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Reviews in Northbrook to Install Peephole

APreferred Window and Door
Had two appointments, One to discuss proposed services followed by the installation date. Both went well. We were advised in advance that difficulties might occur when resetting the security system. Both times the workers arrived on time, or a little early. Since then we did have the security company come out to adjust the connections. The security tech praised the professional installation work and quality of the products supplied by Preferred. The good work included special placement of the peephole site. The door looks great! Provides a super barrier from wind and is sealed very well, keeping out the cold.
- Marsha A....
They were perfect and on time. Cleaned well, there was no sawdust where they drilled. I am very picky, and I thought they did a great job.
- Shane N....
FHandyman Pros
NO SHOW for a confirmed appt (Tuesday, 8/9/16 at 8:00-9:00AM) on a written email from them. No call received to let us know they were running late or needing to reschedule. Attempted to call to see if anyone was on their way--straight to voicemail. If it was too small of a job, it shouldn't have been accepted in the first place. We have two children under 2 years old--not easy to coordinate.
- Jane K....
AMcCann Window & Exteriors
The installer and his crew arrived at the scheduled time. It was an extremely hot day.  The heat index climbed to over 100 degrees through the day.  I showed the installer where the door was to go and where the windows were to be installed (The 3rd floor of a townhouse with a west view and no shade.) When I showed the installer the windows, I mentioned that this was a full tear out.  That meant all of the existing wood framing needed to be removed and new framing put in.  He thought they were just suppose to sit the window on top of the existing framing.  He called and received the news that in fact, it is a full tear out.  He was not a happy man.  (He was not unprofessional with me, but his crew caught a lot of his frustration.)  He had to go and purchase wood for framing each of the 6 windows.  The measurement of one of the windows was slightly off.  The brick had to be shaved ever so slightly.  He had the company call me to tell me this needed to be done.  After the windows were just about finished, the installation of the door began.  Everything was proceeding nicely it seemed until they got ready to put the storm door back on.  It would not close when the new front door was closed.  The door knobs were in the same spot.  The installer wanted to leave the storm door off.  That was not an acceptable solution for me.  Apparently he called the company and received a suggested solution.  They raised the storm door.  They added a piece to the bottom of the door to keep air out and make it flush again.  It was a nice piece of patching.  If you did not know there was a piece at the bottom, you would not be able to tell. It was a long exhausting hot day.  They finished at 6 pm.  After the installer went over how everything worked, he was finally able to smile and wish me a good day.  I offered him the same.  He said, what I already knew, "I was not prepared for the full cut out of those windows".  Two items that were not related to the install were issues for me and the reasons for my "B" Quality rating.  First the lock on the front door was to be keyed the same as the lock on the door being replaced.  I provided  the key number.  That did not happen.  After the company contacted the builder of the door, they learned that the new lock could not be keyed the same as the old lock.  They offered to try to make things right so I would not have so many keys.  I told them that I liked the front door so much that I would probably order a new back door and then the locks for those doors could be keyed the same. The second issue was the mail slot.  The outside flap that the postman would use did not open without some difficulty.  I thought it was stiff.   One day I caught up with the postman and asked him why he didn't drop the mail through the door, and he said that the slot wouldn't open.  Sure enough, the top on the inside had dropped down and kept the outside flap from opening. I tried taking the screws out, but the frame was sealed on the door.  So, I got some duct tape and used it to try and keep the top from dropping down so the flap would open.  Every couple of days I had to press it .
- Renette C....
ABudget Right Handyman
Serviceman was very professional, friendly, and punctual.  Very skillful.  Louver door I had bought was too large; he cut it down to size and hung it.  Couldn't even tell the door had been sawed shorter before hanging.  Consulted me on more work I want done.  Will be using this company again.
- Cortney B....
AThe Fix-It Guy Appliance Repair Chicago
I needed to install a peephole and knocker in my brand new steel door.  It was a small job, but someone had to do it so I called The Fix It Guy.  They usually require a minimum of two hours for a job, but in this case they only charged me for an hour, came promptly and did an excellent job.  I couldn't be more pleased.
- Philip K....
ABrighton Home Products Inc
- Rebecca G....
