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Business Description: We are a full service contractor specializing in residential and commercial painting and roofing. We are family owned and operated with over 18 years experience. Estimates are always free. Call us and see how we put Family into family owned business!
Business Description: Pinnacle Painting prides itself on being among the best Indianapolis painters around providing superior workmanship and world class customer service to EVERY painting client. Pinnacle Painting has the experience and expertise to service all of your painting needs including both residential and commercial painting. At Pinnacle Painting we only use the very best materials and hire professional painters to make sure the job gets done right every time. We are committed to making every client not only a satisfied customer but also a raving fan.
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Business Description: **NOW SERVICING COLUMBUS,OH** Columbus Phone - (614) 706-8306. Since 1990, Danny's Pro Painters has provided exceptional service to our customers. Originally started in Indianapolis, we now have a location servicing Columbus, OH and surrounding areas. We carry workers comp. General liability insurance. 45 employees. No subs. Cost is determined by the job. No travel charges. No service charges. May contact through email, but please include your phone number. Award winning.
Business Description: Flora Brothers Painting is a family owned business proudly servicing the Avon, Plainfield, Brownsburg, Danville, Carmel, Greenwood, Westfield, Whitestown, Zionsville, Indianapolis & surrounding areas. We both worked for our Uncle's painting company in Lafayette/West Lafayette, Indiana for over 25 years between the two of us. We have experience with interior/exterior work, commercial jobs (SIA, University Place Assisted Living & Retirement Community, Tippecanoe School Corporation). We decided it was time to work for ourselves and start our own company. Call or e-mail for an estimate!
Business Description: Top Notch Home Improvement is a painting contractor / painter serving the Anderson, IN area since 2005.
Business Description: Hi! My name is Tony. I started Thatcher Painting years ago to make an honest living doing something I love. From the beginning, my goal was to give the very best service and make it affordable to home owners and real estate investors. With a lot of hard work, determination and years of experience, that is exactly what I've been able to do. Thatcher Painting is a small family owned and run company with a small staff of highly skilled painting, staining and drywall repair experts. All of our painters have 15 plus years of custom residential painting experience. We are fast, neat and always professional. We have all the right tools, knowledge and experience to give you the very best paint job for your money period! I do all the bids and price quotes personally and I am on EVERY job doing much of the work myself. I don't sub-contract work to lesser qualified painters. I'm very affordable compared to other professional painters. I'm easy to work with and glad to answer all your questions. Contact me and let me show you just how affordable a custom painter can be!
Recent Review: Great. Joel of Elite Pro Painting is great to work with and the quality of the work is excellent. The price was good, as Elite Pro was the lowest of three bids obtained. Will definitely use them again.
Business Description: No subs.

Reviews in Fortville for Commercial Painting

AElite Pro Painting
Great. Joel of Elite Pro Painting is great to work with and the quality of the work is excellent. The price was good, as Elite Pro was the lowest of three bids obtained. Will definitely use them again.
- Edward S....
ACastellanos Services LLC / The Painters Crew
They were exceptional. Excellent, experienced painters, polite, and neat. No complaints, and I am somewhat of a perfectionist. Owner was extremely responsive and accommodating as well.
- Lisa L....
A Walla Painting
Jonathon was very responsive and his worker was friendly and worked hard.  The job was completed ahead of schedule and looks great.
- Judd L....
ANewby's Quality Painting
- Tracy M....
ANortheast Decorators
- Cathy H....
ACastellanos Services LLC / The Painters Crew
Edgar and his crew were very professional. They arrived on time everyday and treated my home as if it were their own. Everything was treated with care, my furniture was moved carefully and covered, walls were painted perfectly and they were meticulous. Edgar called or came by to check on the job everyday! The whole job only took 2 1/2 days to complete where other companies quoted me over a week! Overall I was extremely satisfied with the job and would use them over and over again. I've recommended them to all of my family and friends!
- John L....
AFine Painting Inc
I got three bids on painting before selecting Fine Painting. My husband, whose family runs a commercial painting firm on the East coast, identified Fine Painting as being the most knowledgable and thoughtful about our house's issues (wood rot, potential of lead, etc). Their bid was not the lowest, but the project went very well. Steve, the lead painter, patiently tried out many different shutter colors for me. He followed our very specific color directions. He replaced a broken window pane and storm, and a missing shutter. He was in constant touch by phone, letting me know when they would be there and when they were not.
- Ellen R....
DVision Painting
Vision was very professional in their estimate and scheduling process. They were very prompt when scheduling after a delay in installing the siding which delayed the time they could start on the painting. When painting the body of the house and some of the trim work they used a sprayer. It happened to be on a windy day and they chose to continue with spraying. Subsequently the wind caught the spray and there was over spray on our newly installed (black) roof and on the brick of our house. They attempted to scrub it off with "crud cutter" and ended up taking off the grit on the shingles. The over spray did come off of the brick. Then I had to go back to the roofer and see what it would cost to repair the damage. To their credit, Todd Gates the president of Vision came out and walked on the roof with my roofer to see the extent of the damage and the agreed to pay for the roof repairs. Then by the time they got ready to finish the job, much of the caulking they had installed on the joints of the siding had started to separate already. So they came back out to repair the caulking and after letting it dry they repainted the seams. But because the body of the house was sprayed and back rolled, when they used a brush to paint these seams it left a flashing effect at every seam when the sun would shine on it. They ended up coming back out to repaint the body of the house so it was more uniform. It finally looked OK, but after the painting crew left no one ever called to check and see if we were satisfied and they just sent the invoice for final payment. My opinion is Vision has built their business more around working with commercial painting jobs and are not focused on residential needs or the customer service it requires.
