Dearborn Gravel Spreading

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Business Description: My family has owned and operated Main’s Landscape Supply in Southfield Michigan for 3 generations. We were recently recognized for being the 2nd oldest company in the City of Southfield, and I can remember picking raspberries at my Dad’s original truck yard here on Telegraph Road back when Telegraph was a dirt road. Even my staff is like-family…most of them have been with me for 25 or more years. My Dad built Main’s on the foundation of hard work, honest service, hand-shake integrity, and fantastic value. Our long-time customers know that we refuse to sacrifice product quality and honest quantities for the sake of making a quick buck. We have been leading this industry for over 65 years because nobody does it better! Our family-owned, local business appreciates your support, and we look forward to making you a customer for life! 9 employees. Please call to schedule. Do not use Angie's List message center.
Award 2018Super Service Award
Business Description: We have been in business since 1994. During this time, we have installed hundreds of brick paver and natural stone landscapes throughout Southeastern Michigan. We carry Commercial Liability, Commercial Vehicle and Worker's Compensation Insurance. Take a look at our website to see our portfolio. Austin Brick Pavers LLC is dedicated to our community. We only employ local workers because we believe in keeping jobs local and we also believe in paying a decent wage for an honest day's work. Our employees are courteous and knowledgeable and always appear in Austin Brick Pavers LLC uniforms on the job site. As an owner of the business, I work hand in hand with my employees on the job site, utilizing my 19 years of brick paving experience and also my knowledge of architecture. I hold a degree in Architecture from Lawrence Technological University. We are a Unilock Authorized Contractor. We take pride in community outreach like sponsoring our local T-ball teams and the Adopt-a-Highway program.
Business Description: Small family business with over18 years of experience in many aspects of home building and remodeling. References and a portfolio of my work is available upon request. I typically take on "smaller" jobs that can be accomplished in a weekend or a few nights a week. Very High Quality work with Customer Satisfaction as my only objective.
Recent Review: It went well as smoothly as possible considering weather, etc. Looks beautiful.
Business Description: A full service garden center and stone yard we process our own topsoil creating blends of soils to match your needs we deliver everything we sell , dump loads and palletized deliveries with a fork lift right to your work site 30 years of experience in landscaping to assist you with your project. We load your vehicles service is our specialty.
Business Description: Creative Brick Paving & Landscaping Construction, Inc. was established in 1996 and has been providing commercial and residential clients with our imagination, creativity, careful planning, consideration of budget, and customer involvement. Creative Brick Paving & Landscaping Construction, Inc. is one of top five largest landscaping companies in Oakland County. We are large enough to professionally complete your projects on time, and according to your exact specifications. Yet we are small enough to give every client the personal care needed to ensure 100% satisfaction. Creative Brick Paving & Landscaping Construction, Inc. is committed to you and/or your company with friendly, helpful, quality service for all of your brick paving, landscaping & construction needs!
Business Description: A-Bushel Center Of Yost Sand & Gravel
Business Description: Salient Landscaping is a lawn maintenance, landscape construction and snow removal firm known for providing high maintenance service and meeting the expectations of the most particular clientele.
Business Description: C & K Services
Business Description: 1-4 Employees depending on job, Costs dependant upon services rendered, Sub-contracting available to like businesses, Our goal is always 100% Customer Satisfaction

