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Business Description: Interior & Exterior renovations
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Business Description: Steve Christ, CEO of Skilled Contractors, has 45 years of experience in residential construction and 25 years of experience in Construction Management. Scott Allen, his fellow CEO, has 7 years of combined experience in residential roofing sales & management. Together, with 50 years of combined residential roofing and building experience, they form Skilled Contractors, LLC. At Skilled Contractors, we pride ourselves in being the leader in all types of residential construction. Licensed by the Louisiana State Board of Contractors, our services include roofing, fencing, renovations, remodeling, and additions. All of the work is of the highest standards set by the industry. When a subcontractor is needed we will guarantee that the subcontractor is safe, qualified, and has very high ethical standards.
Recent Review: There were mistakes from the very beginning and it only got worse. Early in the framing process my wife and I noticed some errors, that's because the subcontractors were given the wrong plans. At every major step in the building process there were serious mistakes. Our 2 story home was to have 2 AC units. Due to an error in design we were told it was impossible for there to be 2 AC units. After considerable arguing they agreed to fix the problem. Trusses were removed and redesigned. New trusses then laid on the ground for 4 weeks. Before trusses were installed the AC unit was installed. So the AC unit had to be taken out, trusses installed, and AC reinstalled. AHP did not know the AC unit had been installed before the trusses, I informed them of this. There is ZERO communication between AHP and their subcontractors which has been a constant source of trouble. We continually told Hunter with AHP that the support columns for the balcony were wrong - they were cut uneven and cut too short. He would not fix them correctly. 2 weeks after we moved in he tried to use stryofoam board to fix the support columns. I finally called his boss and they were told to fix the problem. 3 months later the problem is still not completely fixed. There is also ZERO quality control. In addition to a sagging balcony, walls are not square and window casings are not square either. Some blinds are too wide at the top and too narrowat the bottom. Others fit at the top and bottom but not in the center. I'm including a picture of a support column which was cut too short and i had to fight with them for over 3 months to try and get it replaced. Also note the cracked block of wood used for support. Note the picture of the uneven cut on my support column in picture 2. Their solution was to use wooden shims on the bottom. Hello, wood compresses. My overall experience with them was terrible. Would not recommend.
Business Description: New Deal Metal Buildings offers carports and more. We specialize in metal & steel garages in Louisiana & the Southeast. 866.558.0203

Reviews in Livonia to Build Carports

ARGP Construction LLC
They did a beautiful job and I would definitely recommend them.  Everybody connected with the company was very nice.  They did what they said they were going to do and then cleaned up after themselves.  We had a guy build us a single carport on the back of our house years ago and he did a half a*s job on it so TDP took down the old carport and built a new carport on the back of our house.   In our opinion, they did an excellent job!
- Robert (....
ATotal Package Construction Group LLC
The construction of the carport went great!  They oversaw and/or personally carried out every step of the construction from framing the foundations to the roofing!  Their workmanship was excellent! This company is operated by two brothers, Jordan and Jacob Stafford, and they are honest, hardworking and pay attention to details! My new carport blends in seamlessly with the rest of my home!  Needles to say, they did an excellent job on the previous two projects they did for me and that is why I had them build my carport.
- Ken T....
ATown and Country Builders
This is the most professional group of contractors that I have ever worked with! John Smith gave a fair and accurate estimate made excellent suggestions for things that I had not even thought of. His four man crew with Danny as the lead works fast and efficient, with quality that I have never seen in this kind of construction. I would not have any reservations about letting this crew work for anyone that I know, they are very precise and seamless. They go above and beyond to make sure that every part of the building is correct.
- Brian F....
AA-1 Overheaddoor Co
To date, have been very satisfied with the work.  It looks nice, Steve was willing to work with me when i wanted to do something "differently."  He worked around my schedule and was very flexible.  I have no complaints.  I would probably change a few minor details if i were to do it again, but nothing that is major.
- Will N....
AHomeworks of VA
Overall, the experience went pretty smoothly. They finished the job in a timely manner and as we went along, I had made changes to the project and they were still able to finish the project with no delays. I'm happy with the work completed and I would highly recommend them to others.
