat and air flow. very satisfied. will use again.
- Barbara A....
BMatheson Heating & Air Conditioning Inc
We love the furnace and air-conditioning!  They are waiting to install the high-end filtration system and clean our air ducts until after our painter is finished.  They routinely call to check our remodeling status.
- Janice N....
AFamily Heating Cooling & Electrical Inc
The provider arrived within the specified time. He did a complete inspection of my thermostat, furnace and humidifier. He then tuned up the furnace and put a filter in my humidifier. He also showed me how to replace the humidifier filter.
- Constance M....
AHVAC Comfort Inc
Great experience! Will our service tech was super friendly and helpful with our air flow issues! We will definitely be using this company for all our heating and cooling needs!
- Emily B....
ASani-Clean Air Duct Cleaning, Inc
So, so happy with the job they did even going outside to fix the dryer vent that someone had damaged blocking air flow. They were polite and so professional. Their A rating on Angie's List is well deserved.
- Debora J....
AEller Services LLC
Discovered why the humidifier was leaking steam and identified the least expensive solution, rather than trying to sell me a new humidifier.
- Jason K....
AColonial Heating & Cooling
Came for clean-up service. Recommended humidifier replacement Installed humidifier and cleaned up after work. Punctual and good explanation
- Jaewon C....
CColonial Heating & Cooling
It was an Angie's List Big Deal that we purchased. The technician was really kind of unprofessional and a little bit pushy about the $59 Deal. I felt he was trying to pressure me and using scare tactics. I even called my husband on the phone because I didn't know what to do with the information I was being told. I didn't appreciate it. When it came time to buy, he didn't seem excited to take the $59 price. I felt that he was upset with me even though I didn't do anything wrong. I couldn't wait for him to leave. I felt like he felt like he was trying to do me a favor. It felt like a bait and switch. We didn't have any issues before they came out and we haven't have any issues since. It wasn't one of the better experiences that I've had. They were not very professional at all.
- Alysia B....