Mundelein Pool Liner Replacement

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Recent Review: Friendly and competent! After 3 pool services, we have found the right one.
Recent Review: The staff was friendly and knowledgeable. They came out multiple times to service our pool this last year and our pool has never been clearer. They knew exactly what to do and made sure we were completely informed through out the whole process. We will never use another pool service company again. We have complete trust in rays pool company and would give them “two thumbs up”. Highly recommend to anyone who needs any work done in their pools.
Recent Review: Jeff at Geneva Pool Service has given us exceptional service after another pool company treated us poorly. Jeff came in and fixed all of the problems caused by the other pool company and went above and beyond to make everything perfect for us. He also educated us on our new pool and spa in a way the other company never did. He was honest and polite (qualities not possessed by other pool companies). I used Geneva Pools based on the exceptional reviews online and based on many personal recommendations. I cannot recommend this company enough!
Recent Review: The quality of their work was excellent. They went beyond my expectations. They have excellent service. They came out. Matt, who is he M part of the K&M, was very helpful as I am new to having an above the ground pool. He took the time to teach me what he was doing and why was it being done. They cleaned the pool up really well and because we were new to the house, I had pointed him to the cover for the pool that the previous owner left. There were actually two covers, and he discovered that neither one of the covers fit. They were not the appropriate size or shape. He was nice enough to quickly run out, order me a new pool cover, and had it there the very next day. He actually personally guaranteed the pool cover for ten years. He went above and beyond as far as I was concerned. The price was very reasonable. He was very punctual and very professional. I absolutely plan on having him come out in spring to open everything up and make sure I understand how to do all the fun stuff as far as maintaining the chemicals and bath washing because he would not have any problem showing that to me.
Recent Review: I have been a customer of JFY Pools for the last 12 years. They have consistently provided us with what I think is the best pool service in the business. Sean maintains and has repaired my pool in the past and he is just wonderful. They have become like family to us. We have used other services in the past and I can honestly say that JFY Pools is, in my opinion, one of the best companies in the area.
Business Description: We are the largest swimming pool renovation company in Michigan. We use no sub-contractors. All work completed is by our 'In-House' staff. Listed below are our winter hours. Additional phone - (734) 277-1999.
Recent Review: See above never did the job have to get another installer.
Business Description: Complete installation of in ground pools. Gunite, vinyl liner and fiberglass from designing to fences. No sub contractors used! All work performed in house! Family owned and operated. Established in 1979.
Business Description: Full service pool care and repair for the Chicagoland area. We offer same day service and a money back guarantee on all of our work, we don't finish until you are satisfied!
Recent Review: They responded within a couple of hours of my first call. The pool was completely taken down and they replaced the pool liner. They were real easy to deal with the dog didn't bother them also the weather was really hot the day they came out to do the work but never bothered me for water or to use the facility. They were very nice to deal with never felt like you were talking to someone that didn't know what they were doing. They were also reasonably priced and cleaned up after themselves after the job was done.

