Dearborn Bamboo Flooring Installation

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Recent Review: It was very good. He did a good job and I was very satisfied with the work.
Award 2018Super Service Award
Recent Review: It went perfectly! John put in my floors and he showed up everyday on time to work on my floors. He moved my furniture and did an excellent job of matching the floor that was already in with my new floor. I would definitely recommend this company for your floors and would ask for John.
Recent Review: It went excellent and I had no problems.
Recent Review: Our 17 year old oak flooring had not been refinished ever and it looked pretty bad.  It was the prefinished, tongue and groove type.  So, there were all the grooves that had gathered dirt and darkened.  We talked to Esquire and several other flooring companies and Esquire was the only one who said they could sand the flooring down to remove the grooves and beveled edges.  Joe Gramer came out at the exact time and date to give us an estimate.  He was great to work with.  The flooring crew showed up right on time and worked really hard for 3 days, but got everything done with minimal dust getting around the house.  This included removing all the shoe molding and putting it back.  I was not expecting them to do such a good job filling up cracks and gaps in the flooring that were there after the sanding was done.   They did a lot of filling and more sanding, and the finished floor (with 3 coats of polyurethane) honestly looks better than the floor did originally with all the beveled joints.  I'd highly recommend them for floor refinishing as well as fixing or replacing blinds. 
Recent Review: Purchase went very well.  Good selection.  Good price.  Due to the weight of the product and the size of my car I had to make several trips to bring flooring to my home.  Warehouse crew was very helpful, assisted me with loading my car on every trip.
Recent Review: Beautiful product, good prices. Only issue was a delay in shipping of several weeks due to inventory. This delay caused issues with scheduling on a whole-house renovation and it would have been quite useful to know about upfront, rather than having to call them repeatedly for updates. When the flooring finally arrived, weeks late, it was beautiful and in very good shape. I would use them again, but I would order much earlier than needed to allow for any delays.
Recent Review: Very good. He was on time. Showed up when he said he was going to be here.
Award 2018Super Service Award
Recent Review: Just had vinly flooring installed in my new home spa . World of Floors did an incredible job very quickly! Every person that sees it asks or comments how great the floor looks. Highly recommend World of Floors!!!
Business Description: "Family Owned & Operated Since 1992" Carpet, Vinyl, Wood Flooring, Laminate Flooring, Tile, Blinds, Wood, Floor Refinishing, Area Rugs & Remnants
Award 2018Super Service Award
Recent Review: Daniel was excellent to work with. He always responded to our questions and phone calls immediately and worked around our schedules to get the job complete. Flooring looks great! Would hire again.

