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Business Description: I am a registered Home Improvement Contractor and Licensed General Contractor, serving Western Ma., in many areas of making a home look better and more comfortable for my customers, at an affordable price. I try my hardest to work WITH my customers and understand exactly what they want and give them what they are paying me for. I am a cabinet maker by trade and tend to be a little on the meticulous side. Additional services: Painting, Roofing, Gutter Installation, Repair, & Cleaning, Pressure Washing, Finished Basements, Dropped (Suspended) Ceilings, Furniture Assembly (local only), Tub & Shower. Super Service Award winner for 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016!
Recent Review:                    He showed up when he said he would, great work, did what I wanted, good to his estimate.
Recent Review: Very good, experienced workers. Walt very attentive to any questions & situations we wanted changed.

Reviews for Greenfield Builders

CDave Lane Building and Remodeling
Dave and his project manager Marshall came out on May 2nd 2013 to meet me and go over what I wanted to have done. I explained to them that I wanted them to put together a storm shelter, then frame, sheet rock, and prime around it, and to fix a couple siding issues I had on the back of the house. In the space that I was using for the shelter, there was an additional space of about 3 feet that I wanted to turn into a closet, so part of this project was for them to build in a door with hardware. The interior of the closet itself was to remain unfinished. I explained to them the storm shelter was bought from a company in GA, and it consisted of many panels that needed to be anchored to the concrete floor and then bolted together. I showed them the area it was to be installed in, and the panels and other various hardware that came with it. I told them that based on all the information I had, including a company web video on how to install the storm shelter, that the installation of the shelter itself, with 2 people, should take roughly 2 hours. I also emailed the video to Dave and had company provided instructions on hand for Dave and his team to refer to.  Dave sent an email back to me a few days later saying they could do the job for $1585.50. They came and started work on May 7th, however Dave apparently forgot to add in the work for the siding, so the cost went up to $1635.50.  The 1st day of work, these guys came in and were awesome.  The panels for this storm shelter are made from 10 gauge hot rolled steel and some of the edges were somehow bent out of place just enough to turn this project into a nightmare. Marshall and his guys never complained and vowed to get the job done for us. It took them the entire day, but they finished it. The only other hiccup that day was that they had put up a ladder on the outside of my house with the intentions of working on the siding issues I had. The shelter took so much time, we all forgot about it, and the wind knocked the ladder over, breaking 2 more panels of siding in the process. Day 2 (May 8th) they came about an hour late do to some issues with getting the materials needed the night before, but otherwise went smooth. Day 3 (May 9th) also went well. They disconnected my basements fire alarm because the work they were doing was setting off all the alarms in the house. They also finished framing and sheet rocking the walls around the shelter, and installing the door (without hardware) for the closet. I was so impressed at this point with these guys, even though the work was NOT completed, I paid them $2500.00. They didn't ask for it. I felt that the work they did, up to this point, exceeded what we agreed on, based on all the information we had at the time, and since Marshall, Jared, and Mike came in and stuck it out, I wanted to help them out too.  Unfortunately, this is where things got weird. Dave wanted to be the last guy to work on my project. He told me how he was the finisher. But he was very busy. They had this project and that project. I tried to be understanding and told them not to worry about it, and to make time to come out when they could. This went on for MONTHS. First it was the work load. Then, end of May, Dave broke his leg. Then Marshall broke his arm. I kept telling them not to worry about it, to heal and come back when they were better.  In the meantime, the siding that they did fix, blew off during a storm, hanging by what I would later find out was a wood screw they used to try to hold the siding in place. They also never fixed the siding their ladder broke. Speaking of the ladder, they left it at my house from May 7th, till August 15th.  So at this point, I have siding off the house with exposed installation, the walls in the basement are not finished with the mud much less primed, there is no door hardware installed, and my fire alarm still disconnected.  After keeping in touch with Dave on a weekly basis, he finally sends Jared back to work on the walls in the basement on August 8th. Jared is a good guy. He works hard and means well. However, he told me how they were all over worked, getting 6-7 new jobs a week. This didn't sit well with me. 6-7 new jobs a week while I thought these guys were all too hurt to work, and my project still isn't completed, AFTER I paid them almost $900.00 MORE than what they asked for in FULL. After a few hours of work, Jared said he would be back the next day to finish the sanding on the mud. He never came back. On Saturday, August 10th, I sent Dave an email saying I was done with them. That Jared said he was going to come back and was a no call no show. That I was hiring someone else to finish the siding and was going to finish the basement myself. He asked me via email repeatedly for another chance, and my wife finally convinced me to allow him to come back to finish the siding a few days later.  On August 15th Dave, for the first time, came over and worked on this project. He fixed all the siding issues including the siding his ladder broke. We discussed the basement and after much hesitation on my behalf, I agreed to let him come back to finish the work they were paid to do.  Dave emailed me on August 28th apologizing for not getting back sooner and saying this was not round 2. He said Marshall had quit and he was very busy. He asked if he could come back on Saturday, August 31 to finish and I told him no problem, just let me know when he would be over. He emailed me back saying his wife was going out of town for the weekend and he would have the kids, so he would have to get back to me the next day with a time for Saturday. He never got back to me, and never showed up, called, or emailed on Saturday, August 31st. On Sunday, September 1st, he emailed me apologizing yet again and I didn't respond. Dave emailed again on September 3rd asking to come back, but I had finished most of the work myself the Saturday he didn't show up. People not showing up or calling when they say they will is a HUGE pet peeve of mine.  On September 4th, I basically fired them. I emailed Dave that his services were no longer needed, and I finished the work I paid them to do myself.
- Scott H....
APease Handyman Services
                   He showed up when he said he would, great work, did what I wanted, good to his estimate.
- Delores G....
BTNT General Contracting Inc
Very good, experienced workers. Walt very attentive to any questions & situations we wanted changed.
- Elizabeth H....