Taylorville Flexible Gas Line Installation

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Business Description: We have 26 full time employees.

Reviews in Taylorville to Install Flex Gas Line

They came out on 10/31/12 and gave an estimate for the work we wanted done. The estimate for an extended gas line for our dryer was not bad at all, maybe around $200.00. They said that parts of our gas line were outdated and needed to be replaced, and they gave us an estimate of around $400.00 for BOTH updating the gas line AND extending it to allow us to use a gas dryer. We scheduled the work, and made arrangements for someone to be home that day. When the technician arrived, he looked around at the work that needed to be done, and informed me that it was impossible for one person to do the work. He would need to come back with another technician, and would have to reschedule. On the day we were to have the work completed (again), the technician explained to me that the previous estimate was incorrect, and that because our gas line ran over our basement ceiling, that we would need to use flexible gas line and it would cost over $1000.00! We ended up just having them change the water valves, and decided to get an electric dryer. I was disappointed that they couldn't give me an accurate estimate of the cost of the work, or the number of people needed to do the work. We took time off work and spent a lot of money at the laundromat that was wasted. My family members and I had used this company exclusively for several years and loved them, but they don't seem to have it together anymore. My most recent experience leads me to believe this company is either incompetent, or trying to trick customers into paying higher prices. Either way, I'm going to find a new service provider.
- K'lani C....