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Recent Review: Arrived on time. Worked through some initial misunderstanding. Was generous with grass seed.
Business Description: Fidelis Landscaping has been in the landscaping industry for over 5 years. We take pride in beautifying the landscapes of countless homes, businesses public parks and more. Fidelis Landscaping is a guaranteed source for turf and lawn services.
Recent Review: Before work was initiated lawn was in tough shape with plenty of weeds. Most of the lawn has transitioned to lush green grass.
Recent Review: First, Turf-Logic is the fourth such service I've used. They are the best of the bunch. If you have a problem lawn, give them a try. All of the companies of this type are doing basically the same thing. It's what you would do if you followed the instructions on a bag of fertilizer at Home Depot. You apply 4 or 5 times each time using a slightly different formula for the time of year. Conventional wisdom around here is also to do a grub treatment once a year and lime at the start of the season. (This is what I call and quot;the standard gameplanand quot;) What a DIY lacks is expertise on how best to treat problem lawns like mine. So what I want from these companies is for them to actually pay attention to my lawn, how it reacts to the treatments, and work to make it better. The three previous companies (my landscaper who cuts grass and cleans up yard, Scott's Lawn Care and one other turf maintenance company) basically worked hard to get me to sign up for the service then just followed the standard game plan. They didn't evaluate my lawn. They didn't actually stop by to see what effect the treatment had made to suggest followup or changes to the plan. They just showed up at the next scheduled time and applied the next stage. And they sent their bills in a timely manner. Turf-Logic did a decent job in the initial evaluation. I was able to speak to the technician who came to apply the treatments to get his take on the state of the lawn and explain what my lawn needed. He made some adjustments to that day's treatment as a result. In mid July they did another treatment but also updated the soil testing and confirmed I would need additional lime treatments. This is what I base my Professionalism rating on and no one else would get an and quot;Aand quot;. I'm hoping they continue the same or greater level of attention. It takes probably a season and a half to see if a corrective program is getting anywhere so I'll be patient. But it's a solvable problem so I think it's reasonable ot expect results and not the and quot;Oh welland quot; I got from the previous firms. I also want to add that Turf-Logic has been VERY good about scheduling and notifications. I have two dogs who have the run of half my yard. I need TL to work with me to come when I've arranged for the dogs to be elsewhere. They have been very good about this.
Recent Review: Everyone at Turf Unlimited, from the customer service folks on the other end of the phone to the technicians who actually come out to your yard, are incredibly professional and helpful. They will go out of their way to explain what they will be doing and why they are doing it. The services do cost more than the generic lawn companies, but you get what you pay for.
Business Description: Give yourself the lawn of your dreams with a hand from your local lawn service experts. For nearly 50 years, Lawn Doctor's experts have been helping homeowners achieve greener, healthier grass. By using superior materials, relying on exclusive equipment, and customizing one-of-a-kind lawn service plans for every client, we give your grass exactly what it needs to thrive. The result? A lush, thick lawn that you and your family will fall in love with. If you're not 100% satisfied, we'll make it right. It's that simple.
Recent Review: I really like this company alot. They are a little pricey, but the product they use is organic. So it is safe for my animals and children, which I really like. The employees are professional, responsive, and very nice.
Recent Review: I found Adam Buckley Landscaping on Angie's list and we have signed up for a seasonal lawn care plan.  Adam's personnel are prompt, careful and responsive to suggestions.  We have just started using them, but thus far everything looks great.
Recent Review: They had to take the top layer of our lawn our to put the turf down. There was a lot of prep work done. I am happy with the work. They did a nice job, but there were a few places that were not cut properly. It could have been a perfect job. They were really nice people. There was another guy that gave me a lower bid, but never got back to me. When I contacted this company they got back to me immediately and came out the next day to do the work. They worked until 10 at night one night.
Business Description: We are a family owned and operated small business that provides high quality synthetic turf manufactured in the United States and service beyond clients expectations. We do not sub-out any of our installs. We can provide complete service from design to installation. or we can work with your landscaper or even set you up for a DIY.

