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AEastern Heating & Air Conditioning LLC
Gary Glanz and his team were prompt in the arrival from the very first day. They were able to remove all of my duct work and rearrange a few of my heat vents. The installation of the furnace and AC unit went as planned and Gary kept me informed of each step along the way.
- Clarence R....
ANew Circle Mechanical NCM Services
Overall I like the company. They are polite, professional, and courteous and every time I need them they arrive on time. They are really the only company I will use because they also provide plumbing services as well. I highly recommend them to all the friends I have.
- George W....
ANew Circle Mechanical NCM Services
He was on time.  He was very professional and friendly.  He worked quickly. I would recommend Ron highly.
- Dona J....
ACotton Plumbing Inc
He is very professional  and knowledgeable man.  He educated me on insulation,heating companies and repair with drywall. I   would certainly recommend him to anyone.   He is my plumber of choice.
- Sandra D....
FOZ Contracting LLC
Horrible to say the least. From the start, there were red flags but we wanted to give his company the benefit of the doubt. For instance, he had to rewrite the contract 3 separate times because I kept finding errors& redundancies in his charges. We paid a $1000. deposit to hold the start date of August 17,2015, it took them an extra 2 weeks to finally start work AFTER the agreed upon work date. Even after the disputes over the charges in the contract, it began to show that I was being grossly overcharged for materials. From 50 sheets of drywall (we didn't even need one-third of that) to the 60- 2"x4"x10' - boards to frame a 10' wall, there were many materials that he tried to "nickel and dime" from me. For example, I wanted to use doors to the original door to the house that was not being used, for the pocket door in the bathroom because he DIDN'T MEASURE the door the pocket frame is too big and the door didn't fit when he tried to install it, and so instead of using one of the existing doors, he tries to charge me $800 for 2 new door. 2 doors because the existing basement door is less than 5 feet from the pocket door and I want the doors to match. He used a subcontractor to finish the drywall portion of this project. Their work was included within the original contract, so I figured that their portion of work was included within the price. After their portion of the work was completed, I paid Wes the 2nd draw and thought nothing of it. Flash forward to a few months down the road and I'm receiving a lien from this subcontractor from nonpayment! I then contacted this company to clarify everything. To make that long story short, they had charged OZ Contracting LLC for all labor and materials, and also added a late fee. I then noticed in the charges that he STILL ended up charging for materials & labor, charging us for the same service twice. The contractor did not take the bathroom floor down to the subfloor leaving more than half still there. He did not install fan/light in bath or vanity fixture. He just left wires dangling from the ceiling. He did not install a GFI circuit in the bathroom.  He did install the lighting and ceiling fans my husband and I purchased seperately in the kitchen but also installed 2 unwanted can lights in my living room. One in front of the bathroom pocket door and the other over the tv that he hung in the wrong place and left wires dangling from the TV to the cable box. All wires were to be put in the wall not showing, When the plumbing was being replaced in the basement no cabinets or floor was in the kitchen thus allowing access to all the plumbing in the basement.  The plumber did not replace a horizontal section that runs under the kitchen to the stack.  This section is dripping some sort of gooey stuff and was when plumber was working.  The living room floor is unbelievable. Instead of using the old flooring from the bathroom area, the contractor purchased new wood to lace in the old existing floor.  He did not stain the new to match the old, and installed it incorrectly.  I now have what I call a tiger floor - stripped.The floor squeaks and grabes your socks and pinches your feet.  He didn't level the subfloor in the kitchen and nailed the boards in front of the 6 windows and in front of the cabinets from the top leaving the nail heads sticking out. The putty or what ever he put to fill the gaps between the boards in the living room comes out every time I sweep the floor.  The blow in insulation was not blown in from the inside as promised, instead it was blown in from the outside.  I now have mortar filled holes in my brick walls outside approx. every 18" with approx. 1.5' hole. I have not received any paper work on the insulation so I can take it off my taxes or even know what was blown in the walls. As I said he hired and outside contractor to install the dry wall.  According to the subcontractor they supplied their own supplies which OZ then turned around and charged me for them again and then some.  I was charged for 50 sheets of 10 foot dry wall and he didn't even drywall the bathroom. The room is 16' x 19'and only drywalled the ceiling and the 10' wall he built and the ceiling in the kitchen 13.5' x 17.5' The dry wallers dry walled my alarm control pad between the walls. When the electric was finally turned back on, it then being November and the job started in August, the alarm started chirping .  The workers left with it chirping.  It chirped all weekend long.  When I finally got a hold of OZ he tells me he moved the cabinet out put a hole in the wall and yanked it out of the wall.  When I asked it he caped off the wires he just said they were low voltage.  So now I have live wires dangling between two walls.  