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Reviews in Lake City to Paint Kitchen Appliances

We hired cabinet concepts to do a kitchen remodel. Jim Mcdonald met with  me at my home to come up with a design for me. He did an excellent job on the design. I called a former client to see how she liked her kitchen remodel by them, she was very happy. I was supposed to have the same contractor so I felt comfortable moving forward. I believe it was the day before the job was to start Jim called to tell me I would have a different contractor as mine wasn't available. I said no. Jim told me this contractor was a better tiler and painter than the one I was supposed to have I trusted him. He also told me it may be awhile for the other contractor. Since I had cleaned out the kitchen and made a makeshift kitchen in my living room I felt I needed to move forward. This job was to be completed in 2-3 weeks it was over 4 weeks.  The major problem is the floor. I chose a tile that looks like wood planks. It's laid without grout lines and actually looks like a wood floor. Red flag: Jim said they had just gotten this tile in and hadn't installed it yet. He called the company to see if it could be laid without grout lines,answer yes. What I wasn't told at the time is your floor must be level. Before the tile was to be laid the contractor said Jim told him to suggest to me that we use a thin grout line in case the floor wasn't level. I was not told at this time the floor wasn't level. If  I had been told I would have paid to have the floor leveled as this was not their fault, just an older home. The floor was laid(it was also laid under the cabinets even after Jim and I had agreed it would not be under the cabinets.) The problem is we have an uneven floor with toe hangers as we call them. Chairs don't slide easily, it's difficult to sweep and mop due to the different depths of the grout lines,and the worst is catching your feet on an edge. The contractor tried to fix the tiles twice and the original contractor (the one who was supposed to do the job.)tried once. Whatever tiles they fixed it would create a problem with the other tiles surrounding it. This was all Jim was willing to do. We were labeled as difficult clients by Jim because my husband confronted him about the floor at his business and I called and questioned about the hours the contractors were putting in(Not a 40 hour week). The quality of the paint job. The caulking behind the sink. The moving of an oven outlet I was not informed of: added cost 60.00.  I don't believe wanting something done right makes you a difficult client. In my previous jobs the customer was always right even if they were not. Jim made me a believer in him and his company and I only wish the outcome would have been better.  I am now left with trying to figure out how to fix this floor and whom to trust to do the job they say they will do.
- Cheryl P....