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Recent Review: Joe and Ryan are very professional and responsive. They will keep coming back until you are satisfied with their work!
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AKitchen & Bath Specialties
Joe and Ryan are very professional and responsive. They will keep coming back until you are satisfied with their work!
- Nancy S....
AKitchen & Bath Specialties
Joe was professional..delivered estimate in a timely matter.  Was good about suggesting ways I could cut costs to stay within my budget....the crew finished the job and cleaned up the area before leaving... The work turned out beautiful! I was very pleased.
- Deborah F....
CChic' Painting & Design
The people who built our home did not prime the drywall before they put the wallpaper up.  I told Angie this when she came to look at the project.  I explained to her my experience in taking the wallpaper off and explained the walls were not primed and the first layer of drywall paper came off when I attempted to remove the wallpaper in the bathroom.  Angie seemed confident she could get the wallpaper off without ruining the drywall, so we hired her.  She also seemed pretty reasonably priced with the work I knew she was going to have to do to get the wallpaper off. There were only two walls that needed wallpaper removed and only half of each wall had wallpaper.  The ceilings are vaulted and there were only a few repairs needed to be made, but nothing out of the ordinary.  The bathroom had been painted three years ago and I just didn't like the color.  The bathroom is not large and the painting was done properly so there was no  prep work to be done in the bathroom and there were only three spots Angie wanted to replace w/ paintable caulk. Monday, Angie called before she arrived.  She showed up at 9:30 am and found her ladder was not in her van b/c her son had borrowed it.  I didn't think anything of it.  I figured kids and I laughed it off.  She worked 5 1/2 hours that day and did not remove all the wallpaper.  The wallpaper did what I knew it would do - it was not primed underneath and the drywall paper came right off with the wallpaper.  Angie told me not to worry and explained she would remove it the best should could and prime the walls with an oil based paint.  She would then sand the rough spots, skim coat and then assess. If worse came to worse she would add sand to the paint to cover up the imperfections. I really didn't want sand in the paint, but thought it'll all work out.  Tuesday she didn't show until 10:00 am.  She still had no ladder and also forgot paint rollers.  My husband gave her several packs of rollers. Angie got the rest of the paper down, put the first coat of paint on in the bathroom walls and left for another job, we assume.  She showed back up around 4pm and put the oil based primer on the bedroom walls, which only took her an hour in half. She said she would be back at 10AM Wednesday, if not earlier.  Wednesday she didn't arrive until Noon, which we're assuming is b/c she went to another job in the morning.  She spent time cleaning the mud off her ladder, sanding the primer she had put on the walls and skim coated.  She worked approximately 3 hours before she ran out of skim coating for the walls.  Huh?!  Angie told my husband she doesn't skim coat all that often but had a friend who could help her with the job the next day.  Her plan was to have him do the skim coating while she finished sanding the primer and getting the second coat of paint on in the bathroom.  She planned on having her friend help her paint the ceiling.    Thursday she arrived with her friend at 9:30.  The second coat of paint went on in the bathroom.  The skim coating was completed and sanded.  They also spent time cleaning up.  The skim coating went well and the prep Angie did paid off b/c the walls turned out very smooth and I could not tell there had been a problem with the wallpaper removal.  They also primed the skim coat several hours after applying it.  No paint had been put on the bedroom ceiling by this point, but Angie felt she would be done Friday.  My husband was very close to firing her and just finishing the job himself.  Friday, Angie arrived around 9:45 am.  She did a lot of cleaning and only got part of the ceiling painted and part of the paint on the bedroom walls.  She told me she was embarrassed that the job was not done b/c she honestly thought she would get more done the day before, but her help was no help and wouldn't paint the ceiling.  She also said one corner was not drying fast enough b/c a bigger repair had to be done.  Now in her defense, I understand b/c there was almost a half an inch gap in the corner, so a lot of mud had to be put in that corner to repair it.  She also said she was not happy with her help and had never worked with him before and thought he was a better skimmer.  Before she left for the day I had pointed out a place that had a slight imperfection in the bathroom, but I told her not to worry b/c the switch cover will cover it up.  I told her twice not to worry.  I also looked at part of the caulking near a window and it really angered me at the job she did.  