Grand Ledge Wall Repair

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Recent Review: Family built original 2 tiered (100 ft ea) retaining wall placed on pea gravel base 5 yrs ago. Lower tier had become unstable, was leaning outward by about 10 degrees and now showing areas with spaces developing between blocks at various areas. Problem, in addition to use of pea gravel base sliding, probably produced by inadequate drainage and too large area produced too much hydrostatic pressure on wall face. Ben and Rick took down over 600 blocks, pruned as needed, and carefully removed 5 very large perennial shrubs and about 20 other perennials (hostas, coneflowers, rudbekia, etc) to an adjacent wooded area. They moved an 8 foot tall viburnum to a more optimal site, not to mention a Joe Pye weed and a huge clump of ornamental grass which have huge root systems. Everything was dug with large root balls and divided as needed. He constructed a new wider base on crushed limestone, very cleverly joined new 100 ft drainage tile at inside foot of wall into existing drain pipe from house gutters which extends far into yard, installed geo-grid fabric under topsoil, as well as landscape fabric between dirt and peastone. He repaired and re seeded where the bobcat had damaged lawn. He transported the old pea gravel from the original construction and spread it to supplement a rough access "path" creating a very solid entry for future truck delivery (yes, peastone is good for something!) Plants were replaced at my direction and as of this date 2 weeks later all seem to be thriving. The drainage tile, limestone base, geo-grid and reduced planting area are new to this project and I am confident Ben got it right this time. I would suggest a "Ben consult" to anyone before starting any "family built" project. Just doing your own research sometimes is inadequate and I feel very lucky that I was able to hire Ben to correct our mistakes. Ben and his brother, Rick, are a fantastic team, constantly in motion. Although I paid by the job, I would be pleased to hire Prestige Landscape by the hour, knowing I would get full value. I could not be happier with the result.
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Business Description: Full service concrete construction company.
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Award 2019Super Service Award
Recent Review: Went great, wall is absolutely beautiful. Patrick and Jacob were great people to work with. Definitely will hire again. Well worth the money. After wall was done they brought in mulch and grass seed to finish job. Very happy.

Reviews in Grand Ledge to Repair Walls

APaul Davis Restoration & Remodeling
Everything was completed on time and well done. Jerry Rehm, the contractor was very helpful and stayed in contact with me throughout the entire process. Some of the services were provided by the contractor  and others services were completed by individuals hired by the contractor.
- William Y....
Met the owners at a business meeting and was impressed with their attitude and professionalism. They came out and inspected the areas needing repair and gave us an estimate. We gave them the go ahead and they have finished the work in extremely professional manner. They were also very helpful in selecting tile, color etc. Cleaned up their work each night. A small, but telling incident occurs each morning when Jeremy puts a piece of card board under his truck engine so that it doesn't leak on our driveway. That kind of care and responsibility is hard to find these days.
- Ed S....
AHolistic Landscape Inc
Went great, wall is absolutely beautiful. Patrick and Jacob were great people to work with. Definitely will hire again. Well worth the money. After wall was done they brought in mulch and grass seed to finish job. Very happy.
- Jamie W....
ACarpentry Plus Building Inc
$22,000. Brad started by framing basement walls and ceiling and walls for closets and a bathroom. He added insulation where needed and then put up drywall. He put in a shower and vanity in the bathroom. He painted walls and ceiling and put in a dropped ceiling in most of the basement and finished it with oak trim. He did an excellent job and I would hire him to do any project I have to do. We are very happy with his work and professionalism, a great and honest person.
- Ronald M....
ADesigners Choice Landscape
My sea wall came out beautifully and I have received numerous compliments on it.  I am looking to rehire Gregg and company to work on my yard again this year with an extended boulder design.  I love my new sea wall.
- Roxann G....
ALewis Landscape Svc Inc
Very well. Arrived exactly when they said they would, worked hard until complete (during a 95* heat wave). Offered to return extra supplies to Menard's when finished even though he was running late for plans with friends - thats going the extra mile.
- Shawn H....
ATeachout Builders Inc & Teachout Roofing Inc
Work was done on time. Very happy with the quality of work. Very professional. They did a great job of cleanup. I will be using them for future projects. Highly recommend.
- John M....
A long project from March to September, but very happy with results. Builder had to coordinate with wall repair contractor and several subcontractors throughout project.
- Virginia C....
FJC Services c/o John Rivas
After positive design discussions and confirmation from references and Hammond Farms, we hired John for a project that was committed to take 4-6 weeks, weather permitting. Although we had great weather for the first 6 weeks, John had his crew over allocated and very little progress was made on our project - pushing out our completion date 3 different times. In addition, as progress was slowly made, the work completed raised questions causing us to reach out to resources and educate ourselves on how the installation should be optimally done. As we raised questions, we had additional delays contributed to needed rework to address installation issues. During one work day, the crew on site asked us for the installation guide from the brick manufacturer because John had not shared the installation specifics for the product being used with them. As the project continued and more issues were found, the owner was less responsive to questions and stopped communicating changes in schedules or impact of weather to progress for scheduled work. We often would not have anyone one site and by mid day we would not have any communication until we reached out and tried to reach the owner. As the cycle of short work schedules, questions and rework continued, Hammond Farms suggested an independent review by one of the representatives for the materials being used on site. We arranged for that site visit and invited the owner to participate. John chose not to participate and has not been responsive to any follow up communications to salvage the project or finish the job. John walked away from the job and signed contract, keeping the 50% down payment and leaving us without access to our front door, exposed foundation, multiple debris piles, potential damage to the mature trees in the yard and the likelihood of loosing plant material purchased for the finished project that won't survive being in pots over the winter. A project that was first committed to be completed by September 21 is now left barely started the middle of October without options to have completed before next spring when the season and schedules allow another contractor to take the job.
- Jeanette C....
ATodds Services, Inc.
They are local and they are great. A lot of people use them. They are very professional. Came out and used the site, discussed the details. They did a beautiful job. We are very pleased with the retaining wall. We did a natural stone retaining wall. It works well on the landscape. They did exactly what we wanted. We had an old retaining wall. We wanted the wall pushed back because this is on top of our driveway and provides much more room for cars to maneuver. It fits in beautifully with the landscape but they did a great job. They were very fast. Very easy to work with. Explains everything. They are very upfront about the tool we used, what they are going to do. They are very clear. You are never going to feel like you do not know what is happening. I think they are on the mark for cost. I don't think they are too high or too low.
- John D....