- Jim &....
ASpectrum Home Services
We had a small fire in the upstairs of our house.  The restoration company brought in a painter (not Spectrum) who did a poor job in several respects ... he did not choose the right paint for our trim and did not prepare the surface ... therefore the paint that he applied did not bond properly to the existing trim and is coming off.  Workmanship was poor all the way around. We have called several painting contractors to come look at it and tell us what they could do.  Andy came over on short notice at 8PM after a long work day to look at our problem and give us some ideas.  Because of the overpainting problem he immediately recommended that the most cost-effective way to go is to replace all the woodwork and doors.  Several other painters wanted to sand all the way to bare wood, or use a stripper.  When we asked him about this, he said that there were two problems with either of those approaches.  For sanding he said the time and mess associated with sanding would be cost prohibitive to get all the old product off; further he said that because of the adhesion problem between the two coats of paint that the sanding would just 'ball up' and not come off smoothly.  As for stripping, he said that all commercial paint strippers are very flammable and hazardous to use in an occupied home.  Also that the fumes from the cans are noxious and can be hazardous themselves.  He said that his largest stripping job was $200,000 but the house was empty, so he knew what he was talking about.  Also with stripping he said that it is very costly to strip all the way down to bare wood, very difficult to protect the carpet and other surfaces.  Then when you are finished stripping, the cotton cloths that are used to remove the stripper leave a small lint residue that has to be sanded anyhow otherwise that lint will show up in the finished paint project. He said by far the most cost-effective way for us to proceed on this project is to replace all the woodwork and doors, which none of the other painters had recommended.  When we asked him 'why' he gave us the reasons above, and said that we would just never be satisfied with the quality resulting from sanding or stripping, let alone the cost.  He does not do the trim replacement himself, but said he could recommend someone if we needed it.  We also had some issue with dry-rot on our windows.  He looked at them and recommended an inexpensive way to repair the dry-rot for in the range of $45 to $75 for each of the windows.  We had another company come out who wanted $395/window to do all the replacement ... WOW what a difference to get the same end product.   
- Ken W....
FFine Painting Inc
I contacted Fine Paining in April 2011 to obtain a quote after obtaining their information on Angie's List.  Greg came to my home and gave a detailed description of the work to be done including the repairs he recommended and the paint application procedure.  Fine painting delivered a detailed quote within a couple of days.  The price was about 30% higher than the other two quotes I received, but the paint application procedure (priming all surfaces, brushing the primer on in some areas) was more detailed and I felt it would provide greater quality in the long run.  In early June, I contacted Fine Painting to begin the work.  I asked the Office Manager, Bob, if my Angie's List discount could be applied to the quote and he said yes.  He sent an invoice for half the cost of the painting work (excluding the carpentry until after the job was completed).  He said that their schedule looked like the work could begin at my home in late July.  I told him that I was planning to be out of town the week of July 25th and did not want any painting done during that time as I wanted to be able to check on the progress of the work.  He said we would address that when he called me back to schedule the work. Bob called on 7/15 and said they were able to begin the work the following Monday.  I asked what time I could expect the crew so that I could be home and ensure that the work I wanted done would be done.  I met with the carpenter as planned on 7/18.  We walked through the work that needed to be done.  I expressed concern about the heat that was expected that week (hottest forecast in over 20 years with highs near 100 and heat indexes at 110+).  He said that most of their paint crews would not apply paint when it was so hot because of the cure properties of the paint.  The paint crew came one morning around 8:30 am, right before I was leaving for work, to begin preparing the house for painting.  They were setting up to spray wash the house when I found them working outside.  I approached the crew leader and asked questions about the painting process including how the paint color was going to be selected.  He told me that he was going to take some trim and siding pieces that had been removed from the house to the paint store to have them color matched and that for the front door he was going to use a color swatch to match the paint color.  He expressed concern about matching the color of the front door but was not concerned about the main body and trim.  I told him I was okay with a 90% match on the door.  No comment was made on the other paint color matches.  I asked him about painting in the heat and he said that they wouldn't apply paint if the temperatures were too high and that they would follow the shade around the house to ensure the surfaces weren't too hot. The following day carpentry was completed and paint prep work (caulking, etc) was done.  The next day, 7/21, was forecasted to be the hottest day in over 20 years.  I called the Fine Painting office at 7:20 in the morning and no one answered, so I left a message asking that no painting be done on my house that day due to the heat and asked that I be called back as soon as possible to confirm that no painting would be done.  I had to leave for work before the paint crew arrived.  I did not hear anything from Fine Painting by 11 am, so I called the office again and again no one answered, so I left another message stating my wishes that no painting be done and to call me back as soon as possible.  Bob returned my call at around 12:15 and said that he had talked to the crew and told them to finish painting by 1 pm.  