Eubank Crawl Space Cleaning

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Business Description: Established in 1998, Advanced Steamway is the first company to specialize exclusively in professional water removal and drying services in the Louisville, KY area. We're committed to providing attention to all of the details that our clients always appreciate. Because it's the kind of difference that makes a real difference. And we proudly stake our reputation on it every day. We are only willing to bring aboard team members who posses the highest possible standards for themselves. It is critical that we as a team and a culture at Advanced Steamway have the right morals and values instilled in our hearts. We are clean cut and strongly believe in having great manners and being professionals.
Recent Review: Excellent service and very professional. Would definitely hire again!

Reviews for Crawl Space Cleaning in Eubank

DAdvanced Steamway
They did a good job drying out the crawl space and removing the mold. However, they did not adequately fix the hole they cut into my bathroom floor. They never stopped in daily to check on the progress as they said they would. And, when they charged my credit card, they overcharged me by more than $500 without saying a word about why they did it. I had to call them to get an explanation. They said they had made a mistake when estimating the # of fans needed. I said that was their problem, and they should honor their estimate. Nope. They totally blew me off. I even wrote a letter to the owners detailing all the issues there were with the services provided. I never heard from the owners. I was very dissatisfied with their customer service. I will never use them again. And, to top it all off, I received a postcard from them, thanking me for letting them clean my carpets. What carpets??? I don't have any carpets in my entire house.
- Jill H....