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Recent Review: The cottage was crooked, and it now appears square. He is like an artist and has done an incredible job with the drywall in our cottage. They are efficient, and the price is fair. He also primed and painted the ceilings. He always kept me updated throughout the process. He is probably one of the most organized companies I have ever worked with.
Recent Review: Everything went exceptionally well. Jim came out when he said that he would be there for the estimate (can't say this about other contractors). He even called to let me know that he was going to be a few minutes late. He was very thorough so we are confident that the source of the problem has been found and fixed. He did excellent, high quality work and was a VERY clean worker. The work took more than one day, but when he left you never would have known that he was here. He cleaned everything up completely every day.As I said before, the work is VERY high quality. We are extremely happy and felt that his pricing was more than fair. Jim also kept us updated on how things were going and if he found any additional problems. We already have Jim scheduled to come back to do some more work.We would highly recommend him!!
Recent Review: John quoted the project the same day & called. Started 2 days later was on time, professional understanding and patient with my 94 yr old grandma. Project was completed a day early.
Business Description: M & M Drywall has been providing drywall and painting service to Jonesville, MI for 14 years.
Business Description: We paint houses and businesses and we also drywall
Business Description: Traditional Interiors are Drywall and Painting specialist! We have over 20 years of experience and customer service. Free estimates and all work is guaranteed
Business Description: We are a professional drywall company that are very competitive with our competitors. We value our customers by working with their schedule and budget.
Business Description: 9 Employees, 3 Sub Contractors

Reviews in Cadillac to Repair Drywall

AOtwell Builders
Very dependable contractor, does exactly what he says he will do; work is very professional. Has worked for me twice in past and wouldn't call anyone else
- Joyce S....
They were very competitive in price. Their workmanship was very good. They came when they said they would. I would recommend them.
- Marjorie B....
AAvalon Building Concepts
They went above and beyond to make everything right. Our original windows had cracks in them and were noisy. We had multiple companies come out to give us an estimate, and while they were not the cheapest they presented a triple pane window at a decent price. Jesus explained more details about the windows over the other companies, and how Avalon would install everything. Whole process took two days for installation. The two guys who did all the work were neat and orderly. While the drywall made a mess, they covered all the furniture to try and keep the dust down. Very respectful. The new windows are much quieter, but are harder to clean the tracks than our previous windows.
- Judy M....
ABert's Decor Service
The place we purchased was painted all pink, including trim and windows. Entire home needed to be repainted. We were very pleased with the time frame that Bert could complete the job - he was able to start on the date we needed and complete it in the amount of time we needed. Painting was very well done, with all door knobs removed, and light fixtures removed, etc. As we don't live in town - this is a vacation is difficult to keep an eye on activity that is going on. However, it was easy with Bert...he kept in constant contact with us via email and phone calls if there were any questions. We could not be more pleased. After painted we asked to have tile removed and kitchen cabinets/counters. Bert even did touch up paint after removing cabinets w/out us even having to ask. We would use his services again, no question. Very reliable, honest, and professional.
- Mary M....
DPetty's Home Repair
We were disappointed in the quality of drywall repair completed. My husband, daughter, and I all did other areas of drywall in the house did a better job than what we paid for. At the time of hire we were not sure we could do the job because everything was in such bad shape and we had never tackled anything this big before. What we had him do I am convinced we could have done better ourselves and saved a lot of money. There were areas we had to point out were not sanded well, you could still see and feel the repair. We did that twice as he still missed areas so we marked on the wall the second time. The ceiling repair areas you can see the outline of the repair were he applied the mud too heavy. The ceilings are textured and all the dry wall individuals we had give us quotes said it would be hard to match, this was barely close and we wish we would have just had him mud the ceiling flat. We painted this weekend and upon closer inspection there were even more areas that needed sanding that were missed in previous inspections and some areas that needed more mud and sanding. There was an area where the tape actually bubbled after it was primed. It did not flatten back out and actually had a slight crack. I spoke with him tonight to let him know what we thought after working all weekend painting and finding so many poorly done areas. He said he was glad to know what I thought and finally late in the conversation asked if we wanted him to come look at the job. I declined because it would make no difference, the areas that needed sanded were done and we had the entire house painted. Even if he could do a better job than he had previously done, we did not want to have to buy more paint and repaint. I would not have him do dry wall again.
- Janet S....
ADrywall Plus
They did a really good job. They got in, got out. Price was right. They got it done really quickly. They are not "big business people rip off" They are honest. If you don't like what they did, they will come back and fix it. They are hungry for business.
- Susanne R....
Due to circumstances beyond his control.. he was unable to finish the work.. Very nice and friendly...
- Michael P....
I was looking for various drywallers and Painters to finish doing a house that we gutted and wanted finished.
- Sheri S....
ADoug Loven Construction Inc.
tore out old stairs, removed cedar siding, replaced with drywall, installed new stair, railings
- Kathleen M....
CAlan's Drywall
The good:      Drywall installation work was fair to good (very good in the skylight).     The insulation company he works with (MIFCO) is excellent.      Alan seems like a very nice and trustworthy guy when you meet him.      He corrected some problems when asked, including repairing "popped" nails. The bad:     Provided the simplest, least specific contract possible.     Made verbal agreements early on that he denied later, in order to increase his fee.     Installed RC-1 channel (for sound proofing) incorrectly, later partially corrected it when asked.     Increased his bid after the start of the project "by mistake" (said his daughter did it).     Tried to charge extra for soundproofing walls that he initially agreed (verbally) to soundproof.     Said DensShield was not specified for the showers, when it was (verbally).     Charged the full amount for a small framing/drywall job in the garage even though I did the framing work in my spare time.     Sometimes took him a week to return phone calls (yes, I was polite with him throughout the project).     His crew sprayed primer in most of the recessed light receptacles, electrical socket boxes, and network/telephone boxes.      Used screws and nails to install ceiling drywall, even thought he (verbally) promised to use screws (he didn't mention the nails)     Primed walls without first sweeping construction dust off of them.     Eager to prime the walls, possibly to hide his crew's tape/mud work. Not so eager to paint them. Overall, I wasn't happy with Alan's Drywall and wished that I had used another contractor who provided a detailed bid without being asked. Of all the contractors I worked with, this is the only one that I felt compelled to write a negative review for. The preceding comments are opinions based upon my personal experiences. They should not be interpreted as historical facts. Some of them would be difficult to prove. My purpose is not to dissuade people from hiring Alan's Drywall, but to encourage them to require a detailed bid. I was lax on that point because the contractor was recommended by someone I trusted. If Alan says in writing that he will do something, I expect that he will. 
- Stuart H....