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Business Description: We are a family-owned and operated hvac company that prides itself on customer service. Our local hvac contractors treat your issues as if they were their own. Whether you need your furnace repaired, your air conditioner properly maintained, or a new installation, we will provide the best possible solution. We offer 24/7 emergency service to make sure you're comfortable in your home all year round. Call today to speak with a local hvac professional and ask about our 0% financing!
Recent Review: When our AC unit had a major leak in it we were told by our old repair/service company that it was beyond repair.  Since our home is only 7 years old, this did not make us very happy as it was surely a very unexpected expense.  We called out multiple HVAC companies to give us estimates (including the "big guys").  The sales people took a look at what we had and gave us some options to choose between.  The true difference with those experiences and Ridgeway Home Services, was that the owner came to our home and had EXPERIENCE with actually doing the installs (not just in sales).  He looked at our furnace and determined we had duel stage, and could therefore also consider duel stage AC units (something all 3 other companies missed).  We also had all the companies look at our 2nd unit that cools our 2nd story and they all told us to replace with the same size.  Ridgeway, noted that the space was larger and it looked like our home's builder had originally planned to put a 4 ton until in but instead a 3 ton unit was installed.  Instead of encouraging us to change out this unit as well, he advised that we get more life out of it and then down the road look at replacing both the furnace and A/C, as both units were "builder's quality" vs. the "better" furnace that was installed for our lower floors.  We appreciated the expert advice vs. a sales person just trying to make their numbers.  Also, when trying to make a decision we asked for revised quotes multiple times and he even contacted as per our requests during after hour times when my husband and I were available to discuss our questions with him.  We were very impressed with this service.  I rated them a "B" for Price as they were in line with other providers, I would consider an "A" if their pricing was less, making them "Excellent." After we made the decision to go with them, they were out next day to do the install with 4 guys.  They wore booties as they were walking through my home.  Were nice to my dog, which helped the day go better (not having to crate him and listen to barking all day), and they even helped moved items in my store room when my husband and I had not been able to clear the space the night before.  So far, the unit is working great (we've had it for less than a week).  But the quote and install process went well & we were very impressed with the team.  So much so that my husband was asking what other work they do (generators, HVAC service plans, electric, etc.).  We may have found our "one-stop shop" for our home maintenance needs.
Award 2018Super Service Award
Recent Review: The Service Technician that company send me was very polite and knowledgeable he find the problem very fast and after cleaning and redoing some electrical connections he install booster capacitor to make each start of the compressor softer. He didn't charge me for repair only for service call and this booster capacitor. I'll recommend them  to all my friends.
Recent Review: He is excellent. I would highly recommend him to anybody.
Recent Review: Rob informed us of each step. He explained all the costs and showed us how he calculated each price. He was very professional, and respectful of our home. He showed up on time and worked around our time frame. He cleaned up as he worked and then again, when he was finished. He explained every detail to us and showed us how the system worked without rushing. We will call him when our hot water heater decides to give up the ghost.
Recent Review: A room unit of our split-ductless air conditioner shut itself off with its lights blinking in a pattern. I asked for service to diagnose the problem and propose a cure for it. They seemed to have no better information than I could find online. They had no manuals or sites that told what the blinking pattern meant, even though they are authorized to service this brand (Fujitsu). They assured me that my unit was not dirty enough to explain the problem. They looked inside but couldn't identify a problem. We cycled the power and the unit turned on normally as I had experienced before. They advised me to just give the unit a rest if it shuts itself off again and speculated that the fan had deposits on it (that they couldn't see), or that the motor was overheating (echoing the speculation I had told them). They had no further cure to propose other than dismounting the wall unit, disconnecting the coolant tubes and everything. They didn't have any means of inspecting the fan blades directly, with a mirror on a stick or with a camera on a stick. They didn't discuss the various spray-in solution methods offered in home stores and online. I was required to answer yes or no whether I would use them in the future. Maybe I would for some other service. Angie's list gives standard heating a B grade. This seems about right. Geraldo and José -- I enjoyed working with you and appreciated your efforts and promptness and politeness. But on this job your job knowledge was lacking.
Recent Review: We've used Patick before for furnace repair and found he gave quality service at a fair value. When we decided to replace our current heating/AC and humidification system he came and did a thorough study of our home before giving us a quote to install the system. He measured the entire house and within a day or so called to let us know what sized system he recommended based on our square footage and what we had told him we were looking for the system to do. His quote was reasonable and we knew his products were good quality. We set up a date that was convenient for all of us to do the installation. He arrived with a helper to do the sheet metal work early in the morning and completed the installation in the early evening of the same day. Both he and his helper were neat and clean. No nicks or scratches or dirt anywhere. Tarps were put down to bring in the new equipment and remove the old. I was leary of the size of the unit since it was slightly smaller than the previous one, but I must admit I am very pleased and he was right on with the size. This has been an unusually cold winter with many below zero days and the furnace has performed beautifully. The system at my parents older home required some electrical work as well as HVAC installation since there was no AC had been installed originally. Patrick recommended a person to do the electric that he prefers to work with and he was just a neat, clean and good at his job as Patrick. I would recommend Patrick to anyone and would use anyone he recommended as being qualified, reliable and good at his job.