When I arrived home that evening, a portion of my gutter, soffits, and siding had been primed.  According to my neighbors the crew arrived at around 9 am and worked until around 12:30 pm.  The following day I called Bob because I was heading out of town on 7/22 and wanted to know what the schedule was for completing the paint job.  He stated that I should call him back when I got back in town on 7/28  to schedule the painting because I needed to be home to open the doors. After the experience of calling and asking them not to paint on 7/21 and them painting anyway, I was worried about work being done while I was out of town.  I noticed that the color of the primer was off slightly but thought it was just because it was primer.  I took a picture of the primer next to the original paint prior to leaving. I received a call from Bob on 7/27 asking me if I had any concerns or comments after seeing the completed paint job on my house!  I was still out of town at this point and didn't know the work had been completed.  I told Bob I was still out of town and that I would call him when I got home.  I returned home around 4:50 pm on 7/27 and immediately knew that the color of the main part of my house was off.  I also noticed that all of my windows were painted shut so I called Fine Painting and no one answered so I left a couple of messages.  I asked to be called back as soon as possible.  Bob called back around 7:50 am on 7/28 and asked what the concerns were.  I told him my main two concerns were with the color of the body of the house and with my windows being painted shut.  He asked what a good time was to come out and address the issues.  I told him I could meet him at noon that day or on 7/29 at 8 am.  He said he would see me at 7/29 at 8 am.  On 7/29 my doorbell rang at 7:35 am.  It was the paint crew leader.  He said that Bob had told him that my windows were painted shut.  He asked which ones and I said all of them.  I asked him if Bob had said anything to him about the paint color and he said no.  I told him I wasn't happy with the color and that I thought Bob was going to be here that morning to resolve the issue.  The paint crew leader proceeded to open my windows and completed the work around 8:20.  I still hadn't heard from Bob so I called him.  He said that I had misunderstood and that he hadn't planned on coming to my house that morning.  I asked what the next steps were to address the paint color issue.  He said I would have to talk to the owner, Dave Fine, but Dave was out of town until 8/2.  We set up a meeting for myself and Dave on 8/3 at 8 am.  I called Bob on 8/2 to confirm that Dave would be at my house at 8 on 8/3.  Bob confirmed the appointment. On 8/3 at 7:55, Greg, the person who did the estimate arrived at my house.  He looked at the color and said that he felt it was close enough and that no error was made.  I argued the fact that the color did not match the original color of the house and I did not have the opportunity to stop the work because I had been out of town.   I asked if Dave was coming to my house that morning.  He said that he was not.  There were two appointments and Dave was in Noblesville while Greg was at my house.  I told him that I didn't appreciate Bob lying to me.  He said that Bob did not lie to me.  I told him that I had confirmed with Bob the day before the Dave would be at my house at 8 am.  Greg did not consider that a lie.  I understand him defending his group but at this point I was beyond frustrated!  I asked if I could meet with Dave.  Greg said that he would have Bob call me to schedule it.  I asked if Dave could just call me directly.  I sent the above review along with an offer to work with Dave Fine to resolve the issue to Fine Painting on 8/3.  That afternoon, Bob Fine called me to set up a meeting with Dave Fine on the following Monday 8/8. Dave Fine arrived as scheduled on 8/8 and reviewed my the color issues with me.  He offered to paint my mini barn to match the house since it is no longer the same color.  I told him I would consider that offer.  After further thought, I am unwilling to accept that offer since unfortunately it does not resolve my original issue, which is that the color of my house is not the same color it was before. Another meeting with Dave Fine was scheduled on 8/18.  Again, Fine Painting disagreed with my claims.  on 8/18, I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau to try to negotiate to resolve the issue.  Fine Painting responded with a letter demanding that I pay the balance of the invoice by 8/24 or they will place a Mechanic's Lien on my home and move to foreclose on my home if the balance is not paid within 30 days.  Due to that threat I have paid the balance in full but am not satisfied with their work or their customer service.  This company is set in their ways of doing the work and asking them to do anything outside of their "normal" process will be ignored. I have pictures along with original paint chips from my house that clearly show the difference in color.  NO bush was removed OR trimmed after their work was completed.  The paint crew missed painting a portion of my home.  They claim they missed it because a bush was in the way.  The painting crew removed another bush on my home so they could properly paint behind it.   This bush could have also been removed but they chose not to raise the issue.  In the picture below you can see the difference in color between where the house was painted and where it was not.  This difference in color is not due to the difference between fresh and old paint as the company would lead you to believe.  It is a true difference in color. My request to have my house repainted to match the original color (and the color of my mini barn which no longer matches my house) is not unnecessary and ridiculous as the company claims.  The work that I paid the company to do as written in their quote was to paint my house to match the existing color.  They failed to do so. I also dispute that the company says that I gave them permission to start the job on a certain date (one week before I was going to be out of town) and never told them not to paint on specific dates. 
- Kelly H....