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Reviews in Leitchfield to Build Carports

ASteve Head Home Building & Remodeling LLC
Overall: The workmanship was great. The carport looks great and looks better than the original did 2 years ago before the fire. The siding, shingles and gutters match the rest of the house just as though it was installed when the house was rebuilt in 2011. I really appreciate Steve Head going to the Council Meeting at the Madison County Courthouse in Richmond to present our problem with the grandfather clause.  Also; I appreciate Steve getting all permits approved, getting all work done, and the work inspected by the Madison County Building Inspector. We had a few setbacks, but no fault of Steve or his crew. The building permits taking about a month to get because we had to wait until the next board meeting, and then we had some snow days and rain days that hampered the work progress. The cost might be a little more than I had expected. However; I had rather pay a little more for a good quality job without shortcuts, inferior parts, or shoddy workmanship. I highly recommend Steve and his crew from the experience that I had.    The quality of his work and the attitude to perform the work to the satisfaction of his customers is why I plan to use his expertise again. Steve is to remove the ridge vent on the very top of this same house which the other contractor installed when they rebuilt the house.  Water is blown into the ridge vent during heavy rains with high winds and gets the ceiling wet. Steve is to replace the ridge vent with a solid ridge cap of shingles, add 2 turbine vents and 3 box or turtle vents, per our request.  Also, he is to install an octogan gable vent on the house side opposite the carport which the other contractor had failed to install. The quality of his work and the attitude to perform the work to the satisfaction of his customers is why I am using his expertise again, and I highly recommend him for this type of work.
- Danny H....
BDistinctive Design Remodeling
Ongoing, weather restricting full cleanup, landscaping and final finish. But looks like final project will be acceptable.
- Michael M....
ATREC Construction LLC
It was an amazing experience to work with Trec Construction.  The owner, Robby Watts, was a wealth of knowledge, ideas, and advice for our wonderful custom built home.  His attention to detail ensured that every aspect of the process was to our satisfaction.  He was responsive to any request and his quality was consistently top notch.  Trec Construction will be our "go to" company for any future building or remodeling projects.  First rate!
- Rosemary V....
AEagle Carports Inc
We were pleased with them. They were excellent. It took them seven hours to set them all up. They put up the garage in about six hours, and they set up the sheds on the pads we prepared in about thirty minutes each. They were part of a package and there's no charge for running them in. The two gardening sheds and a garage costed under $11,000; one shed was $3,200 and the other was $3,600. The price was excellent; we checked all over and it's the best quality and the best warranty.
- Bradley M....
Everything was excellent, job was done on time, excellent results they were very professional, would be more than glad to use richard deck construction again and highly recomend them
- Daniel P....
AJeff Hisel
He is fantastic. He gives me ideas and helps me make decisions. He is very creative and everybody that sees our house talks about how well it's built. If it's not exactly perfect, he redoes it.
- Sharon C....
ARicky Wilson Construction
There was a pretty nasty hail storm that caused some serious exterior damage that dented some aluminum on my tool building. They came and replaced the siding, it took two days and the building is still holding up well today.
- Jamie W....
DHollywood Construction Inc
I called Mr. Elam about building a metal garage for me and he arrived to provide a quote very promptly. During the discussion he noted that I was preparing to have a concrete carport poured. I told him I had already accepted a quote for the work from another contractor, but he asked me to let him know if that did not materialize. Several days later, I realized the original concrete contractor was not going to show-up to do the work. I called Mr. Elam and received his quote several days later. I asked him when he could start and he told me the next day, which he did. Before starting the job, Mr. Elam required payment for materials ($4500.00), which I provided. The job ran longer than anticipated but was near completion in around 4 days. Mr. Elam came to collect the balance ($1000.00 plus $200.00 for concrete sealer), which I again provided. As previously detailed I have spent the last 2 months trying to get Mr. Elam to return to complete the job, install my new carport storage doors, and clean up the mess in my yard and driveway. I have been given many excuses including the death of a brother-in-law, cost of renting a Bobcat, and the loss of employees. Every time I am able to get Mr. Elam to answer his phone, he promises to call me back, but never does. I have been very nice to him and expressed my understanding of his situation during every opportunity I have been able to speak with him. There is now, in my mind, no excuse for his failure to complete the job aside from intentional deception and fraud. Hollywood is an excellent name for Mr. Elam's construction company because, believe me, he is only "acting" as if he will complete your job.
