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KBL Design Center Inc
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FKBL Design Center Inc
Incorrect range hood cabinet designed/ordered and received after providing range hood specifications before design process was initiated.KBL redesigned home kitchen in mid-August. Cabinets were ordered based on customer appliance specifications that were given to KBL. Cabinets were delivered and installation started mid-October. On 11/6, it came to our attention that the range hood cabinet was not wide enough to hold the required range hood insert. During the design process, all the appliance specifications were given to KBL Design in order to properly allocate spacing. After discovering this mishap, we contacted KBL and requested a solution. We had to re-order a new range hood insert that fits in the current space. This puts the project behind two weeks, moving into the holiday season. Now, Kevin Anderson, KBL manager, believes that since a new range hood insert has been ordered, the issue is completed. BUT, we had to pay an extra $465.00, plus more time for us and the general contractor. At no instance, was an apology given or any remorse offered for KBL's lack of attention to detail. The first range hood was purchased from Sherman's at no cost--an error from Sherman. Upon returning and ordering a new hood insert, the mistake was noticed and we paid for Sherman's mistake. KBL believes that Sherman's was more than fair to us by allowing us to order a smaller hood. This is irrelevant! KBL fails to notice their mistake of designing the incorrect cabinet size after the range hood insert specifications were given to them. We paid for the new range hood via credit card. I don't understand how KBL can raise their hands to this issue. We provided the specifications of our kitchen appliances to Penny (KBL designer)who then in turn ordered the cabinets to fit our specifications. The range hood doesn't fit and the cabinet was ordered incorrectly. It is irrelevant that Sherman's in turn made a mistake. I am not required to take back the range vent when the cabinets were ordered incorrectly to fit the specifications. Not only was the cabinet ordered incorrectly, now my whole project is delayed because of KBL's mistake.
- Christopher M....