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Business Description: Seawalls, Docks, Boat lifts is our life and we Love It!
Business Description: Since 2005, Best in Detail has been offering professional detailing and maintenance work on all types of watercraft and automobiles. Over the years, Best in Detail has grown to offer the widest range of detailing services in Northern Michigan. Our main shop is located in Petoskey,Mi. However, we have recently expanded the range of our work to include areas as far away as Chicago.
Business Description: McGeath's Cottage Care was founded in 2013 by Brian McGeath, a native of Petoskey, Michigan who had a vision of servicing the beautiful homes and cottages surrounding Northern Michigan. Planning a trip "Up North" or leaving for the winter? Allow McGeath's Cottage Care to provide a professional, friendly, and convenient service, so that your "getaway" or "vacation", can be just that.
Recent Review: They were good. They did a good job. I don't know about the price yet, I haven't got the bill yet. I assume its an fair price. I am sure he is going to be fair. They came out, did their work, and that was it. My husband dealt with them, but they are good, hard workers.
Business Description: Kevco has been in business since 1980 and is the Area's Most Award Winning Company. We want you, our client, to know that we care as much about your home or project as you do. We are committed to using every resource at our disposal to complete each project on time, on budget, and to your satisfaction. We will continue to build a company with integrity and reliability as the benchmark for all of our relationships that our clients, employees and suppliers can rely on.

Reviews in Petoskey for Dock Repairs

AA-1 Services
I had A-1 services quote replacing a 40 year old dock on the Cheboygan River. The dock is a permanent dock with 12 pylons and is about 35 feet long with a 10 x 15 foot end. We had them take down the old dock, straiten a pylon and install a new dock with cedar decking. Dan called in the order to home depot and once the material was delivered they completed the job in about 2 days. Dan made sure we were happy with the job. We had two issues one was the face of the dock and he installed 2 sets of 2x6 treated lumber and that night he and his crew went down the river and inspected the dock from his boat and he didn't like the way it looked and the next day came back with another set of 2x6 board to make it just right. The other item was installing a set of steps at the beginning of the dock and they had this done in 2 hours. Great work ethic. Will do future business with them.
- David L....
AHammer Time Home Improvements
They were good. They did a good job. I don't know about the price yet, I haven't got the bill yet. I assume its an fair price. I am sure he is going to be fair. They came out, did their work, and that was it. My husband dealt with them, but they are good, hard workers.
- Lisa D....
FKevco Builders Inc
Disappointing from start (8/9/2016) to stop work threat (1/12/2018)! Started design in August 2016 for the remodel with Then Director of Operations and Project Supervisor (DO & PS1) of Kevco and site meeting with past owner of Kevco, and at time of site review and estimate, project estimator for Kevco. It took 4 month to get a basic drawing. I signed the contract to design blueprints and begin scope of work and commencement of contract draw December 23, 2016, project to take 120 days from start of site work. I was told 2-3 weeks to design copies and permit submission. January 10th 2017 I order Endless pool/spa as requested to by Kevco Builders Inc. to receive engineered pool specifications for build requirements, Endless pools supplied specifications and engineered plans at end of Dec. 2016 in email packet to the DO/PS1 of Kevco by email as part of pool purchase discussions prior to purchase. I was installing this pool/spa and modifying my master bath for continued therapy for an upcoming surgery In April 2017, and medical condition I live with. In mid-February I had no permits or finished blueprints after several site and office meetings. Beginning of March; I still had no permit approvals. End of March; Kevco workers demolished my master bath after requests to Kevco to a least get things started on the contract, plan. Building Permit approval 3/13/2018. We are notified the DO/PS1 resigned from Kevco. The new Vice President of Operations (VPO) met us at our house with the second Project Supervisor (PS2) on my project. We Discussed build problems and design faults and he stated the build plans are not correct for this house. He ordered new plans to be developed and new submission for permits. New plans delay work until approval 6/1/2017. Excavating and Concrete foundation poured 6/14/17. End of June 2017 the PS2 quits Kevco over other job issues. Third PS (PS3) is placed on my project. Existing Florida room partially demolished and I insisted the removal of entire roof and framing due to header support splits and discrepancy of new plan addition ceiling. I was told by prior DO the room would be fully removed to gable throughout the entire new room. My discussion with the VPO became so heated that a worker I had staining our boat dock motioned to me as to if I needed his help. I was charged 11k+ in a change order to remove the room and re-plan again. There were many things we felt should be in the realm of the build and were stated to be included by the prior supervisor as an assumed part of the build that Kevco later submitted to us as up-charge change orders. The VPO disputed the insulation in our garage to be batt when it clearly stated to use ISO foam on the project in the contract. On many occasions I had to quote a scope of work on the original block build plan that in cases did not reflect our wood frame correct construction because it had not been updated to reflect the new plan approvals. The master bath took nearly 7 months to renovate, it’s not a big room. My assessment of the stain work completed in mid-August on the new bath and bedroom windows was wholly unsatisfactory. The wood on the expensive Marvin door and windows had not been sanded, prepared for stain, or stained the correct color that we had approved on a sample. The VPO and PS3 were sent a written rejection of the finish work with photos. The VPO and PS3 conducted a site visit viewed the quality, color, and finish and agreed with me, on the spot, it was not