- Bradley J....
We moved here from out of state and our realtor recommended Randy Brown to us. We signed a contract in June 2009 and in August we still had not heard from him so we told him we were going to void the contract and he said he would come over in the next few days to start building. When the floor was poured he said he laid out new building 3" lower than connecting building so we would need a concrete ramp. We did not want that so we paid $500.00 for extra concrete. When it was time to pour the floor we asked Randy where was the rebar & mesh. He said that it was fiber concrete and you don't need rebar or mesh. We told him if the floor started cracking or any other problems he would be redoing floor. Within 3 months the first crack appeared. Randy delivered a lift to us and we showed him the crack and his reply was "That's the nature of the beast." Within a year there was about 18 cracks. We talked to him in January 2011 about the floor and he had the concrete company come out to inspect it and they said it was "foundation failure". We had three other concrete companies look at the floor and they all said the foundation was done completely wrong. We called him and asked him to come over so we could discuss the floor problem and he would not return any of our calls. We called him several times and left voice mails just asking him to call or come over. We sent him a registered letter stating that we would split the cost of pouring a new floor and still no response. We had the floor busted up and redone all at our expense, no thanks to Randy Brown Builders. We would not recommend him to anybody!
- Debbie M....
We have been painfully building with Taylor for over 2 years. We have seen from the beginning the substandard work and subs they contract to. From the beginning of the build we signed the contract November 2014 they build started May 2015. Upon the dig they dug our foundation to deep. We were to have a walk up, the way they did it it was a walk up and out. This cost us over $20,000 more to get right. Next was the framers who framed walls so out of square some doors can not be hung and our stairs to the basement the railing has to be goose necked many times to meet code. Our brick was to be white to which we paid a premium for, it was left in the mud rained on and became even dirtier. Our first mason crew did an ok job, but for some reason they disappeared and a new Mexican crew came in, only one spoke English and promised the job would be better. My husband told them to throw out any dirty brick we would buy more..this was ignored. They laid our brick in below zero temperatures, without tarps or heat. There was so much mortar trash we wondered how water would ever get out. Underneath our back porch we paid an additional $24,000 to turn into a bath the concrete porch would be the roof this was framed with untreated lumber touching concrete it was left open to the elements for over a year. All the plumbing and electrical was torn out. The Amish man they had do the concrete was never paid and came back and told us he did not know how to do this and left. We had a new concrete man come in and tear all the concrete off and re pour.The newer concrete man told them there was not adequate support for the concrete roof and new supports were installed but not for our front porch, which is the same situation. They installed drywall, electrical cabinets, granite and plumbing and now has molded and has to be torn out again this is the 4th time. Taylor won't even install door knobs they stuff paper in holes. We are paying for heat and electric. Really??? Looking at the job every day we saw that things were very bad and the brick was sloppy and wavy. We told our second Superintendent at the time to stop we needed corporate to look at this. Nothing happened. The masons continued until they were complete. If I could show photos it would be nothing you have ever seen. We asked corporate to come out in May of 2016, we asked why our limestone sills we paid over $2,600.00 were cut into pieces. Corporate asked if their were any Limestone sills left. Only to find out they were not even limestone. Corporate said "you picked them" but later agreed to reimburse us and has now gone silent. We were told all our flooring and cabinets were coming in and our painter was lined up as they did not like the other painter that never showed as he was not of the quality we required. We were told by corporate that we would be closing in June of 2016. We ordered furniture and paid for white glove delivery service only to have it stored in out unheated and un-cooled pole barn. Our then Superintendent told us if we paid him extra money he could get our home done faster. This was pure extortion. Our next super was to change everything once he saw photos of what we had endured and tried to help he soon resigned as well. We are on super number 9. Our basement molded due to the fact that no HVAC was ever installed during over 90 degree weather and high humidity. They actually wanted to lay our premium 5" plank maple hardwood in this temperature and we had our super call the flooring company and ask if this was bad, as we knew it was, they said not to lay it. We spent over 101 days with no one here. They sent friends of corporate from Indiana to remediate the mold off photos and the crew admitted they were not certified, the owner of that company came to speak with