Schererville Pond Installation

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Award 2019Super Service Award
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Recent Review: They were professional at selling us the pool and installing it. They tried very hard no to tear up the back yard while installing the pool and they did an awesome job at fixing the yard after it was installed. They even went over every detail about how to operate the pool before they left for the day. It only took one day for them to get everything completed.
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Recent Review: There was a leak after the installation. Did not come out promptly, and when he did, he couldn't find the leak. He did call this winter to check on the water level or a frozen pool.
Recent Review: They were very nice and did a great job , We also had them set up for our spring 2012 opening .

Reviews in Schererville to Install Ponds

FBetter Backyards
They expected us to pay them after they had us order the wrong pool liner. When they came out to install the "wrong" liner she asked for $500.00 when we had no pool and no liner...REALLY???
- Alma W....
FPool Docs Inc
The crew arrived on time, it was a very windy day and they should not have attempted to install the new liner. They removed the old liner and installed the new liner and started to fill the pool with water. My wife noticed one wall was uneven and the installer told her that it would straighten out as the water level rose. When the pool was half way full I noticed the sides of the pool were not in the track so I called Shawn and he said that we needed to drain the pool so that he could fix it. The crew destroyed my landscaping and smeared mud on my white privacy fence, they also left out several screws and broke one post cap while fixing the problem. When the pool was full and the water was warm enough to go in, I noticed several river rocks and sharp aggregate gravel under my liner(between the happy feet pad and liner). I called Shawn again and he came out and looked at the problem, and said that he would come back on Saturday and use a hand tamper to tap the rocks down. He never showed up. I am waiting for summer to end so I can drain the pool, partially remove the liner and remove the rocks and gravel myself. I wouldn't let these guys install a kiddy pool.
- Mark G....
BQuality Pool Maintenance
Well they liner was leaking so they put a new liner in. They put one in last year but they found out there was a tear in the liner so they had to put a new one in. They had to do some other work. When the other liner do on it last year they had to do some sand work and resurfacing and fill in patches. They came out and did a good job but they took a long time to come back. I had to keep calling them. It was a little hard. They did pretty good work. There price was good because they had to put the sand in there again; other places would have charged me a lot more. I would use them again, even with the ratings that I gave them they were a lot better than other people that I did a check with.
- Cynthia M....
There was a leak after the installation. Did not come out promptly, and when he did, he couldn't find the leak. He did call this winter to check on the water level or a frozen pool.
- Margaret F....
Overall, everything went well. The pool was removed within a short time. They cleaned everything up, stacked the liner at the curb for the garbage service, and left. The price was a little high, but-they did come out very quickly and were efficient and professional. We would recommend them to anyone needing to have a pool removed.
- Roberta M....
Jamie ( a younger brother) installed pool in 2004, closed it in 2004, and opened it in 2005.  I was very satisfied, and would give him a 4 plus to 5 rating for those jobs.  Unfortunately I was very dissatisfied when the the oldest brother installed a new pool liner.  $900 cost was for labor only.  For starters, it was a 2-day job and he told me he went out of his way to come back on the second day.  Next, the pool leaked badly.  They would not reply to phone messages.  They sent a diver out to inspect liner and he found a scuff but nothing that would cause water to leak out.  We're talking about thousands of gallons.  I told them I couldn't find a leak and that I wanted them to find it.  They didn't come out to look for it.  I found it.  (On a positve note, the diver told me if I couldn't find the leak he would do a quick inspection and wouldn't charge anything.) The water return fitting had a crack in it between the pool wall and liner.  They came out and replaced it with a used fitting because they said they didn't have a new one.  Also, after the top rail was assembled  we found a sheet metal screw in the deep end of pool.  I hate to leave this negative review but it is what it is.  I'm 65 years old and this is one of the worst experiences I've had with a contractor.       
- Thomas B....
FHeritage Pools of Indiana
Summary points: - Provider failed to tighten ladder connections - Provider failed to securely fasten hoses and a foot of pool water was lost - Provider added too much chlorine to the pool upon opening, causing the liner to stretch & fold, and causing our pool heater to fail The owner of Heritage Pools gave us his personal service and the pool closing in the fall of 2011 went well. We had no issues over the winter and everything held in place, although it was a very mild winter so that should have been expected. In the spring, this provider opened our pool in May and we immediately encountered issues. We immediately noticed that the pool ladder was loose because the bolts had not been correctly tightened. Then a day after the opening, one of the hoses that was not properly tightened blew off and we lost a good foot of water in the pool before we discovered that it was blown.  They came out to fix the hose and claimed that the problem was that we had a tapered outlet on the hose. We had never had problems with the hoses before and we had been at our home for two years. In the meantime, we kept waiting for the chlorine count to go down from the initial pool chemicals added to the water at opening. Heritage must have added a great deal of chlorine without testing the water first, as we had a chlorine count off the charts for over two weeks. I called several times about this issue with no response. When I finally did get a response, I was told that I probably was not checking the chemicals correctly. So I went out and bought new testing strips to make sure the old ones from the previous year were reading accurately. I still received a very high chlorine reading. (I also tested our regular tap water to make sure that it wasn't a problem with the strips.) The chlorine finally settled down after another week. When we finally were able to use the pool, I noticed that our liner had about 15-20 folds that weren't there the previous summer. I did some research and found that high concentrations of chlorine in pool water for extended periods causes a pool liner to stretch. I called the owner of Heritage and he denied that this was his fault. Later that summer, our 6-year old pool heater (which is supposed to have a life of 10-15 years) failed. When it was removed, we discovered that the brass fins in the heater were completely corroded. The pool heater repairman said it was most likely from the high concentration of chlorine in the water at the beginning of the pool season. So the liner folds are still present this summer (2013) and we had to buy a new pool heater ($1,200 + $550 installation). The owner of Heritage admittedly stated that he normally does not service above-ground pools, so I am surmising that his lack of experience in this regard is what was responsible for the problems. I would highly recommend that you NOT use this provider if you have an above-ground pool. Besides not knowing his trade, the owner was patronizing and tried to play "gottcha" with his questions when complaints were made. Overall, a very unsatisfactory experience.
- Cory &....
After waiting over seven weeks for him to start from the date he first gave us, he came with his workers and began the project. His workers fished in our backyard for over an hour a day while they were supposed to be working. The grade in the back yard was not as promised; we have an abrupt dropoff and have trouble mowing the lawn. There are three drain tiles that should have been extended to the lake but were left in the middle of our yard and stick out above grass level. We have contacted him over twenty times including a certified letter, yet nothing but more empty promises of when he'll return to repair the work. There have been about thirty different plants and bushes that have died, some immediately, since the summer of 2007, and we paid and are waiting for the bushes to be replaced. Some of the trees that were planted last summer were planted so shallow that the burlap bags are showing through the ground. We have had one tree that we spent over $450 become totally uprooted. The last time I attempted to contact him I had to use an unfamiliar cell phone so he would answer. At that time, he said that he had a lot going on, etc., and when I tried to be firm with him, he said "I'll get there when I get there!" and hung up on me. Our next step is small claims court to try to recoup some of the damages.
- Maggie D....
AWater's Edge Garden & Pond Center
They were too expensive, but the people who came out were very professional. What stood out to me was the fact that I thought their quote was too expensive. There was nothing wrong with the representatives that came out. They explained to us what they were going to do.
- Patricia N....
AJ & L Mechanical Service Corp
Prompt and efficient. He quickly found the heater problem, replaced the part and pool heater working properly. Came out the same day as called to trench and install gasline from meter to pool heater. Completed that job quickly also. Great service.
- Lawrence K....