Reviews in Dearborn to Install Bamboo Flooring

BAmazing Floors
Daniel was excellent to work with. He always responded to our questions and phone calls immediately and worked around our schedules to get the job complete. Flooring looks great! Would hire again.
- Amanda T....
AWood Floors By Jesse
Great service. Jesse first came and game me a quote for refinishing my wood floors but after some required research, I decided to install new floors. Jesse and his crew were very knowledgable and answered all my questions without any doubt or hesitation if the job could get done. During installation, his crew did everything I asked and finished a high quality job. While the price was a little high, the old saying goes, you get what you pay for and if you want a quality job you'll end up paying Jesse to come out.
- Gonzalo N....
AYour Choice Home Improvement
Showed up early and was very professional and had a helper. He was quick, courteous, and helped me figure out the angles to make it look the best. The whole job took approximately 5 hours or so and that included the carpet tear out, laying the new floor, and toe molding.
- Thomas B....
AYeager & Company Inc
They came out the day after I called with the issue. They did the work at no additional fee and everything looks perfect.
- Patricia S....
Their service was excellent. Vince Geddes was very responsive to questions and kept me apprised of everything he was doing and why. He charged me exactly what he quoted. We had to ask him to let various workmen into the house for other projects and to work around a toilet we removed in order to let the plumber complete his work. He did all this without complaint, and he even put down floor protection to avoid scratches from these workmen. He came early and left late, sometimes as late as 9pm, in order to complete the project on deadline - which he did. He took extra steps, such as cutting off overly high heating ducts in order to have a perfect result.
- Dennis P....
We ordered bamboo flooring from this company, and after looking at the samples the store provided decided we wanted Teragren sculpted java. We placed the order, and the flooring came in around July 1. I picked it up on July 3. As our contractor was due to start work on July 7, we figured the timing would all work out. When I got it home, however, I opened one of the boxes to confirm that it was correct, and was surprised that we received plain java (not sculpted as we had ordered). We were clearly given the wrong flooring, which is where this starts to go downhill. We called the store right away and reported that we received the wrong flooring, and Debbie (one of their salespeople) first responded with and quot;what do you expect me to do about it?and quot; When that response wasn't enough for us, as it wouldn't be for pretty much anyone, we were told that it was a holiday weekend and therefore Steve, the salesman who placed our order, wouldn't be able to call us until Monday . At this time it was Thursday, July 3, at around 7:30 p.m., which was within the operating hours of the store. But apparently despite the store being open for business, Steve couldn't be bothered to call us until Monday. Monday, is the day our contractor was showing up to start the job, so the delay of a few days for a call back really was a problem. Debbie did tell us that, from what she could tell, Steve had input the wrong number on the order with the distributor, and that's why the wrong flooring was delivered. We were then told she had spoken to Steve, and he said the sculpted java floor would take 6 weeks to arrive from the manufacturer. After the three-day weekend, Steve did finally call us on Monday. His story was that he placed the order correctly, but the distributor screwed it up. Then he said that it was partially our fault for not checking before I lugged the 24 (very heavy) boxes to my home. It couldn't possibly be that he messed it up, and it would be too much to expect that the store would check what they received from the distributor against what we ordered to make sure it matched. He also said the sculpted java would take maybe two weeks to arrive. Also, according to him, his earlier statement was that it and quot;may take up to six weeks,and quot; although that's not what we were told and apparently was not based on any actual research by him. He did offer us a partial $250 refund toward our nearly $4,000 purchase, but that included the $150 that they overcharged us, as the flooring we received cost less than the flooring we ordered. This amounts to basically $100 off for having to live with the wrong floor for the next decade. We would have been willing to live with this floor for some sort of discount greater than 2.7%, which we told them, but that was definitely a compromise offer as all we really wanted was the floor we ordered. When we wouldn’t take the $100 discount for living with the wrong floor, we got our first real apology. That was when Steve told my wife he was sorry she was being unreasonable. After hearing conflicting stories from the salespeople, not to mention the rudeness, we asked to talk to one of the owners. Steve said that he had spoken with them, and they were fully aware of this issue and wouldn't talk with us. We did end up returning the flooring to the store and buying elsewhere. Of course that meant I had to load over 1,500 lbs. of flooring back into my truck and drive it back to the store (we asked that they pick it up, as we live about 3 miles from the store and this is all the result of their screw-up, but they refused). We also had to reschedule our contractor to a later date, so we get to live two extra weeks with bare concrete floor, and no furniture, in our family room. I have seen their responses to other negative reviews, and I'm sure they'll come up with some excuse as to how we were unreasonable in thinking that getting a different floor from what we ordered was a problem, or how it was everyone's fault but theirs, or how they were willing to work with us by offering $100 off a $4,000 order for getting the wrong product. The theme of their responses to complaints seems to be to either blame the customer, or come up with some kind of excuse as to why the customer is being unreasonable. As a customer, I really don't care whose fault it is that we received the wrong flooring. Even if the distributor is to blame, which I doubt, I expect the store from which we made the purchase to be responsive to our issue (like maybe calling back when we first report the problem, or even saying they are sorry this happened given the huge inconvenience this has caused). If those are your expectations as well, you may want to buy somewhere else.
- John N....
Such a great job! Could not be happier! Removed our old bamboo floor and installed 6"x36" tile. We provided material and they went to work. We wanted more durability, so went with tile hoping for a wood floor look. Our grout lines were even and minimal throughout. Mike and crew really delivered in what we were hoping to accomplish.
- Ki M....
Pros (+) (+) Excellent showroom/generally good experiences in the showroom with the sales associates (+) Competitive financing available (0% for xx months) (+) Lumber Liquidators organized installation/work closely with third party contractor (+) Slight price/quality advantage over the big box stores (+) Good return policy Cons (-) (-) You must organize pick up/delivery of the flooring on your own (with bamboo the flooring must acclimate to your house several weeks before installation - so plan to make room for several boxes of flooring) (-) Can be long lead times for flooring to arrive (-) We've seen some issues with the installation, where we have boards separating or large gaps between near the walls appearing as the floor moves (more so than what we expected/were able to cover with baseboards...) Lumber Liquidators is definitely a competent company that with excellent product selections/availability. If not for a few installation hiccups or frustrations in the store, we would definitely give them an "A".
- Beau D....
I'm not really sure where to start with this review. Just about everything went wrong throughout the entire process and even now a month later we are not happy. Since much of the work that went wrong was due to the installers (Apple Renovations) I will keep the ratings above and this review exclusively relating to Lumber Liquidators. Our first floor needed updating and had 4 different kinds of floor (vinyl, tile, carpet, and parquet) that were to be replaced with bamboo flooring. The estimator that came out was friendly enough, but clearly not knowledgable with anything but the most basic of installs. We had a severe dip in our dining room (parquet) that we made it abundantly clear that we wanted fixed. We had no idea how expensive it was going to be which is why we brought out the estimator.  His response was that it was nothing too bad and recommended a subfloor replacement, but that the installer should come out a few days prior to verify that's what was needed. He also told us that floating floors needed raised dividers between every room. Since this defeated the whole point of getting one floor type, we asked for him to quote a nail down or glue down floor, which didn't have those problems. We eventually got all the materials for glue down floor, but they kept messing up our order, giving us the wrong pricing, forgetting pieces. Really the information we got from them changed daily and with the person we talked to. One time I was in the store (I was the only customer) for literally a 5 minute paper signing to schedule the install and I was there 45 min. because they kept talking on the phone even though there were other people in the back to do that. Like I said I will leave the install review to the actual installers page, but the estimator, installer's head foreman, and installer ALL said different ways to fix the floor. We didn't even wind up using any of the glue and instead floated the floor. The floor never ended up very level, and in general we are very unhappy with their business. It was so bad at one point we asked if they could just stop the work and get a refund on the installation so we could just have another company do it, but that wasn't an option. They were convinced their company could fix it no matter how many times they sent them out. Their contractors did a very poor job and never got everything looking good.  This was worst experience with a contractor / business we have ever had. Stay away!
- Jeff H....
APark Ave Assoc
Their suggestions to repair the sub-floor because of a very poor surface and extreme waviness with additional leveled thin plywood was just the perfect way to correct all of the problems. After completing that level underlayment, the final application of each Bamboo piece was very skillfully installed by "Bill" (who worked continually for 2 1/2 days) to our complete satisfaction. (Even carrying upstairs the 20 bundles of heavy bamboo hardwood that we had purchased.) In addition to the great job done ..... in their "spare" time they corrected a binding hanging glass door in our computer room and investigated the cause of leaks from our sink Water Purifier. Working with this great team of fine folks always kept us amazed. Fine value and honest people with complete customer satisfaction their goal!
- Gilmore S....