Interlochen Sump Pump Replacement

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Business Description: Currently I am the owner and only employee of G.P.M. Plumbing and Mechanical. When you call my company you get the owner. I do expect payment upon completion of tasks. Also being a small, one man business I do not offer any financial or promotional specials just yet. However, I do look forward to increasing my business and being able to provide such services.
Recent Review: From day one we had amazing service. The Salesmen Bill, the Project Manger Perry and all the guys doing all the work.  They were professional, VERY helpful with what we could do and should do. We are new home buyers and relied on advice from everyone and they were great with waiting for us to make decisions about what was best.  We had surprise issues come up the day of work and they were helpful on how to fix it and were patient while it was fixed. They went above and beyond with helping us stretch our budget to get the most done. They cleaned up after themselves each day and explained what they did and had to do the next day so we were fully aware of what was going on. All in all I hope I never have to use them again because now my house is perfect and won't ever need any other work ever right?!? Yeah, right!  I wouldn't hesitate to give them a call again and will tell others of how awesome they are!
Recent Review: They are very professional and I always felt they had good people and they did a good job.
Recent Review: Professional service, see above

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AStay Dry Basement Waterproofing Inc
The crawlspace of our house we purchased about a year ago was damp and often had standing water in it.  Because the house is near a lake, the water table is very high and water is not uncommon.  Unfortunately, all the standing water drove the humidity of the house very high to the 60s and 70s year round! I contacted Stay Dry to give me an estimate along with another provider.  Wayne from Stay Dry provide me with great information about the problem and how it could be solved.  The cost of doing this work is not cheap, but the risk of damage to the structure of our home is what convinced me to move forward.  In the winter, the window would have a great deal of condensation around them which isn't good for them either.  The cost was on par with the other provide I met with, but this solution seemed more complete. The work took about four days to complete.  Stay Dry sent a great crew of five men, led by Spencer, who made residence in the three foot high crawl space for the next four days.  First they lined the carpet and walls with protective materials.  The entrance to the crawl space was in one of the bedroom, down a hall of white carpeting.  Once lined the work began by clearing out all of the fallen insulation and any other random debris from down below.  Next all of the wires were cleaned up and tidied up.  All the debris had to be carried out in five gallon buckets through the house as there isn't external access to the space. Next, they dug by hand a 110 feet of trench, lined it with fabric and then stone (stone was carried in a five gallon bucket at a time) and finally the drainage pipe itself.  Once that was complete the entire space was lined with and sealed with a heavy duty liner (think swimming pool liner material).  The crawlspace was unbelievably clean when they were finished.  The liner is white so instead of dark sandy/mud floor, it was white liner.  No more rain boots to go down in the space.  The sumps were installed and set to drain to the exterior of the house.   The pumps that were installed have a battery back up as well as a system that will text me if there is a problem with the pumps.  It also tells me the amount of water that is pumped out of the space each day.  I am floored by how much it pumps! When the work was done in January, it was too cold to do the final part of the job which was to foam the rim joists.  The crew came back in April once it warmed up and completed the rest of the work. Humidity in the house has dropped to the mid-30% range.  The crawl space is actually usable for storage and going down there for wiring or mechanical work is a breeze. Once all of the protective materials were removed from the carpet and walls, everything was spotless.  Everything was in the exact same shape as before the project. The crew worked incredibly hard in what are not desirable conditions.  The solution did everything I wanted it to do and everything Wayne said it would do.  It is not inexpensive, but for the interior of our house and the overall health of our house, it was well worth it. While I hope I don't have to ever do this project again, I would use Stay Dry again if I did.
- George F....