Leverett Sidewalk Replacement

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Business Description: Since 1968, A L Bristol & Sons has offered uncompromising quality in excavating, drainage, utility installations including water and sewer, and other site work such as brick patios, sidewalks and block retaining walls. Our fleet of excavators, dump trucks and other heavy equipment are well suited to work on commercial, institutional, and residential construction projects. ​A L Bristol and Sons is a family owned and operated business spanning three generations, all of which were instilled with strong work ethics and attentions to detail. We understand the importance of delivering competent and reliable services to our customers. Over the past few decades, we have developed strong relationships with our customers and we are deeply grateful for their continued support. We also greatly appreciate our more recent customers that gave us the chance to show our passion for providing high quality services.
Recent Review: I was extremely satisfied with his service.
Business Description: Owner operated.
Recent Review: I decided to replace the concrete with concrete and to repave the entire driveway at a later time.  Therefore I hired another contractor to replace the two sidewalk panels and the driveway apron.
Recent Review: .They did a good job and I have no complaints about the work they did.
Recent Review: He did a professional job. He did impeccable work. He is very fussy.
Recent Review: I called Jim to get a quote and got his voicemail he promptly returned my call. He did stop at our house while my father-in law was there doing some work. Jim looked at the work we wanted done and called me later in the day. I asked him to send me a quote but he insisted on meeting with my wife and myself on a Sunday! He showed up promptly on Sunday and went over the job with us pointing out several things we had overlooked. He emailed us the quote the following day,Monday.The weather presented some challenges to start the job. Jim was careful not to start work that would interfere with the pouring of the concrete, stamping, or sealing of his work. Jim has two specialists working with him one of which is his brother Jeff and also John. All three gentlemen were professional and helpful as the process went along. As the work progressed you could see that they had an eye for detail being very particular about how the concrete looked as it was being poured and as it was setting. As they stamped the concrete Jim could be heard offering his coaching of "not so hard"! They used a Bobcat and small backhoe. The process with the machinery tore up the lawn. My only negative feedback is we supplied the grass seed which was part of the quote and had Jim bring in the topsoil. The topsoil was loaded with crabgrass. We spent hours removing the crabgrass by hand as the seed started to grow. I had Highpoint come in and apply a crabgrass killer and by the end of Summer after having the lawn aerated and reseeding the problem is under control.
Recent Review: Due to amount of rain this summer, the job got done much later than I first thought. Phil and his crew are friendly, punctual, good at what they do. They provide a top quality service and tips on how to keep the driveway looking like new.

