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Reviews in Lexington to Repair Wall

DHPL Construction
The first man flew through the job in one day, it was scheduled for two. The job was terrible. The walls where not smoothed before he painted, the tub surround was not glued to the wall right and there was a hole in the wall that wasn't there before he started. I complained and a second guy did come by tried to fix what the first guy had messed up. It took him 2 days to fix what the first guy did in 1 day. The surround was the cheapest they could find and I know this because the first workman told me so. I would not have told that to a customer even if it was true. The estimate called for removal of plaster and wall board, reinstallation of insulation and wall board before installation of the new tub surround was done. None of these items were done but I was still charged for them when I got the bill. The suround was not glued at the top and I was able to stick my fingure in between the wall and surround. If I can put my fingure in there then moistute can get in there too. There was a hole about a half inch wide and 3 inches long in the West wall of the tub area and a strip about 3/8 of an inch going the whole hight of the surrond where you could see the wall paper from before we bought this house showing through. The wall over the tub looked like a moon scape with all of the pits and gashes from the other work and it had not been smoothed or cleaned before it was painted. It looked terrible for a professional to have left it that way. Now I will say the second guy they sent over did a good job of covering up what the first guy had done, but I do still have reservations as to how well the surround will hold up. It makes popping sounds when you touch it which tells me the glue didn't set right. They also didn't put up any type of hand hold, even though the one they took out did have one. My wife and I are both in our fifties and no hand holds is dangerious. When I talked to Dana, the estimate person, about what had happened, I even sent him a letter, he did not respond. I had to call him several times and when I did get him on the phone he did not get back to me with answers. The final straw was when he offered me $50.00 refund on a $995.00 job for the problems we had. Bathroom out or order for a total of 3 days, inferier work and a lack luster response to my inquiries and he offers me $50.00. Get real.
- Stanley S....