I don't think it matters the voltage especially in a wall that carries the water to the upstairs bathroom. ADT says it will cost $630. to replace the control pad and connect the three doors. The pocket door to the bathroom has never been installed nor any hardware. As for the backsplash, there is more glue/mortar on the face of the stone than holding it on the wall.  The stone is crooked on the wall behind the stove.  Glue/mortar that had oozed between the panels of stone. and of course he used white glue/mortar so it sticks out like a sore thumb. He smeared the mortar all over the face of the stone.   My husband and I purchased the cabinets, lighting, appliances, backsplash stone, and the PPG primer and paint.  It is so clear the primer was not used.  The blue is showing through the Antique Parchment.  Even a second coat would have covered the blue if one were applied. They painted over cracked plaster instead of repairing it.  They didn't sand the chipped paint on the window sills they just painted over it. There is places between the window and door where they didn't bother to paint, it is still blue. OZ asked where in the bathroom I wanted the heating vent.  I said under the left window.  He installed it under the right window.  The dumpsters pushed our neighbor's water meter down so far into the ground the meter reader can not get to it to read. The dumpster was changed out 3 times.  It block my driveway blocking access to my garage from August to the middle of November. They would fill the dumpster with garbage from other jobs. When he first asked for the 3rd draw of the payment, I was working from 6am to about 7pm six days a week. He told me the 3rd draw was $10,000 and instead of checking the contract, I wrote the check.  Next thing I know OZ is calling me at work telling me the check bounced. Thank God and I really do mean Thank God. I went to the bank and well ... lesson learned - Always check the account number of which the teller deposits your money.  Something kept nagging me something was still wrong so before calling OZ I checked the contract.  Another lesson learned - The 3rd draw was only supposed to be $7,734.  I told him I would write another check for the correct amount as soon as he returned the $10,000 to me. On the Monday before Christmas I found the check on the kitchen counter.  I wrote the corrected check put it in an envelope with a list of things that needed to be addressed, corrected or completed and put it on the kitchen counter.  The Saturday after Christmas we receive a "Notice of intent to claim lien against property" from OZ Construction.  We sent a letter, certified mail, in response, explaining we had no idea the job was complete. Stating the key was not returned, not final walk through and job incomplete and enclosed a list of 41 things that needed to be done. Next thing we know we received a copy of a lien dated January 7 OZ placed on our property. Elite Stone, the company which the counter tops were purchased called me stating they had not been paid.  We had paid OZ $18,000 up to this point.  I explained this to him and he also said he was going to have to put a lien on the property.No lien from Elite stone as of this review.  The same with the Alvarado's drywall and finishing.  They hadn't been paid and sent me a "Notice of intent to Claim lien on property".  Oz hadn't paid any of them.My husband wanted to give OZ one last chance to make good so he called him to come to the house to discuss the issues.we did a walk-through of the job and the list of FORTY ONE different problems with the work that he had done. As we are going through this list, he begins LAUGHING at me because I could not name the technical terms with the problems that I was listing. He would deflect and chalk many things up to "manufacturer defect"and telling me there was nothing wrong with the backsplash and telling me what he would and would not honor in the contract. It was abhorrent and unprofessional the way that he treated us as customers. I also had a very expensive refrigerator which was sitting in the garage, away from the worksite. When they brought it into the kitchen they loaded it on the dolly with the back of the refrigerator against the dolly, flaring out the metal sheet on the back of the refrigerator. I first noticed this when my boot fabric caught hold of the metal while trying to move it away from the wall. There is also a dent in the front of the refrigerator. They pushed it all the way to the wall, almost as if trying to hide that they had damaged this.I had the company which we purchased the cabinets come to the house to make sure we had everything we purchased because we were missing shelves in my cabinets. To my amazement, the reason the dishwasher is so close to the corner sink isn't because plumbing issues it is because he used the end panel to make floating shelves and the reason I am missing shelves in my cabinets is because they too are part of the floating shelves.  Oz Construction did send by email address the list of 41 issues that he would fix/finish.  No details and no amount that he would refund me for the materials charged for yet not used. By the way no permits were pulled for our job.
- Angela G....

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Recent Review: Gary Glanz and his team were prompt in the arrival from the very first day. They were able to remove all of my duct work and rearrange a few of my heat vents. The installation of the furnace and AC unit went as planned and Gary kept me informed of each step along the way.
Recent Review: Overall I like the company. They are polite, professional, and courteous and every time I need them they arrive on time. They are really the only company I will use because they also provide plumbing services as well. I highly recommend them to all the friends I have.