BHandy Men & Mrs Helper Kitchen & Bath
We had our exterior entrance door replaced due to some shoddy work from another contractor (not this one).  Hank replaced the old steel door with a fiberglass door with sidelight.  He did an excellent job on the door.  The door needed painting to match our exterior colors.  The door was going to be painted a forest green color.  We also needed the door knocker, door bell, peep hole and storm door installed, which was part of the original work.  Hank said that we needed to pain the door before he installed the storm door or the frame would rot if installed on an untreated surface.  We called back Faith to see about painting it and we needed to fill the painters entire day with work, so we gave him the door and surrounding framework inside and out as well as the baseboards that are along the stairway to the upstairs.  The painter never came out to see the work, but Faith relayed the information to the painter on what was required and I talked to them as well.  Painting day came and Marek, one of the painters arrives and asks my wife why we are painting the door.  He wouldn't paint it if it was him.  He kept telling her he wouldn't paint it if it was him.  He would leave it white.  But, we still had to give him other work to do since he was already here and still was required to be paid.  After some back and forth with my wife, he was going to do what we had hired him for and that is paint the door.  In the first place, there was no need for the arguments at the outset of the job.  That gave us a bad taste in our mouths from the get go. He didn't do the painting but his other painter did.  The other painter was saying that we needed tinted primer to be avaialble for him.  We purchased the paint ahead of time for everything and asked told Faith that we had the paint and the type of door that had to be painted.  No where in the conversations did any type of primer come up before the painting job.  Anyway, the other painter seemed to settle down a little and started working.  Well then he dropped the brand new lock handle set when he was taking it off the door and scratched it.  Later, he was arguing with my wife about filling a hole with some wood filler because he didn't think it needed it.  He told her and I quote, "why does it have to be perfect".  Well, nothing is perfect, but if you are hired for something and the customer asks to do something that is in your scope of work, you do it and don't talk back.  The other painter was very unprofessional.  I was at work that day and I was communicating with Faith on the issues and told her that I wouldn't be paying her the full price because the painter scratched our brand new lock set by dropping it. Later, that day Hank got involved and went to our home to see what was going on.  He was able to take care of the handleset entirely and fix it.  No longer was it scratched.  Basically he took it completely apart replaced the scratched piece and put it back together like he was the manufactuer of it!  Hank saved the day!  He took care of the other painter as well by setting him straight.  Marek later came back at the end of the day tp collect payment and did apologize to my wife, but both painters were unprofessional from the start, which there is no excuse for.  Also, Faith claimed "they treat your home like it is their own they are so meticulous with their work", well that wasn't the case at all.  They weren't any different from contractors we encountered in the past.  They just wanted to get paid and leave as quick as possible.  If anyone did go above and beyond it was Hank and I would hire Hank again in a second!  At the end of the day, everything got done that was agreed to be done.  However, the other painter missed painting some spots on the door frame and trim.  I told Faith this and she offered for Hank to complete it when he returned for the storm door install.  I told her that I would do it myself.  This is not Hank's responsibility since he is a carpenter and not a painter.  It should have been done originally, but I didn't want those painters back in my home because of the awful first impression they made on us.  I ended up finishing their job. Lastly, I will never hire those painters again, but will be giving Hank any work that he is willing to do for me in the future.  I fully recommend Hank for carpenter services.  I had to rate some of the services as lower than an A because of the awful experience with the painting.  I had to average the services together (painting and carpentry).  If I just received Hank's services then all A's would have been submitted, but due to the painters, something less is being submitted.  They ruined the experience.
- Stan K....
ASears Home Services
They were very professional, from the estimate to the install, All questions were answered  to my satisfaction. The only thing the installers did not speak very good english, but when I asked them to slow down and speak , it was much better communication. ala in all the experience was good.
- Bernice P....
When we initially ordered the doors on OCTOBER 7, 2008 we were optimistic. Then everything changed. We received a letter stating that the doors would be installed on DECEMBER 4, no phone call though. When I called to ask about the installation time, I was given a two hour window on that date. When that window came and went, I called the office back. All of a sudden, they didn't know what I was talking about. Apparently, they had gotten our last name mixed up with another couple that was getting a door installed that day. Huh?! I was pretty much guaranteed that the doors would be installed before Christmas. I explained that although I did want the new doors prior to having holiday company over, it was not merely an aesthetic issue as our front door does not function properly. However, on the next installation date, which was DECEMBER 23, the company called to inform my husband that the installer would be two hours late. They had to drive down to the warehouse to get the doors. (I was under the impression that they already had them. I was told that they would be delivered the previous Friday). Since we both have full time jobs, a 6 month old baby and an appointment (that we actually kept) that day, we had to reschedule. Take two. The installer arrived on DECEMBER 30th. He installed a storm door, a front door and an access door to the garage. After he left, we realized that he did not install the peep hole in the front door. Furthermore, I arrived home from work to find garbage strewn all over our yard. The work area on the inside of our house was also left very messy. Once again, I found myself calling the company to tell them how to do their job. I was given a date of 14 JANUARY 2009 to install the peep hole and new casing around the front door. That window came and went. My husband had to call the company and was told that someone would be out. Two men showed up to install the peep hole, but knew nothing about the casing. Due to our frustration, we decided not to pursue any further business with the company. Hands down, this is the worst home improvement experience that we ve ever had. There was absolutely no communication on Armstrong's part or any hint of embarrassment for such poor customer service. In fact, if we hadn't called them after the initial appointment, we'd probably still be waiting for the doors.
