Whiting Garage Door Insulation

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Recent Review: Job well done, and quickly done. No problems what so ever and its been one year. Very good doors.
Business Description: ADDITIONAL CONTACT: (260-432-7543) Linda Linnemeier

Reviews in Whiting for Insulation

Terrible!  Because of the items in the attic they asked me to have a family member help move things to prevent damage.  My family was working so I hired a gentleman to help them. They were due between 10+1. The man I hired was here. While he was waiting he moved everything in the attic to one side and cleaned the floor in the garage.. They showed up at 3pm after my repeated calls and assured me they would not leave until finished. ( At 1pm they told me they were on the way and would be there in 20 minutes). The man I hired had another job to be at at 5:30pm that day so he had to leave at 4:30. He had gone up and moved everything so they would not have to slow down. All they had to do was move the stuff back. NOT DONE! The garage was part blown- in and part batts. They left batts and the blown insulation all over the floor. Then they told me someone would be back the next day to tape and finish up. Today 4/13, someone showed up. Taped, picked up a piece of batts and left the mess. He said" should he move stuff in the upstairs"?  Alone? I don't think so! I was unable to go up with him. I fell down these stairs twice already  So everything remains as it was. He did NO cleanup, even though I pointed out what was needed in the garage.  Once again I will hire someone to come in and finish the job. Ridiculous! I had this same company several years ago to do the house attic and they came back after I discovered they had forgotten one wall. No problem. They cleaned up and I was well satisfied. I am now disgusted!
- Carol M....