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Business Description: Our one piece in-ground fiberglass swimming pools are constructed using only the most proven gel coats and vinyl ester resins available. This, combined with an average thickness that is greater than industry standards, allows us to produce what we believe is one of the strongest and most reliable in-ground fiberglass swimming pools on the market today. Our confidence in our fiberglass swimming pools is backed by our Lifetime Warranty, in addition to a 10 year non-prorated internal finish warranty.
Recent Review: They were professional at selling us the pool and installing it. They tried very hard no to tear up the back yard while installing the pool and they did an awesome job at fixing the yard after it was installed. They even went over every detail about how to operate the pool before they left for the day. It only took one day for them to get everything completed.
Business Description: At Spa Plus we strive to bring you the most modern technologically advanced spas available. The spas we offer won't rust, rot or fade. We repair spas all makes and models within our service area. We also repair pools commercial and residential.
Business Description: Ask for details.
Recent Review: From start to finish, Dick (owner) and his entire crew were top notch. Level One went above and beyond to make sure our investment will be enjoyable for years to come. We are so glad we went with Level One. I am the type that gets three or more quotes on everything. With the pool being a major expense I took another step and actually went and looked at several different companies final product. I spoke with home owners that used Level One and other companies as well. What I found was, Level One from start to finish was the company I wanted installing our pool. other companies claimed to be cheaper (not by much) but did not include a start to finish install. The only extra with Level One was the electrician and gas for the heater (which was expected) and standard with all companies I looked at. Other companies I considered actually had the customer packing dirt around the pool for weeks before the concrete went in. Other companies I looked at required me, (The home owner) to pool the permit. With Level one all of the leg work, permits and inspections scheduling for the pool were handled by them. Did I mention how professional the crew was. The team showed up on time or early every day they were scheduled to be at the house. The added touch of the little extras performed by Level One added up to a lot as far as I'm concerned, Both cost savings and piece of mind. If your entertaining the idea of a pool. I would highly recommend giving Level One a call.

Reviews in Bronson for Pool Installation

We called and talked to an actual person to get an estimate for an above ground pool, there is one person apparently that can do this and we were told he would call back that call. We called again and talked to a person and we told them to call back in the evening of which they said was not a problem. One call came in the morning 2 days later from the "esimator" and then he said in the message he would call back that call. Called again, waited 3 call. Went to in Toledo and had the best experience ever. The Pool was WAY bigger, WAY better, WAY cheaper than I could have ever hoped for. A full 1,000 less than and estimate from Level One last year with a bigger pool that is much nicer.
- Michael S....
FViscount Pool & Spa Ctr
Of course the pipes blew out shortly after the installation of the solar heater draining our new pool in the middle of the night. When a call was made to Viscount that morning they told us that they installed the solar heater as a courtesy and that they would not stand behind the installation. What I learned after having another pool company come out and repaired the solar heater hook up, is that you "never" use electrical tape with water! Viscount used electrical tape because they used the wrong size piping. We had to purchase all new piping, connectors and adapter to properly install the solar heater.
- Nancy S....