- Susan L....
ADesign Concepts LTD
My house was built in 2000 by United Built Homes on a lot that was never graded. The salesman told me that it wasn't necessary since the lot had been cleared many years before and it was better to construct the house on the undisturbed ground. The fact is all he was interested in was getting paid and had no concern for what would happen once the job was done. Having no experience with building a house or what was required I took him at his word. As a consequence of this the lot had no drainage and water was steadily collecting under my house, which is not on slab, but up on piers. The constant moisture under my house was causing the floors to rot from under the house and was causing my house to literally sink into the ground on one side. Because the house was settling unevenly two windows on opposite sides of the house had broken. Also I had a carport behind the house that I was never able to use because my driveway did not extend all the way to where the carport was built. Pam Boyer, owner of Design Concepts is a close family friend that I have know since I was 5 years old and I knew that she was an interior designer, but I didn't know that she was also in the building and remodeling business until my mother told me. So I called her to see what she could do. As soon as she walked into my house, she was stainding in the hallway and immediately said before going any further, "this house isn't level". This was before I told her what was going on with the house. It was on from there. To make a long story short, she got her crews in gear and installed a French drainage system on three sides of the house and the water immediately started drying up under my house. She then leveled the house and strengthened the floor where it had started to rot. My original plan was to remodel my kitchen, which I always hated and replace the floor. Once the floor was fixed from underneath she ripped out the kitchen and had all new cabinets made, reconfigured the kitchen to give me twice as much cabinet space, installed granite counter tops, painted everything and poured the driveway all the to the carport and finished the carport. We completely redid the front porch and painted the outside of my house. She came in like a whirlwind, I told her what I wanted and she helped me pick colors and improved on my ideas. She was here at least every other day checking on the progress of her crew and making sure that everything was done to our satisfaction. At the end of every work day her crew cleaned up their mess and made sure that little evidence of what was going on inside didn't show too much on the outside. Be forewarned that Pam is a take charge kind of person and when she starts work it is to your advantage to stay out of her way. In about 2 weeks she will be coming back to remodel my bedroom and the two bathroom in my house. I'm so excited about finally getting the house I worked all my life to have I can hardly stand it. Pam is blessing.
- Darlene B....
AWooden Creations, Inc.
Very professional, detailed, great planning, no suprises once the construction started, Green builder, energy efficent and perfect design, It has gone seamless. Does a 80 page complete layout of whats to be expected. Very well respected in the community with a Master Builder Cir.
- Richard M....
BPreferred Home Renovations
Preferred home renovations scheduled a Sunday to perform services. Although the offer stated that materials would not be provided, it would have been most useful if preferred home renovations would have informed me of the materials needed for the project before beginning work. The piece of damaged fascia that was removed from my home was red wood and it was replaced with a much lighter, lesser quality wood (maybe pine?). Because the section of soffit and fascia had been removed before I knew exactly what needed to be replaced and because it was a Sunday, we had to purchase the lesser quality wood from the only store open that had soffit and fascia available that day. 
- Elizabeth G....
