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AJack Duncan Palmer Builder
It went very well. Despite some weather delays, not in Jack’s control, he and his team designed and built our dream home. Jack and his team are very professional, courteous, detailed, and strive for customer satisfaction. We have lived in our new home for a month now and couldn’t be happier. We would highly recommend Jack Duncan Palmer builders to perform home renovations or new construction to the greater Lansing area.
- Dave B....
ADavis Restoration & Construction Services LLC
The house construction went flawlessly! and while i expected it to, it is the fixing of the tiny issues that crop up after the money is paid and the contractor moves on to the next project that counts most. Mr. Davis was quick to send professionals out to fix the little issues, and didn't utter the awful words, " that wasn't included in our agreement" except when we changed the parameters (we did that quite a bit!). All in all, i would recommend Mr. Davis in a heart beat.
- Darrell F....
AMiller Building Co LLC
They're very good. The communication is good. They listen. They advice you. They're very knowledgeable. They're reliable and good. They communicate very well. The quality and responsiveness are very good.
- Connie G....
ADewyse Construction
We are just very happy with their work. They keep the area clean, they pick up after themselves, and the quality of their work is of optimum value. The subcontractors they use are excellent as well. They are a little bit pricey, but they do really good work and use superior quality material.
- Sharon P....
ACawood Building Co
I had not used them since they built our house for us. I would use them again but they're a little pricy. I would love to use them, I think they did a wonderful job in our house and I think they do a wonderful job in what they do, but they're a little bit pricy. It was 20 years ago but I've seen houses they've done since then. I had paid $206,000 in the past. I'd like to use them right now because I want my kitchen redone.
- Pat &....
BCVE Homes
CVE builds a quality home for a good price. They also are willing to  customize any of their existing floor plans to suit your requirements. The design phase was the worst. I designed the upstairs and even drew up the plans using google sketchup and gave them to CVE to translate to real plans and troubleshoot any building problems my design would cause. It took over 3 weeks to get a response. Finally, after much pushing, They just handed back what I gave them! They never designed anything. I ended up designing 2 different sets of upstairs configurations. I see one of my designs is posted on their web page as theirs. Design team, horrible for responsiveness. Building team, great work. Site build manager, great. No nonsense, matter of fact, very hard worker. I was an educated builder having built before so was pretty on top of things. Several of my neighbors had problems since they were not attentive during the build and a few things got past them.
- Gayle M....
ATeachout Builders Inc & Teachout Roofing Inc
I have an excellent experience the first time I hired Teachout Builders. I have since hired Jeff several times for a wide variety of building needs. I am very satisfied with every experience I have had with Teachout Builders.   He is an excellent communicator and very knowledgeable about all aspects of building.
- Matt F....
AAbbott-Hayes Construction
They are good and we had a good experience with them.  They are prompt, thorough and punctual.  The quote amount was may be $30000.
- Donald G....
ADollins Construction Inc
We called Kenny Dollins (Dollins Construction) after frost heave left our deck noticeably twisted and draining water toward the house.  We discussed this situation and the various options for repair vs. replacement. There was no pressure to choose a certain path. We decided to remove the old deck and replace it, making it larger while we were at it. Kenny was very responsive to our concerns about proper drainage and ensured the area was regraded. We were able to see first hand how well the water drained away from the house during a heavy rain just after this regrading.  He also discussed with us possible materials and design options for the deck, encouraging us to think these over before making a final decision. The Dollins crew was very nice and always professional. The work was high quality.  They pay great attention to detail, e.g. only the best boards used, cuts clean and straight; and the final product is beautiful.  The job site was left clean at the end of each day. Everyone was friendly and pleasant to us.  I was also impressed with Kenny's interaction with his his crew, giving instructions, answering questions, and giving correction when necessary, with patience, clarity and respect.  We would be happy to have Dollins Construction back for a future project and would recommend them to others.
- Keith L....
They were able to take our vision and recreate it for us. They were willing to work with the builder and get on board with the vision.  The home is gold level lead with recycled material and were able to work with us on that. We are incredibly pleased with them. They are very easy to get a hold of them. I can contact them morning, noon, and night.  Mike Stevens is the CEO of the group and he comes from down south and he can build anytime of house. He lines up the right subcontractors and delivers to the full guarantee. He backs up his work.  His partner is a great architect and details all the finishing work. Anythign who walks into this house walks in with his mouth open. Our house is remarkable, a huge tribute to them.
- Melinda R....

Garage and Shed Building in Grass Lake

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Business Description: In business since 2000, we've been serving Greater Grand Rapids reliably for over 16 years. Our contractors are GAF Master Elite and two-time President's Club Award winners. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We do roofing, windows, siding and remodeling projects; and our contracts guarantee quality. We'll do your job right the first time, every time. Our professional salesmen will quote you fairly and honestly, and our contractors will do exactly what was agreed upon. No less.
Business Description: Family Owned Business. No sub-contractors. We give complete Inspection Reports/Receipts with every cleaning, and Contracts and Invoices with every project. We offer seasonal discounts, military discounts, and senior discounts for chimney cleaning.
