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ACooksey Plumbing Inc
Toilet  tank was leaking in bathroom of home. Repair was done on same day of appointment.
- Gino C....
AACME Plumbing & Heating Inc
Process was very smooth despite some issues the old fixtures gave the technician. He was very informative and honest.
- Carrie M....
AMaeser Master Services
It was amazing, wonderful and professional, this was tricky because of the granite but Tom did it with ease.
- Steven L....
CALL-PRO Plumbing
I felt that the tub they used was not deep enough. The wall in my shower is not very sturdy and the toilet has been leaking around the base.
- Sharon N....
AApex Plumbing Solutions
I called and left a voice mail message.  He called me back within a short time and said he could come over from his current job.  He arrived within about 20 minutes or less.  Diagnosed the problem and repaired it in short order.  Charged a very reasonable price.  Top marks for responsiveness, professionalism, and price.
- Conrad S....
FClog Busterz
I recently got connected with Clog Busterz via HSA home warranty company. They were called to fix a toilet that continued running after flushed, a faucet that dripped after being turned off, and the faucet on one of our tubs that started spraying water all over our basement. They showed up on Thursday May 24, 2018 to view what needed to be repaired. One of the technicians called me to ask if he could have the busted TV that we had in our garage while I was at a conference. He offered money for it initially and I told him $100, then he reconsidered and texted me to say that the pixels were busted (which I assume he knew before hand). We let him take it for free. The tech also removed some of the hardware from our bathroom so he could find a replacement part for it. My wife told him that we would need to wait a bit to have them come back to do the repair and figured it would also provide them with a sufficient amount of time to locate the parts that they needed to do the repair. We didn't get a call back to confirm the date that we were expecting them to show up for the repair (04jun2018) while I had taken a day out of work to be available at the house. So we called on 03 jun 2018 and were told that the technician who told us he would do the repair - whose name escapes me but has an 859 cell phone ending in 5724 - was not working on 04jun2018. The woman we spoke with called my wife back later the same day to reschedule for 05jun2018. That day came and went with no plumbers showing up to our place. We waited some more and then I called back on 10jun2018 at 7:32pm. I spoke with the woman who answered the call for 2 minutes and was told that she would call my wife and I back to let us know what was going on with the repair/parts. Yesterday (11jun2018) I received an email from one of the reps from HSA home warranty that included the following: I recently spoke with Terrica again from Clog Busters to ask details on why the service request was transferred. She made me aware the new technician that was assigned was unable to complete the job & also locate the part needed. So in their own words - through the rep from HSA home warranty - they are inept. But more importantly, after telling the HSA rep that they would return our hardware today (12jun2018) Clog Busterz showed that they are unable to do that without issue either. If you are looking for "plumbers" that aren't able to do plumbing repairs and will steal your fixtures feel free to call Clog Busterz, but if you don't want people to come into your home and steal your fixtures and then lie about when they will be returned to you call someone else.
- William B....
BBurris Plumbing
I liked them. He came right away and did a good job. He didn't break anything else while he was here.
- Mary O....
ACommonwealth Plumbing Inc
Efficient, professional, punctual, competent, reasonably priced, personable and dependable. Plumbers are not inexpensive nowadays, and I didn't have time to price-shop, but I was not overcharged on this. Fixing the toilet was an additional service for which many other plumbers would have charged.
- Michael J....
ADavis Plumbing
It went great. they took the time needed to make sure it was fully fixed. They even removed the toilet and reset it just to make sure there was no clog in there as well. They are dependable, fast to arrive and extremely courteous.My go to plumbers!!
- Bonna L....
AMark Taylor Plumbing Services
Both jobs were done quickly and professionally. Taylor responded to my calls quickly, showed up on time, got the jobs done expeditiously, and charged a fair price. I noticed that he was careful to wipe his feet thoroughly each time he entered the house. I will use their services again when needed.
- Conrad S....

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Recent Review: All the service technicians were professional, personable and punctual.
Recent Review: We had a sewage odor and the plumbers determined that the toilet seal was broken.
Award 2019Super Service Award
Recent Review: Thomas Plumbing done a great job and was very reasonable and I would recommend them to any one they will get the job done
Recent Review: Toilet  tank was leaking in bathroom of home. Repair was done on same day of appointment.
Recent Review: Process was very smooth despite some issues the old fixtures gave the technician. He was very informative and honest.
Recent Review: new toilet was installed. the plumber and helper were very pleasant and efficient. I will absolutely use again
Recent Review: Showed up on time, worked quickly and charged fairly.
Recent Review: Amazing job! Scheduled appointment within a day. Originally came to repair kitchen faucet and leaking toilet but very quickly repaired every plumbing problem I found. I highly recommend this company for any and all plumbing problems. VERY REASONABLE ON PRICE, ALSO!
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