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Business Description: The Breathable Home has more than 25 years combined experience in residential construction and restoration we're putting to work to save clients money, reduce our carbon footprint and keep our homes healthy and comfortable. Starting with a flexible-fee audit, we analyze the energy usage in your home as well and the overall efficiency of the structure, then match your budget with our tool set to produce the most effective, safest solutions to cut energy use. Our expertise is in project design, communication with clients, honest pricing and quality workmanship. Our reputation is based on honesty, integrity, education and communication. We develop long-term relationships with our customers to ensure long-lasting comfort and return on investment.

Reviews in Rockland to Install Weather Stripping

CThe Breathable Home
Initially, it took a lot of time to get everything set up. A lot of back-and-forth emails and voicemails. I was probably as much at fault as the contractor on that one. I was taking advantage of the Efficiently Maine grant that was available at the time. After having the initial energy audit done, I sat down with Bo Jespersen to discuss what work my house needed and what the anticipated energy savings would be from each one. There was a lot of pressure to install a new hot water tank to replace the on-demand system I had in place. This was supposed to amount to significant energy savings. After looking at all of the options, I agreed to the new hot water tank and the final weatherization contract had anticipated energy savings of close to 40%. Now, I am not naive and did not expect to realize a 40% saving, but I did expect the savings to be noticeable. After 2.5 years, the savings are minimal to nonexistent. What little savings I do see can probably be attributed to the programmable thermostats. On the plus side, the crew working on my house were always on time and pleasant. At the end of the work day, they were excellent about cleaning up their materials and supplies. At the completion of the job however, there was some caulking that had gotten on the floors and walls that I needed to clean up. The work in the attic also led a small crack in the ceiling in one of the closets. The clothes in that closet were covered in plaster and quot;dust.and quot;
- Jaime K....