Bloomingdale Basement Leak Repair

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Recent Review: Showed up when promised for quote & actual repair. Very accommodating and honest. I felt like they would do whatever it takes to make the owner 100% satisfied. They repaired a floor to rim joist crack in the basement foundation wall and two leaking rod holes the right way and then ran water outside and soaked the troubled area to verify leak was sealed - quality work. I would recommend this company and will definitely use them again if needed.
Recent Review: My wife and I purchased a fixer-upper in August of 2013. We knew the home had basement water problems because the previous owners had someone install a fix from the inside. This fix was nothing more than a band-aid, because it did not resolve the leaking problem, it just re-routed the water to the sump pump once it came through the walls. After talking to several companies about how to do the job right and how much it would cost we chose Foundation Specialists. Brian Foster came out, looked at the problem, gave us his recommendation and price. After agreeing to the basement job we found out that they do other cement work as well, so we had them replace our front porch and front walk. The crew arrived when scheduled and completed the basement work in 2 days. They then came back and did the additional work in in 3 days. The crew was very knowledgeable in their trade and very friendly. A very wet spring has tested the work and I'm happy to say our basement is dry. I would highly recommend Foundation Specialists for basement water problems and any other concrete work as well.
Business Description: Wet Basement? Great Lakes Waterproofing has been providing expert service since 1978! Using our unique "No Digging" system and our advanced drain tile systems, we utilize three main technologies to eliminate water and moisture in your wet basement, as well as reinforce your foundation. We do work on Residential, Commercial, and Industrial properties. Call us today for your free estimate! Customer Service is our number one priority, which is what has kept us in business for over 33 years. We have also developed a waterproofing method, unique to our company, that allows us to waterproof your basement without digging up your landscaping or cutting through your floor. Suggestion: Ask for some references and see what our previous customers have to say about our processes. Also serving portions of Macomb & Wayne Counties.
Award 2018Super Service Award
Recent Review: Everything went fine; and, now I have a waterproof basement.
Recent Review: Perfect! From start to finish this was one of the best experiences. The entire team is friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. The price was fair. We are very happy with the work that was done and wouldn't hesitate for a second to recommend this fantastic company.

Reviews for Bloomingdale Basement Leak Repair

AEverDRY of Michiana
When we purchased the house we knew that the previous owners had problems. They had hired another company to waterproof the basement. We moved in October and everything was fine. When we had Spring thaw we ended up with three corners of the basement wet, really wet. Called the original company which honored the previous owners contract and "fixed the problem." Well, it didn't work. For the next year we had wet corners and repairs which required time-off from my job. It got so bad that we had water alarms in the basement which would contact my cellphone so we could get home and dry the basement (finished basement with carpet). We finally gave up and call EverDry to the rescue. They reviewed our problem and developed a system just for us, not some cookie cutter system. And it worked!!!! 10 years later and we haven't had any water in the basement. I don't even need to check it after a heavy rain because I know it is ok. No more water alarms or phone calls from a wet basement.
- Timothy S....
FEverDRY of Michiana
I want to leave this review to offer a warning to anyone considering reaching out for help with your basement. There is no consultation or estimate -- the ONLY purpose of the visit is a long, drawn-out, hammy sales pitch where they will tell you that you need to give them $20K or you'll die of black mold poisoning. I probably should have known better when they specific that they needed both homeowners present, as I assume the purpose of that is to give two options for the easier mark with the scare tactics. They may well do great work and install great systems. But don't give them a call unless you want to sit through a ridiculous, scripted sales performance complete with gadgets and magic tricks designed to scare you (they call it "education"), but which honestly just kind of come off as funny, if it hadn't wasted an hour and a half of my life. I have water coming in through a single crack in our cinder block wall. I need help patching it ASAP, and that's what I was hoping to get -- not some magical whole house system for a quarter of the price of the property itself, delivered in 4 months. It's like the check engine light came on in my car, and the mechanic was like, "sure, I can fix your problem... with a BRAND NEW MERCEDES! And you should buy it because your current car is KILLING YOU AS WE SPEAK." I'm amazed a company operates this way in 2019. It's like Amway for basement leaks.
- Erik D....
AFoundation Systems of Michigan
It went very well. The leader of the crew called me everyday to let me know when they would arrive. He also took time to describe the differences between what he was going to do versus what the sales guy pitched. There are always differences. My only complaint was as follows: I specifically asked the sales rep with 15 years experience about how they would work around my ducts that are under the basement floor. He said not a problem. They were a problem for the crew. The helpful and professional crew leader walked me through options and while it did cost a few hundred dollars more I was satisfied. Always have a contingency budget. The B below is specific to the Sales team incident and not the construction crew, who were top notch.
- Eric T....