Reviews in Westford to Install Artificial Turf

AThe Pros - Landscape Management Inc.
The pros company did an amazing job installing our new patio and our new artificial turf for our backyard. They are very knowledgeable young people and well equipped. We were amazed at how they handled our project form beginning 'till the end in a very professionally manner. They certainly surpassed our expectation and we're more then happy to rate them a five star service company on angieslist; hopefully they'll get more business and keep making more home owners happy.
- Fabienne F....
They had to take the top layer of our lawn our to put the turf down. There was a lot of prep work done. I am happy with the work. They did a nice job, but there were a few places that were not cut properly. It could have been a perfect job. They were really nice people. There was another guy that gave me a lower bid, but never got back to me. When I contacted this company they got back to me immediately and came out the next day to do the work. They worked until 10 at night one night.
- Richard D....
ALake Lawn Care and Landscaping
I used Lake Lawn for a project over the winter and was so please with Sean's work ethic that we contracted with them to install the putting green. Lake Lawn has never done something like this before, but we gave Sean the website we had looked at, and he took the ball and ran with it. He resaearched all the details, and spent quite a bit of time on the phone with the company to get answers to all his issues he foresaw. Sean is a golfer, so had ideas of his own to add to the design. He worked with me to give us what we wanted, and it is really cool. We kept it square so we could test it out before deciding whether to make it look more like an aesthetically true green, but I think we'll keep it as it is because we also used it as a mini-golf course this weekend. (We ordered minigolf pieces on line as well.) Anyway, Sean and his team did an excellent job and we love it. I love the fact that Sean is wiling to learn something new and worked hard to understand the whole thing before he started the job. It was definitely a job well done.
- Valarie L....
FCrowley's Concepts
They came out and measured my yard and I was supposed to get an estimate via email the next day and never came. I’ve called several times and left messages and emailed several times directly and through Angie’s list and never got any kind of response. Very unprofessional. Either they are out of business or they didn’t want to do the job but very unprofessional not to let me know either way
- George G....
AMJ Nicholls Landscaping LLC
We highly recommend Matt and his crew for any landscaping project. Matt helped us plan the fine details of our project. We especially liked his crew, who were all very competent and polite and a pleasure to have around. These young guys even dealt skillfully with our angry neighbors who falsely accused them of breaking a branch on their favorite tree. Matt impresses me of being able to efficiently handle any project. He brought in moving equipment, removed a large amount of earth and replaced it with stone for the artificial turf. The irrigation system was put in in an eye-blink, he had the plumber come in prior to the start of the project during some downtime. He handle a "dispute" very well - he'd ordered a vinyl gate, while I thought we ordered a wooden gate. He was easygoing and flexible about it. (It turns out we'd ordered a vinyl gate, and it looked better in that particular location anyway (besides the other advantages of vinyl, which I normally don't like)).We found Matt through Angie's List, but learned that he was working with some of our neighbors in Dorchester. We have since recommended him to other neighbors.
- Ian G....
FBird's Eye View Landscaping
Numerous problems have been caused by this company when they provide lawn and plowing service next door. This has necessitated calls to the highway department to remove snow this company plowed from next door and left in front of my drive way, blocking access to the street. When cutting grass the cut across my driveway, for their convenience and without my permission, cutting into and leaving noticeable damage to the turf. If you want to cause problems for your neighbor this is the company for you
- Colleen M....
AROC Lawn Care
From the beginning i felt comfortable with John and his team. He showed up on time to the estimate appointment and went over all my option with me for my patio project. Instead of just throwing out numbers at me like the other appointments I had from other companies he went over color and design options with pavers, concrete , colored concrete, and even a patio cover and artificial turf. John also went over the construction process and time frames for everything and made it seem easy. I was very pleased that John and his crew can do everything to upgrade my back yard.The cost of our project was well with in our budget and i was pleased that John didn't hard pressure sell us. We ended up going the Pavers for my back patio and installed a patio cover. The paver crew that came out was fast and very efficient. They showed up early and stayed late to get my project finished by our deadline. The Patio cover crew completed my patio cover in about 5 hours. I thought it would have taken a lot longer to get my new back yard due to past experiences with other contractors. I look forward to working with John and his team to redo my drive way and front entry.