- Johanna C....

Handyman Services in Northbrook

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Recent Review: Great. No problems. I needed a new storm door for my side door. Mark came out and gave me an estimate for installation and a brochure on storm/screen doors. I purchased the door myself from another company. When the door was ready Mark picked it up and performed the installation. Mark did a great job.
Business Description: Scott Overhead Door, in Mokena, IL, is the area's leading garage door company serving Tinley Park, Mokena and surrounding areas since 1958. We specialize in commercial and residential overhead door sales, service and repair. We also specialize in commercial and residential broken springs, cables, and rollers, hollow metal doors, and rolling steel doors. For all your garage door needs, contact Scott Overhead Door in Mokena. For Parts Call: 815-469-3667 For Service Call 24 Hours/Day
Recent Review: They did a great job in fixing the patio door. The door was old and hard to open. They took the door off, cleaned the track, replaced the worn out wheels. They spent quite a while to adjust the wheels of the door to make sure it is leveled and can be moved smoothly. They really worked above and beyond to get this old door fixed. Thank you very much and we will definitely use them in the future if we need any window or door work done.
Recent Review: excellent work and we decided to replace weatherstripping on the garage doors.
Recent Review: I called around 2pm and was able to make a appointment the same day. I was kept informed to when the repairman would arrive. They arrived and replaced the broken spring as promised the same day. Excellent service I highly recommend.
Recent Review: The young man (son of owner) worked continuously to replace our door. Very diligent, efficient, etc. Will we hire them again? You bet we will. Actually this is the second time they have done work for us.
Award 2020Super Service Award
Recent Review: We used this company over 20 years ago to replace windows in a previous house. When we needed a new front door package for the current house we chose them again. Products are outstanding quality, fairly priced given the quality and all processes are completed from order to install with upfront honest communication. The installers are wonderful, knowledgeable and very courteous.
Recent Review: These guys are 100% fantastic!  They came out to replace the bottom rubber seal on the garage door, which the old one had some damage.  They also performed a door tune up.  At first they couldn't get the new seal to completely close the gap between the door and the garage floor.  It turned out my door had either been improperly installed originally (by a different contractor) or the door no longer fit correctly when we had our garage concrete floor replaced.  Whatever the cause, Aladdin Doors completely readjusted the door, including moving the rails and moving up the door tension-er.  Now the door completely seals to the floor and it's installed properly now.  Then afterward they gave me a call to make sure I was 100% happy with the job.  I would absolutely recommend these guys and use them again in the future.
Recent Review: I called around 8:30 at night during a snow storm, garage door wouldn't open and we had to manually get our snow blower out. They answered right away and set up a next day appointment from 9-11, they were here from 9:15 to 10:15, now my garage door works. The technicians were quiet and didn't explain what was wrong or how much it would cost before they started working but in fairness I didn't ask. I wanted the door fixed quickly and for what I felt was a reasonable price, that's exactly what I got. They didn't try to sell me anything or offer additional, unnecessary services. I'm very pleased.
Recent Review: I came here to Angie's List to look for a reputable company to replace our old garage door. I found Duke of Doors and they were highly recommended.  I called Duke and left a message. He called back within 20 minutes. We set a date and he came out and looked at our old door, took some measurements, and showed us some samples of new doors. We discussed a few options and then made our choice and set a date for the work. Since I would not be home on that day, an exact time arrival was not important. I arrived home after work to find a beautiful new garage door. It was the one we had selected and looked great. There was no mess, nothing left behind, and nothing moved around in the garage. I had moved some items previously before they arrived.  When he returned for the check, he went over some basic things with me about lubricating the door hinges rollers etc. We kept our old automatic door opener since it was in good operating condition. In summary, great job, beautiful door, and Duke is dependable, responsive and courteous.  The value of the job was commensurate with the price paid. We're very happy.