Brodhead Outdoor Lighting Installation

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Recent Review: Outdoor Lighting Co. were on time and very professional to ward us.

Reviews in Brodhead for Installing Outdoor Lighting

AOutdoor Lighting Perspectives of Louisville
They were everything is an A on this. Matter of fact they made a recommendation that we never thought about with out door lighting so we went ahead and incorporated that in their estimate.
- Marvin K....
AJ & J Handymen
We had several repairs that we had been putting off because I thought they would be too difficult or expensive to make. James came with all the right tools and knew how to repair a broken door jamb, swollen sliding glass door and an odd window break in my basement. They also fenced in the front of my house. I was SO pleased at the effort they had taken to get it exactly right. They installed new lighting for me. He also cleaned my gutters and installed a leaf barrier so that hopefully I won't have to climb a ladder again to do it myself.He was prompt and worked diligently and I was pleased with the final bill!
- Jessica L....