Crescent City Retaining Wall Installation

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Recent Review: I hired him because they are the only company that would fix it from the outside and they are a structural engineering company. They were professional, prompt and returned my calls. Communication has been fine, you call them, they call you back and give you the information that you need.
Recent Review: They were awesome! We would have never known our roof blew off the structural top if it was not for them.
Recent Review: Very professional and helpful! I received conflicting info. from contractors if one of our walls was load barring, and it was nice to have the piece of mind from a structural engineer to give us an actual answer! If your in doubt whether or not your wall is load barring or not, don't take the risk - call a structural engineer!

Reviews in Crescent City for Installing Retaining Walls

They were awesome! We would have never known our roof blew off the structural top if it was not for them.
- Larry B....
AStructural Dynamics Inc
My husband and I were in the process of purchasing a home, when the inspector spotted some structural issues in the house.  He inspector recommended that we hire a structural engineer to get his opinion on the integrity of the home.  We found Ted Carlson, the structural engineer, on Angie's list and he agreed to come out to the proposed home to inspect the structure.  As we walked in, he said he could feel the floor sloping towards the load bearing walls.  He also noticed diagnol craccking on the drywall, which is an indication of possible structural/foundation issues.  Some of the doors did not close properly close to the load bearing wall.  Once in the basement, the loadbearing wall did not have proper beam support (which contributed to the floors sloping towards the loadbearing wall).  He stated that the structure could be fixed with the proper equipment.  Since this was an inspection for us to determine if we wanted to buy the home, we were very appreciative of his opinion.  We did walk away from the purchase of house, but I would hire him if I ever needed work on my home.  
- Yolanda B....