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Business Description: We are a small design/build firm offering general contracting services throughout midcoast Maine, including the islands. We specialize in historic restoration and renovation, energy efficient remodels, off-grid homes, and high performance, handcrafted new homes and cottages.
Recent Review: I would recommend him highly. His talents go beyond what he did for us.

Reviews in Rockland to Install Interior Trim

FBelgrade Lakes Carpentry Inc
      I am sure my story is not unique.  I am over 50 years old, lived in Maine for decades, and have hired several contractors in my life, some I positively reviewed here and will add more soon.  I just wish more rural business reviews were here on Angie's list so I would like to help.      This is one of the worst experiences I have had.  I will not include all the insults, rudeness, and negligence.  I hired Mark since he has been in the area a long time.  I should have called more recent references.  The big promises were for a good tile contractor, that they would not disappear/work there until job was done, and he does not ?hide? mistakes.  All promised were broken. He estimated a complete 110+/- SF bath renovation at just under $14,000 in three weeks time (final cost $29,000 not including vanity/any tile/toilet and almost 4 months, with no change in the simple plan, me just waiting and not delaying but for one week when I had guests).  I did not hold him to estimate (I chose time/materials) and suspected there would be subfloor work/slab cutting.  However, over a month later only the demo and floor/wall reconstruction was done and we were already $10,000 over the estimate (that is two men working 20 full days and they were NOT there that much).  I confronted him on this and he produced incomprehensible invoices and blamed me for increasing the cost due to my tile design changes.  I reminded him the tile had not even started.  He actually said the tile design changes take up his time and me wanting a tile guy created delay which was just not true since: 1. they did nothing with tile so far, 2. I already delivered the tile myself, and 3. I was the only one planning it since I had no help because?he never attempted to line up a tile contractor!  I had given them the reluctant go ahead for him and his partner to do it themselves so how could ?waiting? for a phantom tile guy cause delay?  Not ?rocket science,? he said and went on to insist that tile edges are never mitered even though I did it before and wanted it, and that they would have to learn to make their own bullnose for their unforeseen tub box design issue and then wasted many hour/materials experimenting (lo and behold, a tile guy later told them they could pay a local floor place to make them perfectly and that tile edges are mitered all the time and that, in fact,  I didn?t need the special bullnose in the first place, instead offering easier alternatives).  Oh and Mark also repeatedly insulted my existing home tile work like he could do better.        His partner eventually spent ½ day starting the tile, but got the gout (never got the grout!) and vanished for almost a month.  They left ALL of their materials splayed out in my house including nails hiding in carpet while nothing was done even though other projects were requested.  I pushed him to do the shelves during that time which came with damaged drywall, exposed brads, cheap taped noses, haphazardly screwed cleats with unfilled holes and shards of missing plywood, much of which he said he would fix up but in the remaining weeks never did (way overpriced for the shoddy work).  He also charged me for replacing trim that he damaged beyond use, and dinged and scraped other trim elsewhere.  I finally said I will line up my own tile guy and he magically produced one?for only one day!   I finally found one to finish the job and they were brilliant (my positive review on Angie) and took them three days while Randy said it would take him two weeks?if he ever recovered (where is the rest of his crew?).  Both of those tile contractors said my tile choice was excellent and easy to work with while Mark and Randy constantly criticized my tile choice just because it was from Lowes, blaming it for more labor costs (the other tile guys said they used Lowes on their own floors; I used it because it was their high end item, positively reviewed, always in stock, right size, and returnable--Randy?s estimate was well over and I got over $500 back from Lowes).      Then there was the glass block wall.  They didn?t have a clue although said at first it would be no problem and even told me that drilling a few holes into the ceramic tile for anchors is really difficult!  Huh?  Also he mistakenly ordered much more of that costly glass than needed and actually questioned me when I said that he is responsible for the return/cost.  Wow! (the opinion of another contractor will be censored here). He also bought an extra Kerdi curb (actually told me those expensive items ?came in pairs? when asked why I paid for two), unopened bucket joint compound, unopened cement bag, etc. and I had to foot the bill!  Then he siliconed down the granite curb top on which the heavy wall will go after I discussed in detail the need to use Distraset on the Kerdi (and earlier he worried about silicone in wall construction!).  This I had to clean up, repair the Kerdi, and thinset myself.   Ahh, but as it turned out that was a tiny diversion from the next to last major screw up:  The box hole was at least ¼? too wide for the tub so a wide bead of color-matched silicone would be needed at $25 a tube and it will not be a more typical clean look.  He refused to admit the box hole was too big, that they ?followed the specs? and even blamed the tub for having a thin rim (absolutely false);  if it was built right the tiled box edge would be hidden from view under the very ample tub rim!  He admitted he ?spent a lot of time moving the tub around? the box to try to make it look right but STILL refused to say it was built wrong, saying, ?I don?t understand what you are saying,? right to my face!  An example of an intercourse with him:  He said, ?just go down the road and pick up a tube of silicone.?  I said, ?This wide band of silicone has to match the grout exactly and that store does not carry it and it will cost me $50 for tubes to try to hide a mistake resulting in a less than ideal look.?  He actually said in a snarky way, ?whatever you think you have to do.?      He did eventually apologize for not lining up a tile guy and the delays after a stern discussion with him but the delays continued?does he have any other crew to help??  He offered to do some final few shelves for free, ?the least he could do for me,? considering his screw ups.  Uh, no thanks.  I got Freeport Woodworking to make them, super high end product and cheaper (my positive review on Angie).   He never apologized for or admitted the faulty box construction.      OK so what next?  The box height was built so that the tub base was over 4? off the floor.  Fine, but to make the tub feet reach the floor he built four towers out of softwood 2x4 blocks under the molded tub feet to hold 1000 lbs of water.  I filled the tub and voila!  The towers cracked and tub sank to the deck, rim moving up and down freely with weight.  I was exasperated.  I told him to rip it out.  He said there is nothing wrong and that is ?how he has always done them? (ever heard that one before?) and he will just shove some ?more [soft pine] shims under there.?  Really?  He finally ripped it out and I spent much time talking to Kohler and sent him their advice on proper installation (three emails with plans and photos) which includes a simple platform on which the tub could rest and yet he still asked, ?Maybe there is a detailed instruction somewhere??  (Also, he delayed another several days while they tried to figure out where they could get a ceramic tile hole bit for the tub deck fixtures.  I found one online/FedEx in a few minutes.)          That was it, he was fired and I found another contractor, Scott Vincent, to kindly finish the job (a positive review of him coming asap).  And the final insult?  Mark actually charged me for the faulty tub install/removal.  In the end, you do not get what you pay for.  I am willing to pay a premium for premium work, not schlock.
- Ross M....