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Recent Review: I highly recommend them. They are a family business. They are a small, local company. We pay them for our annual service. We have used them for six years. They always try the less expensive approach. I always have the same technician, so he knows me and and my furnace and air conditioner. Their prices are reasonable.
Recent Review: Very professional and got the job done.  Our air conditioner broke down in the middle of a very hot week and Universal was willing and able to come and fix it in very short time.  Strongly recommend!
Recent Review: I think that they did such a good job. They did what they said they were going to do when they said they would do it and for such a reasonable price.
Business Description: A Class A Contractor With a HVAC Master License with Engineering Background plus 28 Years Experience in a Mechanical Field. Specializing in residential and commercial Heating, Air conditioner and Refrigeration Repair and installation.If you need an excellent service by a Master License and Class A Contractor with Mechanical engineering back ground at an affordable price please contact us for all your residential or commercial HVAC needs. We deliver 100% customer satisfaction on every project.We offer a wide selection of air conditioner models at affordable prices, brands including: Carrier, Trane, Lennox, York, Rheem, Ruud, Goodman Licensed, Insured and Bonded
Recent Review: The installations go very smoothly. The techs know what they are doing, and they do a little extra. They can use some work in the front office, though, scheduling oil deliveries on time.
Recent Review: The staff is excellent and they do a really good job.
Recent Review: They always show up on time and they are very good. I would not change my heating and air service for nothing. They are wonderful and I highly recommend them to others.
Recent Review: They came the next day! They fixed the leak and recharged the a/c unit. I haven't had any problems since!
Recent Review: Sensa Heating and Air was awful, unprofessional, and inexperienced!! In December 2010 they lied about when they could fix our furnace and left us without heat in the middle of winter for 9 days! The worker from Sensa Air, Abraham, caused a gas leak and Washington Gas had to be called to shut off our gas line. To top it off, Abraham brought a total stranger, with alcohol on his breath, into my home explaining that he needed help with the electrical pad, and as a result now my fuses have gone haywire around the house and will not turn back on. If I had money for a lawyer I would sue them.
Recent Review: First 90 degree day in May and my tenant's AC stops working.  I try some of the top rated resellers from Angie's List but they are booked.  I am clearly not the only one with an AC issue and I can't wait until June to get it fixed.  A family member recommends I check with Atlas AC in Nokesville.  I check them out on Angies's List and give them a call.  I speak with Rob the owner, he is slammed just like the other top rated guys but the difference is he says that he will try to work me in the schedule.   True to his word, Rob fits me into his schedule and gets to the house near 7:00.  He is polite, professional and friendly.  He's clearly been very busy and gets to work right away.  He diagnoses the problem with the condenser and has it fixed in less than an hour and was off like a shot to help someone else.   Atlas helped me out when I was in a tight spot and charged me a fair and reasonable price.  When I need help with my HVAC, I will definately call Rob at Atlas LC again.

Reviews in Beltsville for Central AC Repair

AMann-In Inc A/C & Heating
Have no complaints. When our central air conditioner died they provided us a window air conditioner which really helped at night.
- Pamela C....
AArgent Heating And Cooling LLC
Our air conditioner quit running just as a heat wave started. I spent an entire day call in service companies, many of which did not return my call. When I called Argent, I spoke to a customer service Representative who was able to schedule the call for the next day. I did not have to wait for someone else to call back as I did with several of the other companies. The repair person arrived the next day as scheduled and after examining my system, told me that due to its advance age and expense of repair, I needed a new system. I had been expecting this as our system was over 30 years old. The repairman arranged for Dave to come and give me an estimate on a new system later that day. Since I was expecting to have to replace the system, I had already made arrangements to get 3 other estimates. Although the estimate I got from Argent was not the lowest, it was the best value because instead of the standard one year labor warranty, I got a two year labor warranty and a two year service contract. The installation was very professionally done and I am completely satisfied with the work. They also pointed out an additional problem with my duct work, which they came back and repaired for a very reasonable price. I am very happy with their work.
- Kathryn M....