I did point it out and she said she was going to make it look pretty with a coat of paint. She left around 7:00 pm and again apologized saying she didn't realize this job was going to take so long.  She worked a total of eight hours Friday.     We inspected the work and found she had left clumps of skim coating on the bathroom wall, not even close to the switch where the imperfection was.  Clumps.  I'm talking the size of a quarter.  And this is on freshly painted walls.  My husband and I both wondered, why is she creating more work for herself?  Especially knowing she is way behind.  My husband was not happy when she left and we both decided Saturday would be her last day of work in our house whether the job was done or not.   I had taken one day off of work and my husband had taken three days off of work, which ended up being a waste when the person doing work for you is only working five hours one day and three hours the next.  Saturday Angie showed up at 9:30 am and worked until 1:30 pm and took a lunch break.  I went up to inspect and I still was not happy with the caulking.  My husband agreed.  I bit my tongue b/c I realized she needed to put a second coat of paint on.  She had attempted to match the caulk color with the color of our wood sided wall.  I wish she had asked before she had made that decision b/c I would have opted for clear caulk instead of colored caulk.  Angie came back around 3:15 pm.  Before she came back from her lunch break I received an email from her asking that we consider giving her an extra $200.00 for the extra time she spent, the extra supplies and her "skill set."   She admitted the job took longer than she thought and she won't demand the money and will honor the original bid b/c that was the right thing to do, but was just kindly asking us to consider giving her the extra money.  Before Angie left on Saturday I pointed out the caulking and she offered to fix it.  I declined.  She felt the caulk in the bathroom turned out the way it did because of the previous caulking job.  I also asked her how many hours she believed she put into the job to ask for an extra $200.00.  She replied about 30 hours.  My husband and I agreed that was pretty close to the amount she worked.  She was very apologetic and never demanded anything.  I would say she was very humble and I could tell she was embarrassed.  I decided to pay her the extra $200.00 b/c I knew the difficult job she had getting that wallpaper down and making the walls look smooth.  She did accomplish that and I am happy with that work.  My husband is not a happy customer though.  In looking around, she got paint on the carpet and on the part of the walls that were not to be painted.  I also noticed she left paint cans on my good bedroom furniture and did not cover anything when she painted.  She cleaned the best she could, but I understand when you're sanding it's a mess.  Three weeks later I'm still finding paint on curtain rods and my good furniture.  I realize Angie is trying to run a small business and make a go at it.  I'm more than willing to support people like that.  I also like to be very supportive of women in the trades b/c I know they have a hard road to go in being taken seriously.  I will also give Angie the benefit of the doubt b/c I knew this was going to be a difficult job, but she felt she could do it and get it done in a week. Unfortunately Angie seemed very unorganized with her time management and equipment.  First impressions mean everything - so you don't show to a job without a ladder, rollers and skim coating.  I would also assume you would tell your client when you're going to show up and if it's going to be at Noon why you're not showing up until then, especially when you're attempting to meet a deadline.  She honestly seemed very distracted, out of sorts and nervous through-out the project and there were a few times I wondered if she really knew what she was doing.  I would have been more impressed if after the first day she had admitted she bit more off than she could chew and this was probably going to take longer than she anticipated if we want the job done right.  Also, when running a business you better know who you're asking to assist you b/c their work reflects on yours.  You don't tell a client that you've never worked with this person and admit he wasn't a very good skim coater.  Luckily the walls are smooth and you can't tell there was a problem - so that turned out.  Long and short, I'm not happy with the caulking or the painting.  I suspect I will be repainting in a few months.  I'm also not happy with the clean up work with removing paint in places where it did not belong - my furniture, carpet, curtain rods and she did not tape around the doors...so when we put our molding back up we can see splotches of paint where I will not have to go over w/ turpentine to clean the mess up.  The walls are smooth, so if anything good came out of the experience is that the ugly wallpaper is gone and the walls are smooth.  Unfortunately, we aren't impressed with Angie's time management skills and painting skills and we won't be hiring her again.  We also will not recommend her to our friends or family.                 I
- Brad V....