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Recent Review: It's working out fine.  I had some problem with it to begin with.  When they sent the pieces to me they had already batteries on them.  I had to two keypad batteries and one keypad died within a few days when I set it up.  The other keypad batteries died the following week but they did send me some new batteries to replace batteries.  Anyhow, I had no problem with it.

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ASimpliSafe Home Security
After researching, I went with SimpleSafe.  The only issue I had was from the time I placed the order to the time it took to get the system.  I placed it via this website and in doing so, it asked for dates for the company to contact me for the setup.  I gave the dates of 11,12, and 13 of November and I got an email from them saying they would be contacting me.  On the 13th I never was, so I called and after giving them my order number from  Angie's List, it took them a bit to locate it from their number that they processed it under.  They gave me the info I needed to included the tracking number (nice customer service).  In the meantime, I went to the website and ordered extra Entry Sensors which I got before the system even came.  The setup was easy, but the sensors I bought did not work (so I thought), so I was going to have to wait to call as their office was closed.  I did activate the system online and once I did, I was able to find where to activate the ones I bought in the "alarm settings", this is the place that you input the item and the serial number and then send that information to the Base Station so that it can activate it hence, I didn't have to call.  This information would have been great to have known as the book is just a basic setup and does not tell you this. This system so far is nice.  Even my pre-teen can manage it.  We do not use the keychain remote that came with it as it a bit large and sreams "ALARM REMOTE".  I did upgrade to the 24/7 monitoring and then downloaded the apps on our phones so we can mointor and make changes via cells.  The light on the keypad could be bit brighter. My advice is once you get your system and activate it either by calling or website, go online and browse the different places on your account as there is alot you can do from there such as setting it up,controlling the volume of the base station, passwords, point of contacts, and how you will receive your notifications.  As far as the police/fire stations, I did call for Topeka, KS. and was told that I do not need the alarm permit, but they were glad that that I called as they needed MY information i.e. address, how many live in the home so that they can responded (should they need too) also, they let me know their do's and don'ts and how many trials I get for false alarms for the initial set up to the yearly monitoring.   They also let me know the fees for them having to come out should I have used up my "freebies".  So do your homework on that end.  Overall, easy set up, did not take long at all. It would be nice to see if they have "sales" for other products that they have which would be nice to have, but not a requirement. Just to add an update to your repsonse: I have a copy of the email that I received and it has the dates of scheduling and the following message:  "we will be programming and shipping out your order within the next business day.  Please contact us at 888-957-4675 if you would like to pay for expedited shipping or PURCHASE ADDITIONAL componets.  We would be happy to help you with whatever you need."  It did not say "ADD" as you have mentioned in your response below.  I will look in each of the small boxes that the sensors came in to see if they had instructions, but I am sure they did not because the boxes were small.  These items came separate from my order.  If you do not plan on contacting anyone besides an email, I would suggest that you omit the request for the days of scheduling that is requested for "schedule service" .  I have noticed that sense I posted this, I am not receiving more "correspondance"  Thank you. 
- Kl B....