me as I have over 20 years in mold and stated that he did this as a favor to corporate and off photos and was told it was only a small area. He walked off the job. Our brick was cleaned by another mason crew who clearly used muratic acid and has now stained our brick yellow all our fake limestone sills and our concrete porch and sidewalks. We have had numerous contractors knock on our door stating they were filing a lien as Taylor never paid them for their work. We have sent list after list to Taylor with photos asking them to correct these issues. They have over $500.000 of our money and no one has been here at all since. We filed mediation as it states in our contract we were called by corporate and asked to give them one more chance. We did,, we had one painter here for two days and two painters here for one day. They were painting trim that was never caulked. They stepped in trim paint and we have foot prints all over our stained concrete floor. I can not begin to tell you the issues we have had with the brick. It has no brick ledge. The Mexicans made their own out of wood and brick and smeared mortar. No weep holes, they put those in after. I asked them where are the weep holes they said they ran out of cord.Upon removal of the makeshift brick ledge our brick has no support. They told me they were going to bury it underground, this would also bury our plate board and even in Taylor's ridiculous warranty it states it needs to be 6 to 8: above grade. A new Mexican crew showed up and were to remove 3 courses of brick on our pool bath that leaks and install flashing..so no flashing was ever installed. They were to install steel as support for our brick that had no ledge and said it would stick out. We were told no it would be cut correctly..who is telling the truth? Are we now going to take a chance that they intrude upon our foundation wall which is not leaking? This was all off a report from a licensed engineer which was very vague. We investigated the engineer the company name was fictitious and he currently worked with another company but was friends with Chris Taylor on facebook. I contacted him and sent a few photos of our brickwork and what I had found and he never replied back. Following our stop to mediation nothing happened. We re-filed and were called by corporate asking for our bottom line. Never saying this was awful and they would fix it. When we told them of everything they never uttered a word for resolution only they would get back to us. We continued on with mediation and received an email stating that due to severe illness they needed more time. We are to set up our mediation call and were told that Mr. Taylor would not be available until September or November for actual mediation...this is JULY. We are sick of their lies and broken promises and uncaring attitudes. I ran a construction company successfully for over 20 years and wonder how they are allowed to continue this behavior. We are distraught and outraged and can not believe that their "Quality Brick home built on your lot "statement is anywhere quality. We will lose money if we tried to sell this. when we retire, Our brick is already cracking and can only imagine all the other horrible substandard issues that will arise once their joke of a warranty is over. Read all the Rip off reports and BBB complaints Mr. Taylor invites yo to call him directly...fat chance we have been told he is aware of our situation but being so ill can not come out to see our home or even speak with us. Mr. Taylor would you stand for this? I'll bet his home was not built by his company. I will say this to you "God has this" we trust that truth and justice will prevail and this will be made right!!! People need to know what they are getting into with Taylor Homes.
- Lisa R....

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Business Description: We are a FAMILY owned and operated business. We take pride in the Quality of our projects. We treat every customer as we would want to be treated ourselves.
Business Description: We are a family owned bussiness, who strive to do the best job on every job we do . We want 100% satisfaction from our customers , and that's what we strive to do .
Business Description: Additional DBAs - Layman's Masonry Estimator, Rod Layman Mason Contractor.
Business Description: We here at Moreland Homes, LLC offer a complete home improvement, there is no job to big or to small we do it all, there are some financing available an we do accept all major credit cards, we have four employs
Business Description: Handi-Port All Steel Garages and Carports is a locally owned and operated business of 25+ years. We offer some of the prices around on carports and garages. We also offer a Rent-To-Own program that requires no credit check.
Business Description: Family owned & operated.
Business Description: Church design and build, planning and accessment, home building and additions, small business design and build, recreational centers and sports venues
Business Description: General Construction, Building, and Remodeling
Business Description: We take pride in are Buildings we have a small amount of employees that will travel to do on site jobs
Business Description: We are a family owned conservative Anabaptist company focused on providing quality wood and vinyl storage buildings. This includes storage sheds, prefab garages, log cabin sheds, backyard structures and more.