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AFive Star Home Maintenance
It went very well. It took a long time to start due to the lack of consistent rain-free days, but once we had an opening, he promptly made himself available. He was extremely responsive to my requests and displayed good knowledge in the subject area. When necessary, he provided several options from which I was able to chose. When I wasn't happy even after I made choices, he went back and changed everything I requested. Shawn is a very trustworthy person. He is extremely knowledgeable and courteous. I am currently using him for all my home improvement needs.
- Eddie S....
DCharles Benbow
Charles worked for us over a period of more than a month on and off. We wanted to purchase some used appliances for the kitchen, but we did not have a truck and trailer to transport them, nor could we handle moving the appliances by ourselves. I found a kitchen ful of appliances that a dentist was replacing I his home for his daughters wedding. The appliances were in magnificent shape, only approximately 5 years old and barely used. Charles had a doctors appointment near where the appliances were, about 7 hours from our home. We said he would secure a truck and trailer if we would pay for the trip. All expenses, gasoline, snacks, meals, and anything else that came up. We agreed. He showed up with his son with him to assist in moving the appliances. We picked up a side by side refrigerator, a double oven, microwave oven, dishwasher and trash compactor. As agreed we paid for all expenses. We went to Charles' doctor's appointment first in Portland, then headed north to Saco, Maine, to the home on the ocean that had the appliances. We got to the house and had to wait about an hour or so for the man to show up to get us the appliances. We got everything loaded and started to go back home. We had stopped several times for gasoline, snacks, and drinks as well as breakfast and lunch. We had to get on the road rather early, so all of the food we had up to that point was fast food or from a convenience store. So we were happy to stop and get a sit down meal. Since we were on the ocean, Charles and his son wanted to have seafood. We drove around for about 40 minutes before finding a seafood restaurant open early for dinner. The four of us stopped and did not get back on the road for almost two hours. We did not get in until very late. Charles said he would be over in the morning to unload the trailer and get the appliances in the kitchen and the garage, for the appliances that could not be installed immediately. He came the next day and unloaded the appliances. The refrigerator was a side by side and he knew we really wanted a French door refrigerator with the freezer on the bottom. He told us he had exactly what we wanted and he could paint it like a professional to match the other appliances that were in Black. So we agreed. At this time we had no reason to suspect that something was wrong. He put everything but the dishwasher I the garage. He installed the dishwasher, or so we thought. He was in such a hurry to get his new, well almost new,  refrigerator home, that he did not connect the drain line to the dishwasher that was downstairs in a room we call the Christmas room, because all of our Christmas items that we have collected and have been passed down to us for decades were located. We were not really using the basement for additional living area at that time. We were storing all of our boxes from the move to Maine that we had not gone through as well as that room was all of our finest Christmas items. We of course eventually went down there at a time where we could see there was a major problem. We thought a pipe had burst, but we could not have been more wrong. The drain ran along the ceiling of the Christmas room in the back corner and there was no light in the room. The light had short circuited with the water that had splashed everywhere. We started emptying everything out of the room. Most everything had been destroyed by the water or was extremely molded to the point that it either took forever to clean the items, the items were lost due to rot, or the water and mold removed the hand painting and the painting on the ornaments. Most brought over from Germany when I was born and where my great grandparents originally came from, as well as japan where my parents honeymooned in 1952, and from England and Ireland where my grandparents had descended from. These ornaments could never be replaced, and few were repairable. All of the boxes of Christmas wrap were destroyed. he wooden Christmas items such as the creache  for the nativity set that was hand made, Several (3) German cookoo clocks were destroyed. The paint on all of the old hand blown glass ornaments had been removed by the water. The floor had been compromised to the point of having to replace it, as it was a raised floor made of wood. The items that could be salvaged had to be thoroughly clean of the black mold. It literally took months to get everything cleaned. We called Charles Benbow and told him of the problem, and asked for our refrigerator back, as he had not given us the refrigerator he had promised. When asked for it back, he told us that he had sold it for something even better for him. We had only agree to give it to him since he did not have any money and was so excited about that particular refrigerator. That it was exactly what he wanted. Well he said he still had to put another coat of paint on the refrigerator he promised us and would bring it over in two days. In three days he showed up with what can only be described as a horrid refrigerator. The refrigerator was small, which to side by side he got was 28 cubic feet. This refrigerator was about 22 cubic feet. The rubber gasket needed to be replaced, and the paint job was that of a three year old. It could not even be repainted without completely sanding it down. We were able to get a new gasket for it at our cost. But it sat in our kitchen, as the ugliest refrigerator on earth until this past tax season. .When we were finally able to afford to replace it. My husband is a pastor and I am disabled, so funds are always very tight. All of our money goes to doing repairs to the home we bought in Maine 4 years ago. This was not only a hardship on us, but he had been recommended to us by our best friends, whom we had only just met a year before. He had done other repairs for us, like putting in a handrail for the stairs going to the second floor, as well as changing out locks on some of the doors. But when this all happened, he treated us like we had the plague. He would not call us back or come over to fix any of the problems he created. I absolutely would not recommend him to do any repairs at all for anyone in the area. He is not reliable, and he takes advantage of people who especially cannot afford to lose money on repairs. That is the reason people hire handymen instead of contractors. We pray this review will help others in the area from being financially hurt by him. Thank you for the opportunity to tell our story to you. God be with you.
- Judy A....