Interlochen Kitchen Cabinet Painting

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Business Description: Construction services in Williamsburg, Michigan.

Reviews for Painting Kitchen Cabinets in Interlochen

CMission Peninsula Construction LLC
Demolition of floors was extremely messy.  The family room was extremely dirty left mortar on almost brand new carpet for five days even after asking Scott to have his employees to clean it up. We had to clean it up ourselves and they  showed us very little respect. I did demand that his employees clean better after this which they did. The time it took to do the work was extremely slow and there were many days that no one showed up.  There were weeks that Scott never showed up at all until we called him to come and fix things that were not done correctly.  The tile jobs not professionally done. My husband and I thought that Scott was going to do the tile work after showing us pictures of his work.  He had other people do the tile and it was not done professionally.  The only tile work that was done well was the tile work that Scott did on the kitchen backsplash. The painting was not done as well as it should have been.  We had to go behind his employees and make lists to get many things fixed or completed correctly.  They cut as many corners as possible. They did fix things if we insisted but we felt like babysitters going behind them and checking every little thing they did. We felt that should be Scotts job he was the contractor. We paid in advance and that was all he seemed to care about was getting his money. The last day he was here he couldn't wait to get paid and leave.
- Chris O....