Business Description: Hirmiz Group LLC provides professional consulting firm specialized in Structural Engineering Design and Structural Forensics. Hirmiz Group LLC is specialized in residential and small commercial structural engineering, however, our team has experiences across the full civil industry. From small non-building structures, multi-story residential buildings, to heavy industrial buildings.
Business Description: We love doing the small and medium projects from decks to kitchen revamps. We have done a lot of bathrooms as well. We are an smaller company of mostly family, with over 25 years in the trade. Contact us for almost any project around the house. We can supply you with references ranging from flooring, painting, additions, renovations to new buildings.
Recent Review: Tim Lea is an excellent builder. His vision of the garage and location was exactly what I was anticipating. The secondary garage was built to house yard equipment and a tool shop, while the upstairs is an art studio. The garage is stylized with a peak on each of the sides creating a unique look that matches well with our home. Tim made sure to build the garage a little off from the house and to the back so it would create an excellent patio area on the lower level outside of our walkout basement. He also built the first floor of the garage to be nearly level with the first level of our home, which allowed him to build the deck with a connecting walkway over to the second story of the garage. He then added the staircase from the entry point of the second story of the garage down to the patio area. It's a very nice, enclosed, and private area for entertaining friends and family. He quoted the work as a range, with low and high depending on what types of materials we used. He managed to find us a good deal on the trek material used for the deck, and he matched the siding and trim work of the garage to match our home. He completed the second floor with insulation, drywall, and finished it off. I had requested the first floor remain unfinished as it's a tool shop, but he did place insulation around the foundation to help keep the lower level warmer. Tim did contract out the electrical, which also turned out fine. The only issue we had was that the job started in October, but did not finish until Feb. or March of the following year. We weren't in a rush, but I had witnessed many times the guy Tim was using to build the majority of the garage was doing nothing. He would show up very late, take long lunches, leave early, and spend much of the time he was here either on his phone or sitting around the garage. It became apparent he was bilking Tim on hours. Whenever Tim came out on site and did work, we would always be amazed at how much got accomplished . Towards the end Tim started mentioning that the job was costing more than he anticipated. We had to tell him about his guy and how we didn't think he was working all the hours he might have been billing him. Tim said he suspected that and had already let him go. He didn't charge us any extra, which we were thankful for, but felt bad he wasn't watching his guy more closely to know what was happening. Tim also gave us a great deal on patio bricks, which we used when we had our landscaping done. We would definitely use him again in the future, and I'm sure he will watch his guys more closely moving forward. He's a great guy; Very friendly, and always looking for the extra wow he can give the customer. We do need to contact him as a couple of the siding pieces his guy installed are falling, and we have no way of getting them back into place.
Business Description: Northtown Construction is a full service remodeling and building company. The roots of our company started and grew from a variety of custom design projects. As the years past, the demand from our clients grew for home improvement projects such as replacement windows, siding, roofing, insulation and more.
Recent Review: Wow, this was a very amazing experience.  It started with Kelly, who is a very good sales person to work with.  She wants to address your issues and respects how you want to make the home your design.  It looked like it may be a winter build on the foundation and I had concerns about the cement foundation setup.  Kelly set up an appointment to meet with the Bob, the owner, to to talk and walk through the process and my questions were answered.   We met with their interior design coordinator in their extensive showroom to pick out the flooring, cabinets, roofing, siding, etc.  It was an amazing experience.  We also picked out special  items we liked at Lowes for a kitchen sink & faucet.   Gave the information to Mayberry and they obtained them to install.  The building process went great with the field superintendent.  We did several change orders with him and it all worked very smooth (added more basement egress/lookout windows) When we did the walk through prior to closing, the field superintendent found more items than we noticed.  They wanted them all fixed prior to closing and they were (nothing major, paint nicks and small touch ups).  The inspector made a check of all the faucets, toilets, electric outlets, lights, etc in each room.   Everything was touched to make sure it worked correctly.  Closing was a snap at their office location. Mayberry sends out a home inspector about 1 month after living in the home,   He was outstanding.  He walked through and found issues to fix that we did not see (again small ones).   The same person came out about the one year mark and did another amazing walk through.  Again, we did not have any issues, but he found some were normal wood and dry wall has settled - dried out, and had the painters come back and touch up.    Overall, this was a great building experience.  We built a new home back in 1992 and we felt that  builder did a fair job at a fair price.   The home was solid and met our expectations.   The Mayberry experience was way beyond that builder.  Mayberry did a great job at a fair price.  Kelly was outstanding to work with and great example of Mayberry's customer focus
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Recent Review: Each and every time I've hired I have have hired Eagle View they have completed each project in a timely manner, and competed the work in totally satisfactory manner! In addition the project site was cleaned up perfectly! They polite and prompt! I have contracted with for many projects and will continue to do so in the future! You won't be disappointed!
Recent Review: It went very well. Despite some weather delays, not in Jack’s control, he and his team designed and built our dream home. Jack and his team are very professional, courteous, detailed, and strive for customer satisfaction. We have lived in our new home for a month now and couldn’t be happier. We would highly recommend Jack Duncan Palmer builders to perform home renovations or new construction to the greater Lansing area.