Award 2018Super Service Award
Recent Review: Master Mechanical was excellent every step of the way. Tom quoted the right sized equipment for my residence at a competitive price. However, most HVAC installers are competitive; the key reason for selecting Tom was his knowledge, experience and commitment to a quality install. Tom and his crew were punctual and got the job done a few hours ahead of schedule. Highly Recommended.
Award 2018Super Service Award
Recent Review: I paid just under $7,000 on their services. They were very professional, did the work and with a lot of time that they estimated they were very good about being careful around the house and moving the equipment in and out. Their price was competitive.
Business Description: Heating and air conditioner repair and preventive maintenance.

Reviews in Highland Park to Install Central AC

My central a/c wouldn't start. I called the company that ususally services my a/c and furnace. The person who they sent told me I needed a whole new unit, he couldn't repair the burned out motor on the condenser. After calling the company to get further information, I was skeptical, since they were trying to sell me a new unit. A friend recommended George, and after calling him, he was there within the hour, worked with an assistant on the a/c for about an hour, and all was well. He said the unit was very dirty and just needed cleaning and a new valve. He even went so far as to shut all my windows before he left. A great guy, great work and reasonably priced. He's on my list of go-to problem solvers!
- Holly M....
FFour Seasons Heating & Air Conditioning
Called Four Seasons to simply have central A/C recharged for the season. Made appointment for service and was given a five hour window for when theyd show up to do the work. Never showed nor did they call. When I called after the fifth hour, was told tech was on his way. An hour later - six total - still no tech. I then called and cancelled the job.
- Ken P....
AIbbotson Heating & Air Conditioning Co
Very well - From the first phone call through when they finished. When I first called, they explained that with a heavy work load that it would not be able to have someone come out until the following Wednesday. Then they were able to make the appointment based on my schedule. The sales person arrived right on time, explained everything they needed to do including changing the circuit breaker, pipe connectors and furnace coils. He also pointed out what they would reuse. We scheduled the appointment and again, the workers showed up right on time. They were polite, efficient and worked most of the day on the installation. Just before leaving they told me how to maintain the AC. After a long day, they they were just as polite when they left as when they started. Everything went smoothly.
- Dennise M....
AAir King Refrigeration Inc
He came out as promised. We used them one other time for the same air-conditioner check up. He recharged system and cleaned outside unit. I am so grateful he helped us nurse this 20 year old unit through another summer. Next season will buy my new central AC from them.
- William H....
AAll Temp Heating & Air Conditioning
Was prompt.  Called first.  Cleaned central air conditioner.  Explained work that was done-was professional and friendly.
- Ronald P....
AAirflow Heating A/C & Water Heaters
Mr. Yoram Danino was very helpful, and did exactly what he said he would do. We had no complaints. The workers kept on task. I could not ask for better service.
- Debbie W....
AAmerican Weathermakers
Our air conditioner needed to be replaced. We received an estimate for a new unit that included installation and start-up costs. The sales people helped us choose a unit that met our needs and our budget, helping us weigh pros and cons of several options. Once decided, installation was convenient and professionally accomplished. We use American Weathermakers for all our heating and cooling needs and have never had any complaints.
- Doreen W....
CAll Temp Heating & Air Conditioning
In June of 2013 I selected 3 brands of heating/air conditioning manufacturers to replace my 15 year old units. Then I selected one installer with good reviews on Angie's List for each brand. All-Temp provided the best value so I selected them. We set a date for the installation. On the day and  they were supposed to be here I had to call after 2 hours only to learn there had been a scheduling mix up and they wouldn't be here til the next day. Next day I had to call again. This time they said someone had an emergency. They finally came out later in the day. They ran out of time so they only got the air conditioner running. They said someone would be out in a few days to complete the furnace. Since it was June the air conditioning was our major interest. After 2 months I called to check. No one new what had happened but they set a date and came out to finish. They finished the install and we noticed some scratched covers. They said they would order new covers and come out to install. Finally after 6 more months they brought out the new covers and provided 2 furnace filters for my inconvenience. Through it all they were always professional and courteous. In the end installation and the furnace/air conditioner are working fine. It seems they may need to look at their project management skills and ability to follow an order through to conclusion.
- Ronald G....
AB R C Heating & Cooling
Fantastic. Jerry did a fantastic job of explaining everything. The crew were great. They cleaned up everything after the completed the job. We are TOTALLY happy.
- Donald L....
AAll Temp Heating & Air Conditioning
I needed a new furnace and central air conditioner after the inspection was completed. The technician, Rudy was very helpful and professional. The installers Levi and his assistant were equally professional and helpful. I am very pleased with the job performed.
- Janet H....