Reviews in Mundelein to Replace Swimming Pool Liner

ARusso's Pool & Spa Inc
We purchased our first home last year and it came with an in-ground pool.  The liner was in terrible shape, but we made it work last summer, even though we had to fill it with water every two days due to holes.  We decided this year we needed a new liner.  We got about five quotes from vendors around the area and Russo's came in at the best price for the highest quality liner (THOUSANDS less than other local vendors).  At first, we were a bit wary about the price difference, but we asked Russo's for some references and they were all positive.  Russo's came and removed the old liner and the new liner was ordered.  In less than two weeks the new liner arrived and Russo's called right away to schedule the installation.  They came and installed the liner and the new safety cover we purchased and it all looks wonderful! 
- Erin W....
AAll Seasons Pools & Spas
Got bids for liner replacement of a 10 year old pool that had begun to tear at waterline and leak water. Previous homeowners did not provide pool build measurements, so I needed someone to also make accurate measurements. All Seasons was one of three bids I received, but also offered to get the job done early in the spring due to a party I had planned for the first week of June. Dave (from Sales) was quick to respond, and answered all my questions in a timely manner. After selecting All Seasons, they quickly setup measurements and got the liner ordered. Once the liner was in, we were quickly scheduled to begin as soon as the weather began to break. The team did a great job removing the old liner, took a couple days to prep the sub surface with a new skim coat (extra cost but not entirely unexpected), and then installed the new liner. They communicated well, keeping me informed of everything that was happening each day. Overall, very happy with my experience and would recommend All Seasons again!
- Dave D....
CJoe's Pool Liner Service
 They are pretty much standard. They were working in the pool so they were not dressed up or anything.  They were cheaper than most companies that do this work. They did not take away the garbage when they were done. They just stuffed it into bags and I had to take it down to the dumpster myself.  I do not know whether they were cheaper because they did not do as much work. When you put in the liner it goes around the rim of the pool and  they need to trim the extra. They did not trim it.  I had to trim the liner around the edge instead of it hanging out. Not that anybody can see our pool from the street. But it looks bad to me.  They did not say any of that to begin with.  May be it is my fault for assuming that they would do that. So they did not take the garbage nor did they trim the liner. They were real quick. They were here for two hours and they got it done.  It was a lot faster than I thought. We did not have to wait at home for them. They did show up on time.  They could improve by being a little more professional.  They were just laughing and goofing off around. I have a daughter and had she be playing in the yard and I would not want her to hear what they were talking about specifically the language they were using.  Not that they were going over board or anything.  Probably you should not be  saying such words at work.   Overall the work they did was good. The liner looks great, and they did it fast.  As far as getting the job done goes they did it well. I will not use them in the future. I rather pay a $50 more to another company and get the garbage cleared and finish up the trimming on the liner. They will not be my first choice in the future.
- Heather M....
AAveri Pools
They responded within a couple of hours of my first call. The pool was completely taken down and they replaced the pool liner. They were real easy to deal with the dog didn't bother them also the weather was really hot the day they came out to do the work but never bothered me for water or to use the facility. They were very nice to deal with never felt like you were talking to someone that didn't know what they were doing. They were also reasonably priced and cleaned up after themselves after the job was done.
- Debra S....
They were supposed to come put lining in my pool during the 4th which they did, but it took a little longer and was more complex than expected. We also had to pay extra, which was no problem. After they installed the liner it began to leak. When I called him to come fix it he would not come out and did not take responsibility for the problem. There was an excuse about the owner being very sick, yet I did not feel that was a reasonable excuse. So I stopped payment through my credit card, and there is an investigation going on at this time.
- Nizida A....
FJoe's Pool Liner Service
If I can save one person from dealing with this unprofessional individual then I have done my job. Scheduled a pool liner install in February, for May of 2017. First date had to be rescheduled due to weather, then on the day he came back he came charging into the yard barking out comments about the rocks around the pool, the deck, then said he does not have enough time to do it today. His exact words were "We are coming back memorial day" - didn't ask me if memorial day was ok with me! Well, it wasn't. Then he said I can do do June 5. Obviously never wrote it down because when I called him June 4 to verify he had no idea who I was. When I reminded him, he said "oh yeah I remember, well I don't have time". I pushed him a bit, then he snapped and started yelling and swearing at me then hung up. DO NOT use this guy.
- Tina B....
APvn Pool Service Inc
My overall experience with them was excellent. He quoted the price for $10,000 and charged me much lesser. He honored the price and didn't compromise on the quality of the work. They did the work exactly when they said they would do it. They did the job to a higher degree of professionalism and I was surprised with them.
- Kenneth J....
I called J&C, because I needed a pool liner replaced, I supplied the liner and gaskets, J&C scheduled a day, came out exactly on time, and replaced the liner, gaskets and removed the old liner, cut in pieces to my front driveway so I could dispose it easily. Jim and crew, did a great job!  I would certainly use them again!
- Ray G....
BJust In Time Pool & Spa Service
They told me when they would be here and the they came when they promised. They finished the job in about 5 hours and charged me what they promised. As best I can tell they did a good job on the liner. They did not clean up very well at all and failed to put back some pool stuff that they moved and I had to call them back. The reason I put that I would not use them again is that they do not provide any pool repair services. So when they took the old liner off there was some rust on the pool itself and I wanted to have it sanded and painted but they don't do that and I had to put the liner over a rusty pool.
- Bernard B....
DPvn Pool Service Inc
The crew from PVN stained the vinyl liner of my pool during start up this year. Despite being a long-term, loyal customer and having tried to reach them multiple times by phone and written letters, there has been zero response from PVN to address the issue. being unresponsive to issues and failing to be accountable for their actions is the not the hallmark of an Angie's List contractor. Very disappointing....
- James F....