Reisterstown Roof Leak Repair

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Business Description: Full service residential and commercial roofing company serving the central Maryland area.
Recent Review: 3//4/2016 -   Called ReBuild Inc, spoke to Randy.  Explained a 3" wet spot appeared night before on 2nd flr bathroom ceiling, and next morning it had enlarged to 6".   Randy had couple ideas what problem could be.   Made appointment for 3/7/2016 at 230 pm. The ReBuild ofc emailed me a Leak Assesment form to read, sign and send back in ref to pricing. On Mon 3/7/16, ReBuild was promptly at my door, the repairman was Andrew.    Andrew explained what he was going to do once on my roof, would take photo of problem and show me before any work was done.   He went on the roof and saw the problem quickly, came down and showed me photos of roof ridge vent top had come unattached (nearly 3/4 of top), explained that the nails had come out (roof about 13 yrs old), and they hadnt been caulked when installed.   I ok'd to have ridge vent fixed.  Andrew was back on roof; when completed he showed me photo of what he did.   I was pleased w his work, and I feel the price was good. Andrew was professional, prompt, informative and pleasant. I will recommend ReBuild to others.
Business Description: DBA - Devito Roofing Company Washington D.C. Devito Roofing offers roof repair, roofing installation, roofing replacement and other roofing services. No matter what kind of problems you have, we are here to solve them! Additional phone number: (202) 660-0592. Additional website:
Business Description: Having Roof Leaks? Missing Shingles? Gutters Clogged? Loose Siding? Get A Roofing & Gutter Tune-up Only $199.00! The Tune-Up Consist Of Replacing 10 Missing Shingle Tabs, Cleaning 100 Linear ft Of Gutter, Replacing Bad Vent Pipe Gaskets, Sealing All Nail Pops & Flashings, Reseal RidgeVent, Repairing Small Leaks, reattaching loose gutters & Siding 21 Point Roof Inspection, Shingled or flat Roofs We Do Em All contact us now! Phone# 410-413-0760 email: Facebook/insta: ajd roofing & construction web:
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Recent Review: I was wondered how fast the company's specialists came, determined the problems and all works have been done quickly with excellent quality at a very fair price. I will use this company again and would recommend to my friends.
Business Description: Here at Mr. Fix-it Services, we pride ourselves on not being a franchise. We feel as though decisions should be made quickly on a local level, not on a corporate one. As owner-operators, we are able to offer a more personalized service. although we specialize in "To Do Lists" and "Home Inspection Repairs," we are ready to tackle all the other small jobs that almost none of the other contractors seem to be willing to do. all of our work is guaranteed. We are a licensed and insured contractor satisfying one customer at a time. Such integrity in our service that it reminds you of the "Good Ole Days" where a deal can be sealed with as little as a handshake. Our goal is to leave at the end of the day and to have our customers glad that they chose us for their home improvement needs. After all, your home is your biggest investment, so who else to trust then Mr. Fix-it Services.
Recent Review: Noticed ceiling water spot on drywall. Called Mr. Wood and he responded and repaired the roof leak within four hours.   The response was quick and efficient and most of all very professional.   I was so impressed with the workmanship that I decided to have Mr. Wood  come back and repair the other vents flashing before winter!
Business Description: Allied Home Improvements is a Baltimore roof repair and roof replacement Company based in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. Our quality workmanship has earned us a reputation as one of Maryland's premiere roofing contractors. We specialize in repairing roofs that other contractors say need to be replaced. We serve residential and commercial customers within Baltimore, Anne Arundel County, Howard County, Harford County, and all other regions within Maryland.
Business Description: We specialize in all of your exterior needs. Commercial and Residential. Roofing repairs, roofing replacement, new roof construction, siding, gutters, downspouts, wind and storm damage repairs, windows, skylights, power washing, deck sealant, exterior painting and interior painting. Our crews have been working with the owner for over 15 years, so you are guaranteed highly skilled, trained and quality workers on site. Licensed and Insured. Todd Masterson, owner and operator of Masterson Exteriors has been providing quality roofing services in the Baltimore, Washington and Northern Virginia metro areas. A resident of Montgomery County and well known and respected in the roofing industry for his skills and knowledge. His customers know him for his pride in workmanship and his code of ethics; Todd doesn't believe in upselling his customers for products or services that they don't require, he only believes in doing the job right and to the customers complete satisfaction.
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Business Description: Bealing Roofing & Exteriors LLC is a name many trust for roofing and exterior services in the south central Pennsylvania and northern Maryland region. We pride ourselves on offering an extensive list of the services to Pennsylvania and Maryland homeowners. Please contact us today for more information or to schedule a free, no obligation consultation.