- Anthony S....
Michael(the owner) did a great job to my lawn. We communicated via phone and emails many times first to discuss what the possible solutions are in order to get the best result from my lawn. Then Michael sent me the estimate. He is honest on the price and service. He and his folks worked whole day for me. They came on time, got rid of crab grass and old turf in one section, tilled the area, re-seeded and put the fertilizer and lime. He also aerated my whole lawn, put the fertilizer and did the overseeding. Michael patiently answered my questions via email before and after the service. He also sent me reminder to cut the grass after 3 weeks. The price is very reasonable. I would highly recommend the service. Great job and thank you very much.
- Wei X....
Jeremy fit me into his schedule and did a wonderful job with the turf installation. He’s professional and knows his stuff.
- George T....
AMacauley Brothers Inc
OLD FASHIONED CONTRACTOR PROFESSIONAL VALUES FOR ANY HARDSCAPE, LANDSCAPE OR MASONRY PROJECTS Macauley Brothers Landscape has maintained old-fashioned work values in their approach to their clients and their work. If you need top quality hardscape, masonry or landscaping work done, there is no better choice than Macauley Brothers. I have managed several residential and commercial renovation projects and communicated with numerous contractors over the decades, and Macauley Brothers stands out, because of the superior qualities of their ownership, their office management, their crew chiefs, and their workers. Pride in a job well done with customer satisfaction is a top priority for Macauley Brothers, as if your home was their home. Starting with their responsiveness, reasonableness, and honesty in discussing with you their creative proposals to address your goals; and continuing through scheduling, prepping, completion and billing; you will be impressed with their transparency and follow through . .even when they are very busy. They actually listen to their clients’ requests and provide a cost effective and creative way to meet your objectives if possible within your budgets. As with any business that relies on weather conditions and manufacturer suppliers, there will inevitably be delays and unexpected challenges. But you can be confident that Macauley Brothers will be straight forward with you in trying to minimize the problems from these issues. As the customer, you will be treated with respect, which is why they will become your hardscape, masonry and landscape company of choice through the years, as you improve and renovate your homes., and move to new ones How do I know so much about Macauley Brothers? Because they have done a wide range of challenging hardscape, masonry and landscape projects for two of our family homes in Newton and Brookline over the past 4-5 years. The outside areas of both homes have been totally transformed by Macauley Brothers, substantially enhancing their curb appeal, usability and value. Neighbors and strangers passing by have consistently stopped to praise their work and the impact on the neighborhood. Their fist job was to demolish and rebuild with designer manufactured blocks an engineered retaining wall that was as high as 10’ at its highest. Most other masonry companies were too small, too large or too intimidated to even make a proposal, but Macauley Brothers installed a magnificent wall exceeding engineering standards that has received praises from the engineer and the City of Newton. Macauley Brothers has used a smaller retaining wall to regrade a side yard where they have installed artificial turf to create an amazing playground area for our grandchildren; have created new paver patios, repaired flagstone patios and walkways, and installed beautiful fencing around each. A crumbling front staircase and landing build on a crescent of a hill have been rebuilt by Macauley Brothers into an inviting and impressive durable front entry. In both homes, they have installed beautiful paver and natural stone walkways, patios and landings in striking patterns; applied granite or block steps into the side of a steep hill; and placed cobbles to add style to an asphalt driveway. When possible, they will repair masonry that does not require replacement. Macauley Brothers took construction ravaged front and backyards in Brookline and restored their prior beauty with installed Sod and landscaping. In both houses, the landscaping recommended by Macauley is always appropriate from as aesthetic perspective, as well as suitability for the region, climate, soil condition and sun exposures. In short, if you have a hardscape, masonry or landscape project that is important to you or your family, it would be a mistake not to hire Macauley Brothers if they are available and interested in your project. If you have to wait a few weeks for their schedule, I know that it will be worth the wait.
- Frederic J....