Reviews in Dearborn to Spread Gravel

ADearborn Landscaping & Lawn Sprinklers
Great professionalism. The owner took ownership of the project and made sure everything was to our liking before finishing. Very knowledgeable about plants and trees. Highly recommended.
- Brian K....
AQuality Brick Paving
Outstanding! Roger is a great communicator and we talked regularly leading up the job as well as during the job. He was always here working with his crew. He wanted to make sure they were providing what we wanted. His focus was providing a quality job, which he delivered on. In my research and discussions with other companies, he clearly was providing a better product, like: • Digging deeper for a more substantial base for the brick pavers • Putting a woven "plastic" barrier between the soil and the gravel • Putting **** on top of the gravel and packing it down good • Installing a concrete edge on the outside row of bricks to hold them in place really well. Other companies install a plastic edge with stakes that I think wouldn't hold as well • Finally, doing a great cleanup. Overall, I would higly recommend them, since they provide a quality product and they were also the lowest cost bid I got.
- Tim O....
AKBK Landscape & Beyond LLC
Jose gave me the best estimate. He and his men finished work on an eyesore area in my front yard, doing exactly as I asked. He got the work done just in time to allow the new sod to take hold before winter comes. He also put back in place some pea gravel and concrete edging that had to be moved last year so some deck piers could be fixed due to frost heave. The concrete edging looks good, although I think it may be offset a few inches from where it was. Before putting the pea gravel back, he put in new landscape fabric underneath. I also asked him to move some now unneeded concrete edging into my pole barn for a few extra bucks, and he happily helped me out. I plan to call on him in the Spring for a larger project.
- Helen B....
ADavis Outdoor Svcs LLC
Everything looks amazing! This project was a couple of years in the making. I got multiple quotes from various "recommended" companies, actually hiring two separate ones (who both backed out) and then finally settling on Rob Davis and Davis Outdoor Services. In hindsight, I wish I had gone with Rob from the start. I had seen the work he did on a driveway on my street and called him. He was not the cheapest quote, but definitely the most thorough in the quoting process. He was the only company that created a diagram of the project on paper so I could envision exactly where the new driveway would be. Being a woman and single mom, it is obvious when companies will try to take advantage of my lack of knowledge on something. Rob was one of the only ones that quoted me everything broken down line by line, then worked with me to take items off the quote (such as grass seed and things I could do myself) to get the pricing to fit my budget. This project needed to be completed for a graduation party at the house. Even during the busiest time for driveways, He made sure to work the schedule and got the driveway done way in advance of the party so I had no worries about everything looking great. I will tell you that I really asked A LOT of questions before they started, during and after. With every question, he took the time answer everything and didn't leave the conversation without making sure I felt very comfortable. The work crew was a father and son that have been doing this for years. When the project started I thought that I might work from home to oversee what they were doing. I quickly learned that was not necessary as I trusted them completely. They treated my property as if it was their own. Rob stopped by multiple times during the process to check on the crew as well as check in with me to make sure I was 100% happy and I was. I was a tough customer and I am very happy with the outcome. So much so that I am thinking of hiring them to do other projects needed.
- Juli S....
ATrail Creek Landscape Contractor
Don does a really great job and always goes the extra mile. For instance, he moved some raised beds across the driveway to a new location. He dug them into the new spot, leveled them, and re-filled them with dirt. He didn't spill any dirt on the lawn and they looked great. He did a lot of clearing and cutting by hand and then brought his tractor in for stump removal. Again, after, you could not tell that a tractor had been driving around. The driveway was graded nicely and he arranged the gravel delivery and passed on the 10% discount that he gets from the supplier. He also does our snowplowing in the winter and does a good job and gets here early.
- Adrianne N....
ANewscape LLC
It went great , they gave me a great price including a 10% military discount. From the beginning they were professional hard working and friendly. They did a amazing job , I am extremely happy and would recommend this company to everyone.
- Patrick L....
I would not use them again. They were a month late to start the job, and I wasn't that pleased with the overall job. The yard was concaved when complete. They needed to grade the backyard so that it was level but it ended up being somewhat concave. The grass did not come in well. The driveway was gravel and I don't feel it was covered with the amount of stone we contracted for.
- Scott M....
DElkour Lawn Service
The low spot was not fixed, the drainage installed to fix it was put in the wrong place, the underground watering system for the trees in the garden was pulled up and cut, the solar lighting around the garden was knocked over and broken, excess sand and gravel was dumped all over the garden destroying years worth of perenials, and what was supposed to be crushed concrete was so full of sand that the driveway looked like an unfinished muddy mess. The crew did try to clean some of the sand out of the decorative rocks and side drainage system, and the owner said he would fix the garden (10 years worth of plantings) with $50. worth of bulbs, but never acknowledged the watering system and told me the broken lights could be bought for $9. at Home Depot, made excuses for the sand and destroyed parts of the garden, wouldn't listen regarding the work being started too early in the season (the ground was still frozen), wouldn't wait until the tree removal crew was done with their job (part of why the garden got destroyed, too much large equipment in the yard), advertised a senior discount and satisfaction guaranteed, and yet I believe I was overcharged for materials, talked down to and felt threatened by his manner. It may just be his arrogance, but I believe he took advantage of me, and now I am paying someone else to finish the job. While Zack (the owner) did have a nice young man on the crew who worked very hard, others were inexperienced and sloppy, and if you tried to talk to him about the damage, he not only didn't listen, he kept trying to sell me other services. It was so exasperating dealing with this man that I would never hire this company for anything!
- Lynda B....
It took awhile to get to the job because they do all the work themselves, but that is one reason we hired them.  Once started, the work went exactly as planned and corrected all the problems.  They even came back at no charge and added extra gravel on our driveway even though that was not part of the original quote.
- Charles L....
ABell's Landscape Services
My wife dealt w/Mike in the beginning- I had some concerns after the job about areas that weren't quite right- Mike sent a crew out the NEXT day and just fixed it - didn't argue or discuss it - just went and made us happy
- Paul B....