AMcCarthy Services
McCarthy Services checked out our air conditioning unit, which was clearly not putting out much cold air.  A competitor was just here a couple weeks ago and declared everything working fine.  The McCarthy technician said we could fix the unit for $500 or replace the over-15 year old unit for $4500.  We went with option B, and this is the amazing part, they replaced it THAT DAY!!!!  And we didn't even ask, thinking that it would take at least a week to fit us into the schedule and get parts.  Very professional all around, and we highly recommend them.
- David S....
AJim's Inc
- Robert A....
APrecision Engineering Inc
Arrived on time, diagnosed the problem quickly, and fixed it immediately.  Would certainly hire again.
- Adav N....
FUnited Air Temp
The first time we called the failed to show up for two scheduled appointments.  When the technician finally arrived, he claimed he didn't have the proper tool for the job and that we needed to contact the company that installed the air conditioner.  When that company came out they performed the repair in 1 hour, telling us that the tool needed is universal.  That cost an additional $287 dollars.  The second time they came we weret told that the repair was completed, but 3 hours later is was still 85 degrees in the room affected by the problem.  When we called back we were told that there we no other appointments available that day and would have to reschedule.  When we requested to speak to the manager we were transferred to voicemail, and did not receive a call back. $350 dollars out of pocket and the job is still not completed.  STAY AWAY!!!
- Tony A....
DMP Energy Services Inc
I have been using MP Energy Services since 2012 when they installed a new hot water heater and replaced the coils on my central AC unit. Since then I have been using the company for spring and Fall inspections of my heat and AC units. This year the technician David came to my house to inspect the AC system on April 14, 2017. Upon checking the outside AC unit he said it was not working. He said one of the fuses was burned out and sent me to a nearby Home Depot for a replacement. I got 1 block from the house and he called me on my cell and told me to come back because the compressor was bad. He recommended a replacement of the AC and also the furnace because it was too old (1996). Marlon Pujol, the owner, came to the house the following day and recommended several efficiency options for replacing both the AC unit and the furnace which he said was in good shape for its age. I contacted several heating and AC companies for estimates for the work Marlon had recommended. The first company came by and replaced the fuse that was bad. The AC unit started right up and sounded quiet in its operation. They (owner and technician) asked me if I wanted to have them evaluate the AC unit and I agreed. The unit was cooling fine and the temperature of the cooling line was perfect. They recommended using the system until it no longer works. I have been using the system in 85 degree temps and the house is perfectly comfortable. I returned Marlon's call to see if I decided. I shared what happened and he hypothesized the technician’s meter was defective. It’s possible. Unfortunately, I now have a trust issue.
- Joel S....
ATriState Home Services
Jeff Smoot came to my home from TriState.  He is very professional, honest and helpful.  He went out of his way (above and beyond) to answer questions.  He even got out his thermal camera to help answer questions.  Tristate's bid was the best price compared to the 2 other local bids.  Tristate set up portable air conditioners to temporarily use until the new air conditioner was installed!  They started with the work right away.  Jeff Smoot and Raymond Mills saw we had a broken baffle in the duct work area and fixed it with no extra charge.  This has made it so much cooler in the summer on the 2 upper levels of our townhouse!  The new Lennox air conditioner is quiet and works great!
- Erica W....
Installation seemed to go well. However, shortly after the weather turned hot and we started using the AC regularly water started leaking from the ceiling under the unit (which is in the attic). He returned and replaced a cracked pipe at no charge, but he was very unpleasant about it. He said someone must have stepped on it and broke it walking around the attic. He did not believe me when I told him no one had even been in the attic since they installed it. (I have since been up to the attic to see where the pipe is located and it is behind some ductwork! Not in a part of the attic where we have storage or anyone EVER goes.) Clearly this pipe must have cracked when they were installing the unit. Now we have the expense of replacing drywall in our ceiling. Furthermore, the AC is not running correctly and he is very belligerent when we try to talk to him about it over the phone. We have given up on him and are calling someone else for repairs.
- Pauline C....
FABS Contractors
They claimed to have replaced my capacitor. 2 weeks later my AC stopped working. With my home warranty, I requested a recall and they sent out another company. ATR heating and cooling discovered that ABS has replaced my capacitor with a used one, that burned out like the previous one.
- Danielle S....