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We built a new home with Allen Edwin in Fenton MI in 2015. It is not a base model but a beautiful home with plenty of upgrades including a stunning sunroom. This is our dream home and will be our retirement home. There were a few hiccups along the way for the first year but everything is great now. We love the energy efficiency of our home and the complete lack of any drafts what so ever. It's so well built it can storm all night and we don't even realize it until we get up the next morning. Our Sales Counselor Karen was fantastic throughout the entire process. Allen Edwin has many different homes available with a plethora of upgrades depending on your budget. We could not be more pleased with our home.
- Keith W....
Great so far and still in the process. Mike is always on top of things and on schedule. He is very helpful and recommends changes that will help in the future. Mike was great to work right from the begining with the estimate he was the best at quoting the job with details in the contract. He was always flexible with changes. He always kept us posted on progess of the project. He was easy to contact and always called us back quickly! We are so happy with him that we plan on using him again for future projects. I highly recommend if you looking for a builder in the Howell area to call Mike you will not regret it. We interview and got estimates from 4 builders and Mike's manor and professionalism made him the best pick for the job. We love our garage it looks great with perfection in every detail!
- Chris Z....
ALutz Brothers Custom Builders
It went very well and I will use Lutz Brothers Custom Builders in the future and will recommend them to anyone looking for building projects
- Ken H....
AChelsea Lumber Co
First off let me say I could not find any information or suggestions on having a pole building built in Livingston county. Of course each manufacture had their own advertising and info but nothing that was impartial. I had some other contractors quote my building. Some contractors never got back to me or would get back but it was like I was bugging them asking for a quote. Chelsea Lumber requires you to take a trip to their lumber yard and talk to someone as the sales desk. They will list your requirements and your email address. This information now goes to an estimator, my estimator was Darrell Williams. You will be emailed a quote about two weeks later. Take another trip to Chelsea to meet and finalize your particulars. Like door placement, window size, color, etc. At this time you make a sizable down payment, get a start date and are assigned a builder. My builder was Jim Bauer. The plot where the barn will be built will have to be excavated and that is the homeowners responsibility. Chelsea requires a 4" sand base. My build location had a steep grade so extensive excavating had to be done along with bringing in hundreds of yds. of stone to be compacted. I did the excavating myself to save on cost and also I have the equipment. Once the build crew shows up and starts boring holes it moves very fast, I think my build foreman was Todd. Hole depth had to be inspected and approved, then poles were left to set for a weekend. When the crew started that next week the rest of the building material also showed up. At this time you will have to pay off the remainder of build and labor cost. After that they were at my build every week day for 2-3 weeks until it was done. They do require, like all others a bin or container for refuse and scrapes. I just picked up after them every other day and threw it in the burn pile. The roofers and garage door installers work for Chelsea Lumber and are sub contractors, also very nice job. Livingston County requires a final building inspection and a compaction inspection if your going to have a concrete floor. I filled and compacted all the fill (stone) myself and had both inspections done at once. I am happy with my pole building, I have since sectioned off space for rooms and I'm surprised how accurate all their dimensions are with the posts. At one time Chelsea did offer a concrete option, but does not anymore. We did the 50 yrds. of concrete and rebar ourselves. One other note when Jim was picking up his equipment at the end of the build. There was left over materials like osb, fasteners, redi-mix, etc. Jim asked me if I wanted these left over items, I told him no so he took them back to Chelsea. The next day Darrell called me and returned almost $800 to my credit card for the materiel Jim took back. The cost listed is for 40'x60' no concrete floor. Not to many options, I went with a insulated 10'x10' bay door, shingled roof, 12" overhang on all four sides and scissor trusses. The scissor trusses give me an extra 43" of ceiling height for two second story lofts I installed. I think total for concrete, rebar, rebar chairs, wire, forms, renting cement buggies. Concrete ran $9000, 6"-7" thk.
- Rick K....
ARedPro Contracting, LLC
Red Pro removed water-damaged drywall quickly and professionally with the result that mold growth was minimal.
- Phillip F....
AState Building Co Inc
They charged what every contractor at that time charged. They were responsive and reliable. They did what they said they would to do for the price they said they would charge.
- Erin L....