satisfactory. The VPO had the painter and the owner of the company they contracted with come to my home, view the job and owner of the painting co. stated he would not fix anything or offer any solution. They accepted no accountability for their work or finish quality deficit. Kevco representatives VPO or PS3 did not attend this meeting to provide the customer service I expected from the Contracting Company. No resolution has been attempted or offered to date. I have on more than several occasions sent emails to both VPO and PS3 of unsatisfactory work with pictures to verify and document my assessments. My Marvin Storm 3 windows (70K worth) have taken 5 months to install. I called the distributor for help, and for a site review of the installation with Kevco representatives present. The distributor told the VPO, PS3 and others, and that Marvin and the distributor would NOT warranty the instillation as it was that day. The distributor then instructed Kevco and their team on how the windows needed to be reinstalled for them to comply with proper instillation and be warrantied. Since that meeting 2 large sliders have been removed and reinstalled 3 times due to improper installation and water intrusion, and other windows 2 times to re-seal them as the distributor recommended. The windows failed the first inspection; they had not been installed as to meeting review instructions. In fact, ALL the first inspections were failed. I had spoken to the inspector previous to the rough inspections and was given a punch list to attend to so our build would pass. This was covered in a site meeting and email with the VPO & PS3. Many punch items were not done or attempted, even after emailed reminder and verbal discussions with Kevco’s PS3 and VPO. The instances when the VPO is attentive are when Kevco wants to force a draw. The siding and trim draw was forced (45,400.00) against our verbalized and written refusals, which caused siding to be partially installed when the window instillation were not finished! The painting was started to get a draw (45,400.00) at Christmas in bad weather, against our verbalized and written refusals, when the cypress siding was not yet finished to able to be painted, nor were the large patio sliders reinstalled (3rd time due to water intrusion at the frame in) to be to able side and trim in! As of 1/18/2018 the painting is not finished outside or even started inside the home. Drywall has not been repaired, nor has the ceiling damage from storms and a hurricane that occurred when our roof was off for many weeks. Now they have stopped all other finishing of previous work and other draw tasks are left unfinished. Kevco is insisting on a finished flooring draw. The room to get the floor has not had the custom finished paneling installed, no finish electrical, and none of the windows or doors are trimmed out or stained, the large slider are still unfinished and without the exterior storm rain diverters, and they have not installed any of the sliding door screens. I held a site discussion 12/27/2017 in the evening with the VPO (His available time)and hand delivered to the VPO a notice to complete unfinished works letter, which he signed for, to complete all other draw items and deficient works noted up to 12/27/2017 before any more draws or monies would be given to Kevco. He signed my copy, which of we discussed the total content. A copy was emailed a few days later and hand delivered at a site meeting to the PS3 who stated he had no knowledge of the letter to cure. A full accounting of all monies was provided and a notice of all cashed checks by Kevco was also given and emailed to the VPO. My email requests for information, work confirmations are now not being answered by Kevco but referred to their attorney for response. I have logged photographically almost weekly, the progress, lack of progress and quality issues. I have also maintained my emailed correspondences to Kevco representatives. I also kept and continue to journal in a calendar diary of this monumentally unfortunate experience. Their in-house Kevco photographer quit coming around my project in April 2017, I asked why? No answer. In the response of the unknown author to my review, it is stated I would provide a “raving review”. I decline stating the misquoted representation. As well as the one wherein I would remove my Angie’s list review immediately. In fact, I refused on the phone, in person, and several times, to the VPO and PS3 to remove my assessment and observations of the businesses performance. I stood behind, and still uphold my assessments and reviews of my experience and it’s veracity of observations of Kevco Builders Inc. performance on my project. The statement of “would love Kevco to complete my home” is WAY out of context. YES, COMPLETE MY HOME WITH THE QUALITY AND CUSTOMER SATISFACTION YOU TOUT AS A CUSTOM BUILDER, AND GET OUT!, IT’S BEEN ALMOST 1.5 YEARS! I NEED MY THERAPY POOL/SPA! That is the correct context. In fact, my consistent refusal to remove the review resulted in the VPO and the Owner of Kevco to threaten stop work on the phone and in email, and further, issue a stop work email notification rather than address my dissatisfaction and complete my home. Unanswered emailed and text notifications of poor quality, lack of progress and poor communication, were, and are the impetus for my review. This is the third such response from VPO to my many notices of unsatisfactory work and disagreement of realm of build inclusions. This experience is not at all what I have experienced in the past with having a great contractor build my 3200 sp. ft. high end custom home in 8 months(and be photo displayed in a contractors build competition!) in the north, and remodeling as many as 5 homes I’ve lived in. PLEASE talk to others (professional and consumer), use Angie’s List, and view work completed by looking up permits granted, CO’s or finale inspections, contacting others that will show their finished site, not just the contractor supplied list. If, as you say mystery author in your response, your company has “completed over 60 custom homes in 2017”, why can you not complete my project satisfactorily in a year and a half? My review stands in my original observations: Horrible customer service, unsupported engineering, poor quality, poor worker management, poor time management, poor timeline adherence, poor appointment and job site attendance as these observations and experiences above support my review.
- Lesle C....