Reviews in Leverett to Replace Sidewalks

DLouis Pallotta Paving
I selected Louis Pallota Paving after examining reviews in Angie’s List and getting 3 separate estimates. Although Pallotta Paving was not the least expensive bid, I chose them as I felt in my interactions, Vinnie was very professional and he seemed like a nice guy. Vinnie & his crew showed up promptly on the assigned date and completed the work on the same day. There were 3 lawn sprinkler heads damaged in the process that I had to replace, but I attributed that to the fact that they had been installed too close to the driveway. Within the first week of installation a portion of the driveway began to break apart (picture attached). The asphalt seemed not to bond together very well. I immediately contacted Vinnie and he came over to examine the area within a few days. He stated he would return to repair it sometime later in between jobs. A few weeks later grass began to grow through the pavement on the sidewalk indicating the necessary prep work was not performed correctly. As the summer ended and the weather was getting cooler I contacted Vinnie on Oct. 5th to inquire of the timing of the repair. He stated he would repair it and see how it blends through the winter. Having heard nothing more from Vinnie I contacted him again on Nov. 15th. He followed up with one VM on my phone but never followed up with an attempt to repair the driveway. I will now contract someone else to make the repair at my expense. I am very disappointed in the experience.
- Mark G....
AAcme Site Work Inc
I decided to replace the concrete with concrete and to repave the entire driveway at a later time.  Therefore I hired another contractor to replace the two sidewalk panels and the driveway apron.
- Nathaniel G....
ALanoue Tree & Landscape Service Inc
He was very professional and does impeccable work.  We are very satisfied.  We would have been a little bit happier with a little better price, but the trade off is that we got excellent quality.
- Susan F....
AAcme Site Work Inc
He and his entire crew arrived on time and the date we agreed upon. The entire was so very precise on what everyone was to do. They are efficient and professional. The job was completed in a half a day. The entire project from contact to completion was an awesome experience. We Recommend Steve and his business with the highest possible endorsement. Please contact Steve with any asphalt project you may be considering.
- Lisa P....
ATaylor Davis Landscape & Construction Co
They were professional from start to finish. They were a bit more expensive than other estimates, but they did exactly what they said they would do and did it well.
- Paul V....
ARed Oak Paving
Due to amount of rain this summer, the job got done much later than I first thought. Phil and his crew are friendly, punctual, good at what they do. They provide a top quality service and tips on how to keep the driveway looking like new.
- Diane H....
BSet In Concrete, Inc.
I think they did a nice job and I have been mostly pleased with it. When they put the patio in they didn't take away all the gravel underneath that was in places, but there's a garden there and so I've had difficulty digging down to plant things because I have like a rock bed there instead of having soil. It was like some shortcuts were taken a little bit in that area. I had them come back but they really sort of dismissed me instead of agreeing that it shouldn't have occurred. I would use them in the future but probably with more caution. I did pay attention when they did it, but that's sort of the annoying part. It's not every where and is just in one section, but it was a section that I really wanted to plant in and I can't get that stuff out myself. It's physically too heavy.
- Martha M....
Todd made an appointment for an estimate and showed up exactly when he said he would. His estimate was the lowest by far. He scheduled the work within a couple of days and was here bright and early as promised on the appointed day. He did the work very well and left the sight clean and hauled away all the old concrete. He even got some asphalt patching material and patched a pothole in the street which was right at the end of our new concrete driveway. Seeing what a wonderful job he did, I also got a quote for the rest of the driveway and discovered, to my surprise, that Todd's price made it possible for me to do the whole thing. What a special treat to find someone who takes pride in doing a good job, is honest and hard working and won't screw you on the price. He restored my faith in human beings.
- Liz J....
ARed Oak Paving
Signed detailed contact with Phil on 5/11/16. Phil requires one quarter of total price at signing. One quarter at start. One quarter at base complete. And the last quarter at completion. He takes Visa and Mastercard. The start date Phil gave me was 6/21, but I received a phone call from him on 6/14 around 8am asking if he could start on my driveway within the hour as his scheduled project was delayed. I agreed, so he arrived approx 9am. Phil and his workers first worked on removing the old asphalt driveway and lousy base. By the time he finished that part the edge of my garage was approx. 18 inches above the base. They removed alot of sand and plain old dirt. They then brought in larger stone gravel that Phil said is the same type that is used on road projects. The second gravel they used was the smaller stone gravel. After both types of gravel were packed down, Phil informed me that because it was approx. 4pm that they would be back first thing in the morning to finish the base with a more crushed gravel  for the top of the base. Phil and his crew arrived approx 8am. They put down the crushed gravel, rolled and graded it. When Phil came to my house to give me a quote for a new driveway he explained to me that after he installs the base he has you drive on the base for at least a week and then returns to finish with the asphalt. He was the only contractor that said that. I thought  it made alot of sense. So on 6/23 Phil came by my home to tell me that he would be at my house first thing in the morning on 6/24. The crew arrived approx. 8am and put down the binder asphalt and finish asphalt. Then rolled and graded it. My garage has no lip on it. My front sidewalk has no lip on it. The end of my driveway which was once below the road and always puddling with water is now above the road so the water should stay on road. And graded nicely to meet road. They cleaned up the debris and put up an orange tape at the end of the driveway to keep vehicles off for at least 3 days. I am very happy with the completed project. Looks great!  Only time will tell exactly how good the driveway Phil and his crew installed is. But I do know this. Phil is a true pro. He was a pleasure to do business with. He was easy to talk too. He took the time to explain to me many things about driveways when he came by to give me a quote. He mails you a complete written contract. Stating, work to be done etc. Doesn't  just hand you a business card with a price on the back like someone else did. I highly recommend Red Oak. I would hire them again in a heartbeat.
- David M....
FSpartan Bobcat And Concrete Services
Worst most unprofessional company to work with and most terrible job ever! The pitch of the sidewalk was directed toward the stairs leaving a huge puddle at the bottom of the stairs. When I finally got Spartan/Matt to come remedy the situation the repair work was even worse. No attempt was even made to match the existing rock pattern, the pitch was still incorrect, the step is 5" on one side and 6" on the other, my yard was dug up with tractor tracks, they even ruined my own hose and sprayer, got concrete on my newly painted front door! Matt Thioun who was the representative I was dealing with would say one thing and had little to no follow through. He had difficulty with the truth on many occasions. Please use another company, I would hate for anyone else to go through what I did. UPDATE: Yes, after the third and most horrible failed attempt to fix the botched job my husband and I decided to not let Matthew and his workers back onto our property because every time they came onto our property something else on our home got broken. i.e. the doors got concrete all over them, the front lawn now has tractor marks across it, our siding now has concrete on it forever. It felt like three times was plenty to give his company Spartan Bobcat and Concrete, Inc/Spartan Concrete Inc to first do the job, and second and third repair the job. I did absolutely tell Matthew to not return to the job site. the job was so awful, there was no light at the end of the tunnel. I'm not sure why he is acting surprised that at that point I requested a refund? Matthew Thouin brought up going in front of a "clerk magistrate" months earlier when he was screaming at me about the top of the landing stain. He brought up legal action early in our working relationship, like a hothead that he is, which was in complete disagreement with our contract. Matthew Thouin basically makes up his own rules, contracts, laws, oh, here's a good one, I live on a dead end street and one Monday morning he double parked his own truck next to his workers truck and blocked all my neighbors into the end of the street so NOONE could get out to get to work at 7:45!!!! OMG they were livid. AND Matthew was actually put out that he had to move his truck! Please read the other reviews. Two other reviews say that they did not get what they were promised by the appraiser until they CAUGHT SPARTAN in the act and had to BABYSIT SpARTAN CONCRETE INC. to be sure they got what they were promised. This is known as Bait and Switch! It has not happened to three of us! Stop the madness!
- Lisa B....