DMichigan Building Supply LLC
During the initial quote process the representative was quick to answer phone calls or emails and provided new qritten quotes for any changes or additions I did asked for. After signing the contract and agreeing on a estimated starting date as well as a estimated timeframe of 2 to 2 1/2 weeks for completion of the project the waiting started. The company started 5 weeks late with the build and it took them 13 weeks to complete the job. During the construction time the crew usually came in at 10 to 10:30 AM and left around 3 PM making sure they headed out for lunch around noon. There were plenty of days where no one showed up  and the crew members did change often. In hindsight the 13 weeks of completion are easy to understand with the short and few days worked and when taken into account that the next crew needs to figure out where the last one left off. During this period it was very difficult to reach a representative of the company. They liked to use text messaging as a form of comunication which is not my thing and takes much longer to discuss the progress of the project than if the would answer the phone and talk to you for 5 minutes. When, which happend I think twice in the 13 week period, I finally choose to write them an email and tell them that I'm disappointed I would get the most unprofessional answers back which were almost amusing. Since most of the excuses I would get for the slow progress evolved somewaht around the fact  that the business was growing so much that they had a hard time to keep up it was almost comical to get a respond that she ( wife of the owner ) didn't had a 9 to 5 job and therefore couldn't be reached all the time - during business hours. Anyway  towards the end I was just looking forward to the finish that I didn't had to wait for them any longer. My timing was srewed up anyway and I couldn't change that anymore. I finally got a belated Christmas gift when they finally were done on 12/27/2012. In the meantime a storm took some of the shingels off the roof and I got a certified letter in mail informing me that the concrete contractor from whom I never heard of before claimed a lean on my property since my builder choose to not pay the bill for the concrete although I payed the contract in full. The response from the builder included mostly the assurance that this is only to be able to sue him - that the lean is on "my" property didn't seem to bother him. The attitude which how he handled the situation was very disappointing and do not convince me that he will take care of the concrete bill in the near future. The owner seems to do a better job searching for web domains, which wll get him the most hits when someone searches for pole barns in Michigan, and changing the content of his website as to managing the jobs he actually scores and is being hired for. I would never go with this company again and would certainly advise someone against the use of this company. This is mostly for the poor unprofessional conduct than for the work they did which wasn't so bad. The response to the blown off shingels was positive and guaranteed repair but the resolution seems now questional after the discussion about the lean came up.
- Philipp W....
AMotor City Builders
Entire job took about 3 months, but result is fantastic. Dave, Matt, and the whole crew at Motor City Builders are great to deal with. I recommend you contact them about your next building or remodeling project.
- Jack S....
ASterling Homes & Improvements
Dan and his crew did an excellent job, They were very professional. I got other quotes and Sterling's prices where the best and the products are outstanding. I would definitely recommend them to anyone needing work done on their home. I had them replace my roof, siding, windows, build a covered porch on my house and build a pole barn.  All of which they did an excellent job! If I even need any other home improvements done I will call them without  hesitation.
- Christina D....
AJack Duncan Palmer Builder
Jack was a professional through and through.  He was always on time and prepared.  We loved the time and attention he gave to our project.  He had attention to detail, on little things that really matter when building a home, but that you may not have considered (ie., larger sliding doors, height of railing and of course cost/energy saving measures).  We were able to see his current project and were very impressed with the quality product he was turning out.  We are very sad that our plans fell through to build our dream home, but we know who we are going to call IF we can some day.  Have no hesitations to call this man!
- Lisa K....

Garage and Shed Building in Coleman

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Business Description: We currently have 3 employees and 2 owners. One owner does the day to day work with the employees. We do subcontract out in fields that we are not licensed to do such as electrical work. We are licensed to build in the state of Michigan. We will invoice our customers abound acceptance of the quote. Our typical terms is 50% prior to starting the job and 50% at completion. We do accept credit cards, checks and cash. We currently don't offer financing.
Recent Review: Rain was the only thing that held up the project. On certain days the carpenters couldn't work, but otherwise, everything went fast. Zuzula observed at the end that we needed more dirt under on cement walk and had a truck there the very next day dumping loads of dirt for us. Everything went quickly and smoothly.
Business Description: New Design Inc. is a full service Kitchen & Bath remodeling company. We provide customers with a one-stop shopping experience for kitchens, bathrooms and countertop renovations. Our design specialists will meet with you in your home, to discuss your ideas and assist you in the selection process. We will generate computerized drawings of your project to help visualize how your new kitchen or bath will look. Once we have a work order, our project management team will inspect the job site, order all materials and schedule for our installers to do the work. We will oversee the details of the installation so that you don't have to. We have a custom shop to modify anything needed on the job site and build any laminate countertops needed for the project. The New Design Advantage includes professional design specialists / sales people, award winning design department to provide the best drawings, project managers, certified installers, service department, onsite custom shop, licensed builders, we are fully insured, electricians and plumbers. We are proud members of the BBB and the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA).
Business Description: A pole barn offers long-term value with low maintenance costs. For reliable pole barn construction, call us at (855) 466-3078 in North Branch, MI.
Business Description: When we lead overhead carport entryway repair for your Allen Park, Michigan home, we will ensure everything functions admirably together before we clear out. Regardless of the possibility that you are not prepared for repairing at this moment, we can evaluate the state of your entryway and give you an appraisal of the cost, which is constantly low. We spend significant time in various types and a wide range of issues.