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AFC - Augusta Fuel Co.
Business Description: AFC is celebrating our 125th anniversary this year. With approximately 40 employees we are happy to help with all of your home comfort needs. See visit our website for additional information.

Reviews in Belfast to Install Bathroom Vanity

CAFC - Augusta Fuel Co.
Called to schedule the work. I was told the hourly rate was $99 which I thought at the time was high, but wait, it gets better. We needed to replace a standard kitchen faucet and sprayer, nothing fancy. Also needed a run-of-the-mill outdoor sillcock. So our service person arrived on time, was courteous and completed the work within about 2 hours (we loved him). We were happy campers... Then the bill arrived...$753.00. This was to install a faucet that you could get for about $100 or less and the sillcock for under $50 at your local home improvement store. So I called. I was told that the $70 service call fee "is what it is" but there was no mention of that charge when I originally called. They said that the two charges for the faucet and sillcock were actually by the job, they couldn't really break out a cost for materials and labor. They did decide that they had the wrong sillcock price and lowered that from $283 to $138. But the faucet install was standard at $400 and was a correct charge. So final bill went from $753 to $608. Still high in my estimation. Lesson to take away from all of this is to get all of the facts up front and in writing before you get work done with them. We thought we would give them a try on a small job before we got a price to replace our bathroom vanity and shower. I'm glad we did. They're now off of our list of perspective contractors for that job.
- Linda G....