After touring the model homes in Shadows of Ascension, we were so impressed with the quality of the homes we saw. Specifically, the Marbury II. It was beautiful right down to the final details. We found the perfect lot and our journey began. We are currently building a home with Level in Shadowbrook Lakes. The initial framing of the house was superb and everything we could have hoped for. Everything went great before the sheetrock was installed. Well, almost everything. The issues started with a floor outlet in the living room. It was put in the slab on the opposite side of the living room from the original plan. It was placed inches from the fireplace. The slab had to be jackhammered and it was eventually moved to the other side of the room. After the driveway was framed, signs went up that said "Don't Pour Driveway". A week later we discovered a 3 ft. deep trench around the front of the house. They had neglected to connect our home to the city sewer line. A few days after our ceiling was painted, the tape began separating on the sheetrock and nearly every seam became very visible. Our kitchen, living room and dining area had large, very visible cracks. We contacted  customer relations and this issue was addressed. By addressed, I mean another coat of sheetrock mud was applied and this 2nd layer promptly cracked. It was "repaired" a 2nd time with an even thicker layer of mud and repainted. At our wits' end, we had the builder and his supervisor, along with customer relations meet us at the house. We were told by the builder that once we put blinds up, the seams would be less visible. We were told by his supervisor that our expectations may need to be checked. The ceiling issues were repaired a 3rd and 4th time, and as of today (4 days before we are due to close and move in), the sheetrock seams are so thick that the entire ceiling has a very lumpy appearance. I truly wish I could post photographs. We have once again been assured that Level will "do what they can to fix it". Our patio is another issue. The hardi siding on the patio, an area we plan to spend lots of time, is chipped, cracked and has holes and broken edges. It has such a thin coat of paint, in some areas you can see the original color of the unpainted siding. The individual siding pieces have been hung too closely together and the seams are buckling. Several pieces are hung uneven, and that too is very noticeable. We were previously told, it would be trimmed at the seams and caulked so that would be less noticeable. The plywood for the ceiling of the patio has been put up very uneven and we were 1st told that is just the nature of a plywood ceiling. After further complaints, were told it would be sanded to appear more even. That has not happened. Pieces are uneven by approximately 1/8 " and it is terribly visible. Each of the 4 pieces are secured at a different depth and it looks terrible, like a poor DIY job. The posts on the patio were left unpainted for weeks and developed large cracks. The posts were painted this week, but the cracks and a hole are still very visible. No caulking was done to fill these cracks. These posts look old and very substandard. Visiting the house one evening to see the newly installed wood flooring, we noticed several pools of water in the bedrooms surrounding a hall bathroom. Walking in to the bathroom, we discovered standing water on the bathroom floor. The next day, we reported the water spots to customer relations. She contacted the builder who told her someone left a window open and water got on the wood floor. She relayed this message and we immediately told her this was not true. There was no open window, there was water near the window, but the water was actually along the walls of the bathroom in both bedrooms. We were then told, there was a leak under one of the sinks. The wood floor in one of the rooms was severely damaged and was eventually replaced. There was also some sort of error with the plumbing lines in our kitchen island which contains the kitchen sink and dishwasher. They jackhammered a hole under the island and we have never gotten the actual details on what really happened there. Another issue that has troubled us: We were quoted a base price of our home. (For ease of explanation, I will use round figures although these were not the actual numbers.) The base price was $350,000. After upgrades were added, the sales price was raised to $365,000. We signed paperwork acknowledging the new sales price and agreed to it. We also paid $10,000 for part of the upgrades. Shortly before the appraisal, we were told the sales price of our house had been lowered to $355,000. Level and their preferred title company GMFS deducted the $10,000 we paid for upgrades and lowered the sales price, although we were still paying $365,000. It is interesting to note that the appraisal came in at $354,000...just under the "new" sales price. We have been unable to make sense of this as our upgrades have actually caused the value (sales price) of our house to go down. When we questioned this, we were told this is standard practice. We have consulted with DSLD builders and their title company and they repeatedly told us this is not how they do business. Our opinion, at this point, is they knew our house would never appraise for Level's sales price, so they found a creative way to lower the price so there would be no issues with the lender. Between the 2 of us, my husband and I have built 5 houses, and although there were minor cosmetic issues with each, we have never experienced anything like this. It is laughable. We are embarrassed to have friends or family see our house. This was supposed to be our dream home. We are currently in the middle of a nightmare. If you are thinking of building with Level, feel free to contact me at: I would love to show you the quality of the home you will be getting. Our home looks NOTHING like the model, whose qualityl we thought we purchased. Buyer beware!!!
- Lloyd R....
Joe Courtney and his staff were prompt, courteous, and professional. They did excellent work and communicated with me on all work planned and done. My house looks great and the insulation on exterior walls and radiant barrier under roof have cut my utility bills by more than half. Great workmanship and immediately addressed any concerns I had with the work. I highly recommend ITUS Pro.
- Roland R....