Reviews in Reisterstown for Roof Leak Repair

ARoofer 911
Simply amazing! Called 8am and he was over 9am. Video taped and took pictures of roof damage so he could explain and show me (as if I was on the roof with him). 930 got me a contract electronically. 9:35 e-signed contract. 1pm - 3pm a crew showed up and did an excellent job. If all business worked like this I would be smiling every time I pay someone. It was pure job and an emergency situation.
- Ken C....
BRecovery Home Improvement Inc
Started out shaky, arrived very late but apologetic. Performed repair but was also later than time stated, but repair was made promptly and neatly. Price was reasonable.
- Shawn C....
I called a larger roofer yesterday and they told me they'd put me on a waiting list for an appointment. Was probably going to be a couple weeks before they'd call me back to schedule. I called these guys yesterday and they stopped by today. Two very experienced roofers that instilled confidence that they know what they're doing. (The last company I called sent out a 21 year old guy whose diagnosis didn't make sense to me.) These guys did the work while here. I thought their price was reasonable. They didn't try to upsell me on a major repair or a new roof. (My roof is about 18 years old.) I would use them again in a minute.
- Ronald G....
AA - One Services
We are very satisfied with the work. Paul did the repair work himself, same day service. We would definitely recommend PG Enterprises.
- Brenda C....
I've used Columbia Roofing for roofing and siding repair for over 20 years. They not only do excellent work, they are honest and reliable. They have NEVER tried to sell me something I didn't need. My roof is nearing the end of its life, but they have told me honestly how much longer I can keep the roof instead of saying it needs replacement, which they could easily claim given it's over 22 years old now. I am convinced part of the reason my roof has lasted so long with minor repairs is because I have used Columbia Roofing over the years for small fixes and to catch little issues before they became big ones. The last repair they did for me was in April and they came back at my request in late July for a whole-roof inspection to make sure there are no problems. I just had a lot of expensive renovation done inside my house and wanted to be sure there wouldn't be any roof "surprises" over the winter. What did they charge me for the inspection and a minor siding repair? Nothing.  I highly recommend Columbia Roofing for siding and roof work. Be aware that after bad weather you will have to wait for them because they will be booked solid, but any roofing company that is not busy is probably not a roofing company you want to use!
- Robyn W....
ACharles E Jackson Construction
Chuck Jackson repaired the leak properly the first time. He took the time to go into my attic to see exactly what and where the roof was leaking. He told me that all it needed was probably a small patch. When he came to repair the roof, he did so promptly and properly. I previously had another contractor charge me $385 to and quot;repairand quot; the leak, and it still leaked. When I had him back to repair it properly, he said I would need to replace the whole ridge vent for a cost of over $800. That's when I called Mr. Jackson. Mr. Jackson came exactly at the time he stated both for the estimate and then the actual repair. I wish I would have called him the first time. I will certainly call him again when I need a repair.
- Fred H....
DRoof Right Inc
After noticing a stain form on the ceiling of a second floor bedroom, I went into the attic during a rain storm and located where the water was getting in and placed drip pans to prevent further damage. It seemed that the leaks were at or near the ridge vent, and also the furnace flue penetrations. I also suspected a leak into the wall where the morning room roof meets the kitchen wall. Based on Angie's List recommendations, I purchased a 17 point roof inspection from Roof Right for $59. They came and I took them into the attic to point out the leaks, they took pictures there and outside on the roof. They gave me an estimate for minor repairs that included "Tighten and seal wall flashing as needed. Tighten and seal ridge vent as needed. Seal B-Vents. Fix wall flashing at gutter line on back room. Install new pipe gaskets (2). Fix nail pop on back room." This cost of this was an additional $500. I was supposed to get before and after pictures too. The soonest we could get this scheduled was while we were away on vacation. When we returned,  I could easily see the MR gutter line fix from a small ladder, so I presumed everything had been fixed. I'd left the drip pans in the attic and proceeded not to worry about it until September, when I went back into the attic to begin re-insulating (I?d waited for the leak to be ?fixed?) and saw water in the pans. At great peril to myself, I went out on the roof (2 story with 45 degree pitch) and could not find sealant on many of the ridge vent nails which was one of the original suspected areas for the leaks.  I contacted the company and was told " I should have contacted them immediately upon noticing the leak....." and "repairs are not covered under warranty". I did contact them when I noticed the leak was not fixed. Yet they were certainly glad to come out and give me another estimate to replace the ridge vent....that was scheduled for a month later. At that time, the technician went back into the attic and I again pointed out that you could see daylight thru holes in the ridge vent. He did give me an estimate for another $1550 to replace the ridge vent and promised to come back "on his own" to fix those leaks. Really? These are <$30 each?.I need to retire and go into the roofing business and no one ever came back to fix the leaks. Bottom line:    this is ridiculous in that here it is over 8 months later and my roof still leaks, and they won't entertain fixing it again, unless I spend a lot more money. How?s that for ?customer service?? As far as I?m concerned, this was their audition for getting the job to replace my roof when it comes to that (it is almost 15 years old), but they will not get that contract.. Nor have they followed up after my original complaint..... If you use them, I hope your experience is better than mine......    
- Eric G....
ACertified Inc
Very polite from beginning to end. Good sales presentation. Work done on time. This company is a pleasure to work with.
- William S....
I called when a huge leak developed in corner of a valley of my steeply-pitched roof. They responded fast--I was a repeat customer, having had a good experience with replacement of gutter and fascia board in a previous home. However, the repair that was made (cutting in shingles along the valley) failed almost immediately. When I called back, the owner was away on vacation and never followed up with me. I had to hire another roofer to fix the roof--again.
- Susan S....
ARoof Right Inc
Great job. I scheduled an estimate and they arrived on time. The estimator gave me a quote and told me they would call to schedule the repair. I explained that I was going out of the country the next week and wanted the work done as soon as possible. The scheduler called the next day and said the soonest they could work me in would be on Wednesday. I explained I would be out of the country and wouldn't be available. They said they could make the repair without me here and I could pay when I got back. I wasn't excited about not being here for the repair, but I needed the work done and agreed. I got a call from them on Tue saying they finished a job early and could make the repair now. They came over made the repair and followed up with an email letting me know the repair was complete. When I returned to the area, it had been raining for a couple of days. I was pleased to find no leaks! Glad I took a little risk with this company and would highly recommend them.
- Derek D....